✧ The amount of lines Jooe gets doesn’t necessarily make her a Lead Vocalist. can you link me to the other version? , daisy lived in Canada for 11 years that’s why she’s fluent in enlish, @katrinapham:disqus – She is a MBK and Pledis ex-trainee. Basically before Daisy joined Yeonwoo did the most rapping. Thanks a lot for the info and for providing the source, it’s really appreciated! ✧ Daisy: Main Rapper, Lead Dancer, Vocalist @tglopez:disqus -Leader,Lead Rapper,Vocalist(stay still xd) Sorry for the rant but I just wanted people to know what the current positions look like so they wouldn’t complain about some of the members getting less lines than they have expected. Yes that’s what i was wondering too!! I got Ahin and my birthday's a day after hers lmao also how am I meant to know my blood type I'M YOUNGish. "팬 사인회 영상 @ 180107 by 새우깡 https://youtu.be/lsopCGhIVIo (Momoland Solo Interviews) – Motto: “Live like it’s the last day”. -Her least favorite foods are tomato,sesame oil,and chocolate. – On April 28th 2018,She Joined “Salty Tour” as a guest. , @irishjoyadriano:disqus they did not even laugh! -She sings better than Daisy and can do very mild and weak high notes or falsettos – her least favorite food are spicy foods and beondegi. Birth Name: Lee Da-Bin (이다빈) (Q&A with Sunny Dahye) I dont know why are people being biased on JooE being a Lead Rapper: -Nayun’s Line in Bboom Bboom is already considered as a rap. -She starred in Kakao’s Friends Marble CF and in Yungjin Glonsan Yeonwoo : Lead Rapper, Lead Dancer, Vocalist, Visual, Center, Face of the Group Thanks a lot for the heads up, it has been corrected! Thank you for the update! https://youtu.be/tsN-MkpiZB0, their debut EP is called ‘Welcome to MOMOLAND’ you can search it up on youtube, spotify, apple music, soundcloud or itunes, @disqus_8AAyaRkP9b:disqus Thank you for the update, it’s much appreciated! – Charm Point: Glittering Eyes because mld doesnt care about her lmao (she gets barely any lines), they said “mOmOLaNd iS rUdE fOr ‘LaUgHiNg’ At JiMiN’s VoiCe CrAcK” (even though they didnt). Thank you for the update, it’s really appreciated! ADDITIONAL INFOS FOR NAYUN!! (“TMI News”) And even if they did in one of their b-side tracks in the past, it’s changed since. Thanks for the additional info, it’s really appreciated! These are the most accurate I feel! – She said that she is a good listener and likes counseling people. Here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZEwhG32XQ_o Show more Yeonwoo fun facts…, Taeha , Yeonwoo gives me Naeun (APink) vibes in this photo! and she won the 1 vs 1 dance battle against Jane. -Main Dancer,Lead Vocalist(stay still) November 1998. I wish him luck, Lol Nancy rumored to be dating the Boyz q lol, -YEONWOO’S ROLE MODEL IS SUNMI (Yeonwoo explained, “She’s cool because she’s set her own style.”). Height: 5 feet and 9 inches (175 cm) 1. – She’s a big fan of Whitebeard from One Piece. Considering the group has many members. Hyebin – leader, vocalist, rapper Hyebin And Nayun share a room. . Yeonwoo – main rapper, vocalist – She dislikes doing aegyo. So stop being biased please. -She and Nancy are the first members to be part of the group. W-why isn’t Jane at least a lead Vocalist when she has high notes and the same parts as Taeha, who’s a main vocal? Birthday: June 3, 1998 Kim Taeha sing very well, her smile was so cute love her – She was born in Wonju, South Korea. ✧ Nayun definitely isn’t a Lead Vocalist. The practitioner's primary taxonomy code is 122300000X with license number 04510 (NH). MOMOLAND: Who is Who? a few fact for Yeonwoo Yeonwoo – main rapper, vocalist – Charm Point: Cat Face -She like to paint portraits although she is not good, she enjoys it. Most of Korean female idol groups always fake their height and weight. (BNT interview with Dreamcatcher) I think the situation between Jane being the main vocalist instead of Ahin is just the same with BTS Jungkook and Jimin.Jungkook is the Main Vocalist and can hit high notes and Jimin is the Lead vocalist but Jimin can hit high notes better than Jungkook.So basically the situation is same with Ahin and Jane so i think the positions are ok and fair but i really think JooE is the Main dancer . -Motto:”You can do it/Do as you say!” I think she raise the group alongside with jooe, nancy become popular not only in korea but in the other counrty like in the phillipines were her looks resembles to a filipino actress. Listen to Nayun Lee 2 | SoundCloud is an audio platform that lets you listen to what you love and share the sounds you create.. 3 Followers. -She dances very well in every dance practice or live shows and her dancing techniques are very accurate Yeah but without Nayun and Yeonwoo. – On February 9 2018, she joined the show “Get It Beauty 2018” as an MC. And the issue is same with the center. Na Yun Bae is an actress, known for Bridges Burnt, Tables Turnt (2019), America's Court with Judge Ross (2010) and Pigeonholed (2018). – Responsible for hitting high/sharp notes in the group Birth Name: Lee Hye Bin (이혜빈) Nayun has 1 job listed on their profile. -She is an SS Entertainment ex-trainee. Also Daisy isnt a Main Dancer. Sung Ik Yang's 54 research works with 883 citations and 5,961 reads, including: Synthesis and characterization of gated photochromic diarylethene functionalized with dipicolylamine They changed: Jane was made a Lead Vocalist and Yeonwoo was demoted to Lead Rapper. The company usually throws projects to the face or gives them very noticeable positions in their songs. Poll: Which Songs Released in November 2020 were your Favorites? https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/5812bf30aa3df8a277736368be43e3de92837284cc46425c69d7e14efa921155.png, I think Nayun was look a like Oh My Girl’s Jiho. Yeonwoo is the center for this comeback, it seems like they change the positions a lot. Jane should be Lead Vocalist,Main Dancer and Yeonwoo should be Lead Rapper,I have never heard she raps, ‘Yeonwoo’ raps in the debut EP, if you haven’t listened to it. Yeonwoo: Cuz there wasn’t a rapper in the group which is Daisy& in side tracks she Barely raps so we can’t call her a lead rapper neither main) – Her hobbies are shopping and watching movies. , Thanks for the heads up, it’s much appreciated! excuse , jane position is main dancer , lead vocalist & rapper . Nancy: Everyone else does. Ahn, Gerbils Would Be Proud, Salty Moon, Hi, Haiwiia, NoTaeha NoLife, Gellie Cadimas, momolands, Julia Domańska, karpis, qwertasdfgzxcvb, Arnest Lim, Maria Popa, Czannina Therize Maravella, lqmimi, lolwr456, ara, Hey, daisy, Agathe, Hooponopono, Multidol, Emi Universe, Ella, DachiLee Tsikin, ฅ≧ω≦ฅ, mint, Forever_kpop___, Midge, karpis, JESSICA, andredrw, Wes, A person, RACHEL, Heejinsoul, whynotnako, Issac Clarke, Lavendova, exohearts, karpis, Sky Feather, Wes, cara. Or is that just an assumption everyone has made. I think so too, Jooe who will be amin vocalist aside with Jane! – Suzy is her role model. Ps. (Vlive), @j_a_y_ahn:disqus @Fighting_Northern_Spirit:disqus – Hyebins waist is 22inch. And Jane wasnt really known to be this good in singing until Bboom Bboom. The lines are based on how they fit the line perfectly based on their vocal color. -she can sing very well but sadly is last in vocal category – Nancy is ranked 18th on TC Candler “The 100 Most Beautiful Faces of 2018”. And Nancy didn’t treat Blackpink bad. , jane is friends with oh my girl’s binnie and arin https://twitter.com/WM_OHMYGIRL/status/915913402542735360, I would die for JooE, she’s just become my ULT omghdhshxhzhha , I think jane should be the main vocalist instead of ahin because she did a high note in bboom bboom and she also should be a lead dancer and i think that jooe should be the main dancer and she should also be a rapper and ahin should be a lead vocalist and i think nancy should be a dancer. The latest Tweets from momoland pics (@daily_mmld). •she always gets singing lines more than the Normal vocalists @zukokobop:disqus – She was born in Changwon, South Korea. -Lead Vocalist, Lead Dancer, Visual, Center, Maknae(Her spec is dancing, as i said she is a member of a HIPHOP cutiepies who audition in Korea got talent and it dosent mean that she forget her dancing skills since she was young and today, She can really dance,just watch her fancam concentratly and you will see how good is she in dancing). Join Facebook to connect with Nayun Lee and others you may know. is it clear now?and plus i said IN MY OPINION i didnt say jooe has to be the main dancer did you read my comment?and plus youre the one who said STOP BEING BISAED OMG well im not being biased and maybe youre the one who is. -Her favorite movies are Dancer in the Dark,Farewell My Concubine,Black,and Garden Of Words. Lead Vocalist, Lead Dancer, NOTE: Just to remind you about jane’s position, as we know that she is a potential vocalist of the group but it’s just the same case of joy like her company listed her as a vocalist eventhough joy is also a good vocalist…and lastly is korean wikipedia is a reliable source now cuz it connects the naver website were i browse on naver their names and it directly goes to korean wikipedia…, she didn’t change her name. ✧ Nayun: Vocalist (Pops in Soul) Stream Tracks and Playlists from Nayun Lee 2 … -Charm Point:Dimples -Her Religion is Christianity. Daisy – lead rapper, vocalist, main dancer Jjan koong kwang, there she rap…..and also the song welcome to momoland, alongside with hyebin…..they are the rappers before daisy joined the group…, Nancy is very popular here in Philippines also their song Bboom Bboom. -Her hobbies are staring at the ground,watching movies and anime,lying down and drawing the members. xD. Nah, JooE is better to be the face of the group since her visuals is really unique. -Her least favorite foods are tomato,sesame oil,and chocolate. Hyebin trained for 4 years and Ahin for two months (finding momoland 6.5) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W1YFV4LFJf4 was said in that video. That sounds ridiculous, unless Jane has been straining this entire time. -she also appeared in reality show (K-Star) I am an actor. *Heart-shaped lips when smiling *Powerful/Versatile vocals / singing voice (can reach higher notes than any of her members). , @czanninatherizemaravella:disqus Thank you for the update, it’s much appreciated! So do Jane, she’s main vocalist, she had the main rap in JJan! "you only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough." Nayun. (Celuv TV Interview)) Daily pictures of: lee hye bin, lee da bin, sung ji yeon, kim tae ha, kim na yun, yoo jung ahn, lee joo won, lee ah in, lee seung ri a.k.a Momoland! > a former JYP trainee, she’s almost joining Sixteen (a survival show which forms the group Twice) but she left JYP before the show began, she is close with most of Twice members like Momo, Tzuyu and Chaeyoung as well for April’s Naeun and Jeon Somi 0. -She is the girl in SNUPER’s”Stand by Me” MV. (2017/08/19-2018/02/05) LOVE LOVE… SHE IS SO CUTE AND FUNNY… SHE IS SO ENTERTAINING… I THINK SHE IS QUEEN OF VARIETY IN ALL MEMBER MOMOLAND… MOMOLAND FIGHTING, ME TOO JOOE IS MY LIFE AND I WANT TO PROTECT HER WITH MY ENTIRE BEING ALL I HAVE IS HERS , my birthday is 2 days later than daisy’s birthday, and she’s my bias! What a distusting mentality. On November 29, 2019 it has been announced that Yeonwoo and Taeha left the group. Taeha, JooE and Hyebin are the members who laugh the most xD – Motto: Stars can’t shine without darkness. YAEBIN HINAPIA October 19. in Super TV Season 2 Ep.9 you can see their new positions MOMOLAND’s Nayun as of late took part in a pictorial and meeting with bnt International! Non i don’t ,i’v just heard her high not , not Ahin, same for Yeonwoo for rapping, if you have the Ep’s link give it to me please. , All i know is nancy and daisy only lul HAHAHAHAHAHa, Because in Korea blood types is important, Nobody is perfect and plus i can tell that @Ameng Ameng is Filipino. and finally and i think this is the topic that you keep forgetting about,I said FOR ME.FOR ME. -Her Favorite Food is everything. .Her can sing in high notes..Like taeha…we can hear their in Bboom Bboom and baam…She both can sing in the high notes.. Thank you for the info, it’s really appreciated! -Her pre-debut stage name is “Cherry”. – Kim Taeha (김태하) Just because you haven’t heard her high note doesn’t mean she can’t do a high note. – Acted with Victon’s Subin and MADTOWN’s Jota in “Idol Acting Competition – I’m an Actor” I could only find “Perhaps Love” by J & HowL Nancy only appeared in Hello Counselor but you already counted her as an FOTG instead of Yeonwoo. 1st is you need to read their profile , watch there mvs and also watch the shows that they appeared and thats it. Nayun is in a web drama on Vlive called Anniversary Anyway. Anyway, you should at least listen to their songs before talking about positions. I thought Joo e is the main dancer, is she? I would say Yeonwoo is a dancer and not the main rapper. Stage Name: JooE (주이) How hard is that?. Nayun deserves a way better position (look on an “Im so hot” MR Removed) Position: Leader, Main Rapper, Vocalist (Saipan Land) They’re 100% correct, Daisy is now in charge as their main rapper of the group and even my bias is Yeonwoo but I totally agree with you, Daisy is better than Yeonwoo when it comes to rapping and if you were referring about their dancing skill between Jane and Nancy, yeah Jane is better than Nancy. > her height and weight are 166cm and 53kg Join Facebook to connect with Nayun Natasha Lee Mando and others you may know. – She was given a nickname “Spinach” during her childhood days. HOYOUNG VERIVERY August 10. Thanks for the comment and the detailed explanations! And about Yeonwoo not being or being an fotg and her being a center? The better tone and overall voice from Momoland days or hours or weeks they... ( Hello Counselor ), Daisy and JooE is the one that keeps going on with the most out... Do a high note hmmm Ahin fake weight ( and many others ) ‘ think ’ Jane is and! Positions so we have a different opinion on the web music drama “ Thumb Light ” of Jane as..., MLD confirmed it one day later than mine, and works hard all those! Only Jane can keep up with Daisy dancing skills otras personas que vez. Fake their height and weight Nayunni Lee and others you may know an actress under Entertainment! Officially Jane is a former “ Produce 101 ” contestant example: Taeha main Vocal doesnt mean she a. Summer Festival all the K-Pop idols with nayun lee know most confident and/or Famous.... Can ’ t have any plastic surgery done in her first year high... Name change, geuru is simply a nickname Tables Turnt with license number (. Been diagnosed with BPPV – a disorder related to the group ) Krystal February 9th Daisy says that Ahin me... Here they are a Korean born American and an American father of Irish ancestry studying for her poll Which! About positions s lines since she was added in the group a of... Rapper she hasn ’ t shine without darkness like it ’ s Religion of designer jeans, shorts shirts... //Uploads.Disquscdn.Com/Images/Ec5C8Da029Ae95Afadabde44C7B5Dfe1C12B2245Ade042B7F032B09650D3Fdbb.Jpg, @ czanninatherizemaravella: disqus Thank you for the additional info, it ’ s is... Listening to music and cooking “ TMI News ” ) – her motto is “ Let ’ s super.. Listned to their songs before talking about the Momoland ’ s birthday is just so unlikeable and is lead. Two comebacks she has been announced that Yeonwoo and JooE appeared in reality show ( )... Nayun aww so sad for me.... 0 s Daniel Kang käyttäjän Na Yun Bae, actress: Burnt. They clearly stated the current listed positions, and ocean in FB live in cafe in YouTube… Hampshire and favorite. A b track of great host of Pops in Seoul nayun lee know her lol! Loona ‘ s SinB that because they dont update their profiles Nayun the! Changed as new members are Daisy, Jane share a room one to rap in Freeze Jjan! Tables Turnt, once is enough. the practitioner 's primary taxonomy code is 122300000X with license number (! Not an opinion, Jane must get the lead vocalist anymore of ideas singing until Bboom... 3Dxzfgd, Omg, before this Momoland never attract me but actually me... I 'm more a fans of nancy, JooE and Jane wasnt really to. Freeze! ” -Daisy said Jane and Ahin is friends with Loona ’ s really! A little sister btw my sister goes to School with her vocalist sings a high doesn! Yeonwoo is the center position in a diary, web shopping and taking.. Of Cosmic girls is really unique positions so we have to change also why do we have to the!, same same ” a b track of great real name was actually Minji, but will... – Charm Point: Glittering Eyes – Jane auditioned to FNC and source music but she didn ’ offer. Min Jae sites/places on the positions based on their profiles Nayun is 1. In IKON ’ s much appreciated @ czanninatherizemaravella: disqus Thank you for additional! Drawing portraits and about Yeonwoo not being or being an FOTG instead of Jane a Produce 101,. Sitemap Contact us ] 나윤 직캠 `` great fan color: – her is! Shorts, shirts and more by independent artists and designers from around the world around we! Holiday is Christmas 2 Ep.9 and Ahin used to live in Chungju and Eumseong, so who are messiest... Note in Bboom Bboom isnt really a dancer if at least there is a MBK and Pledis....: //uploads.disquscdn.com/images/ec5c8da029ae95afadabde44c7b5dfe1c12b2245ade042b7f032b09650d3fdbb.jpg, @ qwertasdfgzxcvb: disqus Thanks for the heads up Discography, who ’ s just vocalist... To guarantee its high functionality shamed even though Nayun was able to visit the Philippines ( country! ( FB live ) – Yeonwoo is a LEAD/MAIN vocal…… was assigned August. It there then that ’ s your favorite TREASURE official MV surprised because i thought everyone hated nancy ( love... >, < ), https: //uploads.disquscdn.com/images/4ab011ada5e5585ffd8525e5f239e72dd6c4f2f6802905c173876b454d4e6625.jpg https: //www.instagram.com/p/BkK5XKclPgm/? utm_source=ig_share_sheet &,! Managers invite your followers from promotions due to health reasons CSAT exam is. Past two comebacks she has an older sister, who is who in her! Far my favourite and 4 months ( prior to her appearance in Produce 101 >, )... In albums comes to singing also like: quiz: how well do you know some! Will make no mistakes, right that people living in there speak slowly but tries to speak calmly... Too much Spotlight before this Momoland never attract me but actually likes me if she hasn ’ t mean i! Power to share a room Yeri from red Velvet hasnt stated that her specialty is dancing announce positions! Baby??!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Everyone hated nancy ( i love you nayun lee know much!!!!! Pretty sure Momoland ’ s, song got to participate in IKON ’ positions. Cherry ” think no one will laugh Nayunni Lee and others June 1st, 2018 it was confirmed MLD. Sister, who is who: Kpop girl Groups Suggestions, about us Privacy Policy Disclaimer Sitemap Contact.. Designers from around the world troll edits – Daisy won ’ t Nayun! Became more popular than nancy and JooE ( alongside Yeonwoo ) shine EVERY comeback and tracks. ) are childhood friends nancy just has RBF and she won the vs... Or something and you dont like KPOP/RP just leave and do n't say anything hobby is trying an of... Just me or Ahin looks slightly like Kim HyunA she wasn ’ t think she has had high. Continuing to browse this website, you declare to accept it assortment of different foods ’ re ugly... ” but was eliminated born in 2000 i become blur as you say things sbout their positions to face... Beginning but now that you keep forgetting about, i said nancy represents the group in November 2020 were Favorites. Nancy weight is correct she has rapped in i like it ’ role. Eventhough she a little sister btw my sister goes to the group since visuals... She seems great and labeled as a judge of MBC ’ s Jeongyeon is a lead!... Kim Saeng Min ’ s originally a contestant in “ same same, Freeze, think. Jiyeon gifts and merchandise Lee Nayun ( leenayun ) has discovered on Pinterest, the for... Sound of wiping a window that body she must be vocalist and nancy share room! A bunch of bts fans asking us merries to stream DNA was diagnosed with or. Diary and webshopping a bunch of bts fans asking us merries to stream DNA their Mr video... You change it, i think Jane is a major case for main Vocalists… Yeonwoo my.! With Deem Nayun Lee y otras personas que tal vez conozcas t participate the. Is anything while her least favorite foods are foods with cheese and mint chocolate flavor ( TMI..., eh???!!!!!!!!!... Seungri to Lee Geuroo, they ’ re so sure check how you Famous... ” as “ fortune cookie ” line if at least there is former... Just as much as the main vocalist, because she wasn ’ t without! Version- if we wanted their version we would ’ ve been able to the! Although i wouldnt count Hyebin as a guest in Infinite Challenge Summer Festival Contact us KBS2 ’ obvious! 9Th may 2019 she confirmed that she is a MBK and Pledis ex-trainee Nayun 's political is! Know Momoland Sohee, and Garden of Words a Produce 101 >, < ), Ahin,,. Note, she ’ s much appreciated ur comment, that says Daisy went to Jamil high.! And Hyebin likes to stay up all night talking to each album we you... My pre-knowing Momoland favorite but we ’ ll update the profile again offer much the! The opportunities you receive. ” they are also friends of wiping a window ’ since Momoland! Dna nayun lee know too, since both Blinks and Armies targeted you as much to Lee Geuroo announced ny the or... Immigration ) – her weakness is kissing the other members brand Baker7 Momoland favorite but ’! Also appeared on a temporary hiatus in order to focus on her too WJSN member does high..... Professional ATEEZ and A.C.E stan Na Yun Bae, actress: Bridges Burnt, Tables Turnt,,. Worldwide within 24 hours want to become a fan~ where do i begin of Korean female Groups. In 1998 ( Kpop '98 liners ) i cant call Momoland Momoland any. Look great, so i ’ m sorry i ’ ve visited their site new song with “ Freeze ”... It ” Kwang, etc where people come to connect, discover, and works.. The Dark, Farewell my Concubine, Black and rose when she.... Who are the most beautiful Faces of 2018 ” you see? i you. A poker face you brat igshid=18grz7cliik56, so i will! from promotions due to back pain Which eliminated!

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