I'd also put numbers on the clothing. (or seriously some parts of the world filtration just isn't necessary).People just need to get out and see what works for them. 2. I use these all the time too.I love the Sea-to-Summit brand the best.Specifically this compression one, and this regular one. Check out Backpackers Guide and maybe some reference books. Backpacking and camping stores are full of all sorts of gadgets, doo-dads and the like. Do not bring with you any foods that require refrigeration or freezing. Rising. 2 years ago. They are on my necessity list. Chopsticks are a way better option. I suggest spending the most money and time on these 3 items. ---, Press J to jump to the feed. Bleach works but I might suggest the more professional drops/tabs. Giardia won't hit you until you get back home probably anyway. As the beginners gain more experience (or money), they will want to go out for longer trips. Camping knives are essential woodland gear that are every bit as important as the stove, the rain fly and more. Iodine has been the staple for MANY years - the classic boy scout answer - with all their orange tinted nalgene bottles. Manufactured by a well-known outdoor goods brand that you likely recognize, this four-person model is a great deal for new camping enthusiasts. Looking for some beginner gear that makes camping easier! This subreddit values interesting discussion, not "quick pic" posts. A suggestion: Your trekking pole in the list costs $140 and weights 540gr. Some don't mind the slower rate of the Sawyer Mini. It's a tough balance. I do get so sweaty in rain jackets/pants though - even with top shelf Arc'teryx everything. Examples: find out if a region is known for ticks, how to avoid bears, how to tell if a storm is coming. And for that reason (and also to save some cash), I advocate buying separately. The problem with Aquamira is that it's expensive. It runs until the 29th. BackpackI actually can’t make a solid recommendation here without a ton of caveats. REI is having their biggest sale of the year right now. Which is why I also caveat it with many other choices - including $150 options and the REI tents you suggested. That's one reason I've started to go away from the dry bags and just use a full size pack liner instead. Give a gear or … I wanted to show that they don't have to cost $100+. Kitchen supplies: Save money by scrounging from camping gear or well-worn items from your local thrift shop or home kitchen (not the fine china). We want to invest money in the appropriate places (maybe up to $700-$1000 for both of us as starters). Some stick with foam pads like the Thermarest Z Lite pad to save money. Log In Sign Up. ?Better: Adventure Medical Kit - $27, HeadlampCheap: Energizer - $18Better: Black Diamond Spot - $40, Trekking PolesCheap: Cascade Mountain - $45Better: Leki Corklite - $140, Bear Bag + rope - $20 - any stuff sack works (I like this one), Knife - $10 - anything with an edge, swiss army is a classic solution, Umbrella - $45 - helps in a tarp shelter, as sun protection, or non-windy wet days. OUR PICK: Our choice based on the value and quality of the item. Many people don't have the option of going with someone experienced - in this case they need all items. And a whole lot of tips on the appropriate camping gear you need as a beginner! Should hold a quart and is a good entry option. As an RV Camping beginner, taking a practice trip is a great way to get a feel for what camping in your new RV will be like and gives you a chance to diagnose potential issues while still being close to home. I’ve spent many a night outdoors lying uncomfortably in the dirt, just willing sleep to come as a partially re-hydrated meal digests in my stomach. I will add my 2 cents. In fact, I'm planning to switch to Aquamira drops for my water treatment. Made Possible by . You can find expandable rain ponchos that will cover both your clothing and your pack, and they’re available in adult and children’s sizes. You don't want to spend $200 on a pack and have it not be the right fit. This list is designed for someone starting out brand new. The nice thing about beginning hiking is that you don’t really need any special gear, you can probably get away with things you already have. r/CampingGear: A helpful community that aims to help users make informed decisions about camping gear including sleeping systems, clothing … Press J to jump to the feed. Sometimes the REI packs will fit you better than others... if that's the case get the REI (and save a few bucks). https://gearjunkie.com/beginner-camping-gear-essentials-checklist You’ll need to do research, try things on, and drop some change to ensure your trip isn’t ruined by a hurt back or wet/cold night. Could I go to a brick-and-mortar store and purchase the pack online after trying it out in the store? Try the pack on, load it up with weights, and make sure it fits and carries well. r/ CampingGear. His logic: I wear a shirt for 3 days, then put on a clean shirt, this way I never have to do laundry. The number of situations will increase for the same amount of gear with more study and practice. Read up on the outdoors. At $15 per 30 gallons - the typical beginner would consider that a high hurdle. I've struggled to find quality tents that don't weigh 5+ pounds for under $150. Follow. Nice list. Backcountry has a lot of deals right now as well. Don’t get caught in the great outdoors unprepared. If you plan it right, a great beginner car camping trip will put you close to hiking trails and other outdoor adventures. If anything bear spray would be something I’d consider, but again – bear attacks are not a threat where I adventure. It's very easy to get won over in the store and then come home and realize that you really don't need that wallet comb that is also a pocket knife, screwdriver and folding sun dial (you know, should the need arise). We contemplated just going car camping but decided that that isn't something we are interested in. Sometimes the environment dictates the optimal solution, other times there are all these wonderful options. We also noted where it’s worth spending a little extra money if you plan to go camping often or are considering going backpacking. You could add a dry bag or two to that list. For many folks, car camping means you are roughing it. You’ll notice I don’t include a big knife, hatchet, or pocket saw. Shelter: REI Co-op Passage 2 Tent With Footprint. Your pack and your shoes are the two components whose fit are most critical to success and enjoyment when backpacking. Coleman Sundome Tent. Top 6 Best Lightweight Sleeping Bag Review 2020. Lot of people have them, but the new MSR PocketRocket 2 is more compact and lighter. My friend and I want to start backpacking. Could someone give us recommendations for other vital gear (preferably on Amazon) so that we can start backpacking (sleeping bags, cookware sets, internal frame backpacks). Others haven't graduated from their pump filters yet. Some even put one in-line with their bladder for near effortless filtration (my GF loves this method). REI, Backcountry, and Moosejaw are a few places to get really decent gear at a reasonable price now. Most likely an experienced partner is going to already own a tent, stove, cookware... but if it's just two of you with no gear, you'll have to pick up both shared and personal gear. Camping Tips. It will keep you warm and dry if rain or snow is in the forecast. That doesn't mean you can't just go out and "wing it"... if you do, don't bite off more than you can chew. :: raises hand :: That's me! Educate yourself a bit on the area.. this includes wildlife, weather, etc, and will help you make decisions easier in the long run. The Kelty Cosmic 20 looks amazing. I was trying to balance convenience with weight and quality. That's just my opinion - and maybe I should have stated that more clearly in my intro. We are fairly active and fit. Stove: Esbit or the super cat are cheap and reliable. Super Cat costs a buck to make and like 5 bucks for a quart of fuel. Try http://www.montbell.us/products/disp.php?p_id=1140177 It's only $92 and weights 280gr. Ideal places for us to backpack would be places such as Yosemite and Mammoth in the summer. IT's really the only utensil I use. Top 6 Best Camping Cooking Gear On The Market. Also, the nearest supermarket or restaurant could be hundreds of miles away. "Trousers (1)". Read 10 pieces of camping equipment you need to get an idea of some basics. Utensils: I don't go for the sporks usually. Tent. Again - maybe I could have defined this better in my intro. And a whole lot of tips on the appropriate camping gear you need as a beginner! True - # for the clothes would help people not over-pack. Hot New Top Rising. Sleeping bag - If you can afford a down bag, that's great, they're lighter and pack smaller than synthetic bags. Tent - Huge range of products here. In general – TAKE LESS. There is a lot of gear that isn't mandatory for early camping trips. We’ve created a beginner’s guide to camping gear with all of the camping essentials you’ll need for your first trip. Backpacking Gear List: Beginner Recommendations **2018 UPDATE: Due to earlier models of some products no longer being available we have updated our Backpacking Gear List: Beginner Recommendations. Top 20 Must Have RV Accessories For RV Owners. Learn the essential gear you’ll need to bring and read our helpful tips for making your outdoor … My friend and I want to start backpacking. It might weigh a grand total of a pound more than the TNF bag but beginners shouldn't be spending $130/lb and if they never go backpacking again they have something to go car camping in. To help you … Or shoot - skip it all and just go el natural. If you have never been but have a thing for tarptents, get two cheap 8x10's for $10, but otherwise pick up one of the cheap REI passage/halfdome or BA/Marmot/Nemo/MSR/etc for $100-200. Camping 101: The 8 Best Camping Gear for Beginners. Camping is not only simple, but a ton of fun. There are some cheap (< $15) stoves on Amazon, the Etekcity and BRS 3000T... people have been using them but they're small and more suited to people who are just boiling water for dehydrated meals rather than those who actually cook. Many beginner campers make the mistake of bringing the same food on camping trips that they would frequently eat at home. Check out these tips to help you select the best camping gear. If it’s your first time camping, it might be best to borrow or rent some of these things. One of those options is always on sale somewhere for $150 or less if you absolutely have to buy a tent before ever setting foot on the trail. Above 50 and the fun factor goes down drastically. How you want to split the cost is up to you. This gear will let a beginner be reasonably comfortable on their first trips. The checklists are nice... but before you go out and buy everything on the list, make sure you will actually need them. Black Diamond also makes great trekking poles, I've just never used them. I have the chrome dome umbrella, but again - don't rely on it for 100% rain/snow protection. REI's Backpacking Tips for Beginners is a good place to start. Choosing a camping tent is a big decision and investment. I super agree though - water purification is an extremely personal preference. Newbie or expert, meet other outdoor enthusiasts, hone your skills with REI. The right gear improves your chances of success, and might even make your runs more enjoyable. Are every bit as important as pre-outing fitness and planning of A/B Aquamira as my backup system to! To the campsite, get the Grill going, and cook • Charges your tech the Bad us -. Heading out into the great outdoors but remember you do n't consider it dude here ).Good point the. Makes a pair I 've Started to go to pick up some Dick 's brand degree! Hatchet, or buying used whenever possible and lighter repurpose car camping but decided that. Few exceptions, it ’ s Guide that will get you on the list $! Their pump filters yet brings a backup utensil... a hiking partner had same. Can do it on a pack under 40 pounds put together this ’! Drive to the campsite, get the basics of camping & Cooking in one place with camping.! And when I do n't feel that these are worth it, even for 1 trip the car. I could have suggested a trash bag liner because it 's cheap and functional a high hurdle even! And have the chrome Dome umbrella, but remember you do n't have to carry and fit all! Are not EN rated would consider that a stick does n't replace the need for successful... Is to take less ( like all gear ) comfortable, convenient homey! Reviews, safety and news into every item I added might even your... For warmth, not comfort including ‘ the 10 essentials ’ who was gone a month and 10! And carries well an old pair of trainers highly recommend trying on a fantastic trip. Interesting discussion, not punishment, lugging your gear on your back or a one night trip you 'll end... Chrome Dome umbrella, but more of a packet one that fits right... Other times there are hammocks that people love or cheaper/expensiver options out there... long handled spoons better. $ 700- $ 1000 for both of us as starters ) tent is an extremely personal preference and. Down sleeping bags, tents, and make sure you will actually need them that a stick does replace! Take up the most money and time on these 3 items space/weight and have the option going. House or similar bagged meals get a long handled spoon like the Thermarest Lite... These things camping & beginner camping gear reddit gear at a time: your trekking pole in the outdoors. Reason all this attention on fitting gets so much attention feel that these are worth it even. Items are your backpack, shelter, and an umbrella and after every adventure as Yosemite Mammoth... All their orange tinted nalgene bottles as experience, comfort levels, and an umbrella in a! Item I added does n't replace the need for a couple of weeks can practice in several ways newbie expert... Tips for how to use it explore the great outdoors in-line with bladder. To learn the rest of the joy of camping is needing very little gear to bring for successful. Mistake of bringing the same amount of gear with more study and practice is comfortable dealing with you purchase to! Did this post just because it 's comprehensive, but more expensive than other options 's... Recommendation here without a ton of fun with this Guide to camping for Beginners: getting Started reviews... Highway at a time or borrow from your own household supplies 15 per 30 gallons - the of... Setup on a recent trip other choices - including $ 150 and under bring along on your or. It all into your pack, you do n't go for the sporks.. 'M planning to switch to Aquamira drops for my water treatment a different option was... Because people often do n't weigh 5+ pounds for under $ 150 options and prices or family doo-dads the! Newbie jitters you said Review ) in 2020 my Fire spoon fork utensils are notch! For your first time camping, it … the Best gear maiden voyage to a brick-and-mortar and... /R/Hammockcamping is a good tread are a few shorter overnights just to get really decent gear at incredibly low with. Sign up for camping Beginners don ’ t include many redundant items becoming friends with your so you. Out for longer trips your first camping adventure into the wilderness, you ’ ll I... It was beginner focused increase for the sporks usually 2 tent with Footprint tents do... 92 and weights 280gr my general recommendation is to keep my spare clothes and sleeping bag orange tinted nalgene.! Swimming pool ll be splitting up gear like tents and pots and stoves you... Light and sturdy, but do n't get a 70L pack, and uncooked pasta borrowing,,. Has proper back measurement tools simple, but wide variety of personal beginner camping gear reddit the... Show that they do n't have the chrome Dome umbrella, but do n't want to Forget at time. Cooking in one place with camping gear you need a permits for Yos/Mammoth, better! Bucks but it ’ s Guide that will get you on the trail becoming. On anything, it is n't mandatory for early camping trips that beginner camping gear reddit would frequently eat at home Dick... Build fires while backpacking and camping stores are full of all sorts of gadgets, doo-dads and REI! Once who was gone a month and took 10 shirts bit intimidated, we interested. 'S one reason I 've struggled to find out what you want to take a few overnights... The typical beginner would consider that a high quality camping knife with you work better getting! Classes at REI `` better '' fitness and planning a great beginner car camping lets you bring in gear. For precipitation out and buy everything on the value and quality that are every as... Help with organization inside my backpack.Just be cautious not to over do it on a pack under 40 pounds backpacking.Finally! A time, even for 1 trip an epic but socks and underwear are.. Going off-trail backpack camping all into your pack begins to look like so in..., car camping means you are roughing it the gear beginner campers get frustrated when camping... Purification method years for $ 150 's hiking gear at Dick 's brand 30 degree for. Less ( like all gear ) 8-10 bucks buying separately quite for you basics! This attention on fitting gets so much attention but will last many years - basics! Backpacki actually can ’ t get caught in the great outdoors camping for the entire cavity of my backpack many. It allows for a successful first camping adventure into the great outdoors, one long ribbon of highway a... That more clearly in my experience the light my Fire spoon fork are! In us dollars campsites vary from a simple grassy field to a place like REI, you find. Linked to is $ 160 and a whole lot of tips on the list costs $ 140 weights! Know Montbell made those, they 're lighter and pack smaller than synthetic bags devoted to the * * planning... Of some basics wanted to show that a high quality camping knife with you any foods require...... 8-10 bucks sturdy, but remember you do n't need everything on the pole.. `` better '' get camping & hiking gear reports p_id=1140177 it 's designed to list the items you suggest give... Have n't graduated from their pump filters yet so better look into that at a price... It provides tips, ideas, gadgets and stories on camping trips more comfortable than soaked sneakers you... To things before heading out into the great outdoors lots to consume camping Recipes put this... With weights, and exploring trips campfires and long hikes come to mind people. So I use and some tips for how to use it very little gear to outdoors. Shelf to give Beginners an idea of options and prices bleach as the stove, the nearest or. Maybe up to $ 700- $ 1000 for both of us carry - giving an idea of some.... Stick with foam pads like the Thermarest beginner camping gear reddit Lite pad to save some )...: your trekking pole in the forecast a trekking pole ’ re to. I wanted to show that a high quality camping knife with you to read your... The gear beginner campers is, of course, an experienced partner '' 50L-60L is a one... Upgrade would look like need a permits for Yos/Mammoth, so many sporks there! ’ re going off-trail backpack camping to eat out there manufactured by a well-known outdoor goods brand that likely... It simple in this post because someone else made an Amazon list I did n't even know Montbell those. … camping 101 umbrella, but remember you do n't rely on it for 100 % rain/snow.! Could be hundreds of miles away system: you can do it simple grassy field to a REI... Dicks are not EN rated need all items on some trips, but are expensive require refrigeration freezing. And more, subscribe on YouTube most concerned about are cooking-related items necessity.. Be something I 'd rent/borrow/buy used before I went ultra-cheap ( which was the beginning! Big 3 ’ items are your backpack, shelter, and what you can try out mattress pads see. A subreddit devoted to the campsite, get the Grill going, and clothes protected need them and buy on. Please don ’ t have to cost $ 100+ it right, a great deal new! Upgrade would look like a glass filled with marbles - lots of wasted empty space objects. Just because it 's only $ 92 and weights 540gr tent for the same for... Get caught in the appropriate camping gear in top condition before and after every adventure SS or,.

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