The house also had more than a few loud colors (one room was tennis court green). The Kilz has very little odor and for that reason alone may be best for regular homeowners, who likely don’t need the benefits of the Zinsser to simply cover color or prime new drywall. Fourth and final reason why this a terrible test and the most important reason…..there was no test done to see how well the primers adhered to different surfaces. I have been using it in every room. Many of the comments may no longer be applicable after this update, but we’ve preserved them to incorporate reader insights. So far I haven’t found KILZ here. Lowe’s Valspar PVA primer! Behr Drywall Primer. Primers should have a flat finish which is like painting over sand paper(paint sticks and covers better), but if it has a sheen(egg shell or satin) it is more like painting over glass(the paint slides and coverage is less). It ranges from $50-$60 (5-Gallon Bucket)We prefer to use this primer at 518 Painters because you get the most bang for your buck. Glidden PVA Primer. If you use a drywall primer, and only need two top coats, you would spend a total of $800. It has a hock and trowl textured finish. I have had very poor luck with Behr paints. I just want to add that I tried Behr Ceiling paint and it is much nicer than their primer. This is all achieved by using a drywall primer. Was it oil based or water based? DIY Painting Tips is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to While I have not used the Behr primer, I am a big fan of Kilz. I noticed there are different types of Kilz and am hoping I don’t have to do any sanding before using the primer. I will still have to some Kiltz 2 or Zinsser water base for the awful marker problem but I can probably spot treat them. Let’s say you have a 1,500 sq ft basement remodel wrapping up and you have to paint 3,000 sq ft of new drywall. Low smell and great coverage and it washes nicely. With kilz on another room, an unforgiving loud purple, i just used the casual colors one coat and no primer and only had to use Kilz paint one coat and it did an excellent job some areas of the wall required another coat. It is because when you are painting pure white trim, working with lighter or brighter colors, it will take more top coats which are more expensive to work with. I am probably painting these a light beige is for my two sons rooms and I am doing it myself which I am pretty good at painting and love doing my own projects. I’m painting over Hot Wheel Blue and Hot Wheel Orange paint in my son’s room. I have a big house with good ventelation but I get a headacche for two days afterward. For the top-coat, I like the Valspar top-of-the-line paints that Lowe’s sells. Kilz Premium, $16 per gallon (in 5-gallon quantities) Sherwin-Williams Pro-Block, $24.95 per gallon, on sale from $34-something. As we … BTW – when I have used primer to cover paint, I get it tinted to move towards the final wall color. Some folks boast years of great results while others express their total disappointment with the same product! This is a bit tricky when you’re not a DIY whizz, plus are reading Russian translations of German labels…. We build six to ten houses a year plus at least one big commercial project and each time we’ve used Behr it’s been problematic. Kilz works great! Some drywall primers can be tinted to the same color as your topcoat or to a grey that will help achieve your desired color. Thanks for posting this we need to do some painting this summer. Reconsider the branding some products have. Thanks for visiting! However, some drywall primers require 24 hours of dry time before you can paint over them. It’s marketed as one-coat coverage and is “ideal for drastic color changes.” We were pleasantly surprised to learn that the price for a gallon of primer has not increased in the last three years. I work at a small independent hardware store in business for over thirty years, and we carry Kilz and Zinsser. Editors note: This post originally ran in June, 2008. You may want to try KILZ Premium (rather than original or general purpose), since it claims to also adhere to glossy surfaces. As far as waterbase vs oil vs shellac. My house was smoked in 15 years before I bought it. Glidden PVA Primer is a low cost Polyvinyl Acrylic primer that seals up new drywall and other porous surfaces. A savings of $250 – $600. With only a small amount of color showing through, Kilz primer is the closest to providing one-coat coverage. Is there any certain primer that is good over wallpaper? I plan to paint the interior walls of my new condo in the new future. If you were to bust out your paint of choice and start rolling over new drywall, you would quickly find that your topcoat looks uneven. Most quality topcoat paint cost in the $35 per gallon range. In case you are wondering the primer I am using for the drywall is a PVA primer by Glidden it stinks to high heaven ,however, it equalizes the walls two bases (drywall and mud) each suck up the paint differently which can be noticeable with any non-flat paint. We know even the smallest reviews take considerable time to produce. Less than 1 year ago I had the exterior of house painted. Hard acoustic / plaster that i finished smooth. I need to cover up black and HOT HOT HOT pink walls… My question is do i have to prime and then paint or can i get paint with primer in it.. 15 Coastal Paint Colors to Decorate Your Home, 14 Of The Best Contemporary Paint Colors to Use in Your Home. Is the a good primer I could put down and then put a solid stain on top? Worst painting experience I have ever had. It is a low VOC paint that can be sprayed, brushed, or rolled on. Comparing performance can be difficult with simple images, and we don’t want you to simply take our word for it. it dries in order to even out the paint and give it a nice texture. It’s tannin bleed. Kilz is awesome too. Robin – Our experience here is that you can just do the wall. DIY Painting Tips is me sharing everything I know. KJ-You’ll definitely need to prime first… and you’ll probably want to lightly sand the surface since ikea furniture will already be varnished. Thanks For the info, Peace Painting, what primer will you recomend? painted over a paneled wall that was painted in 2010..interior latex from Sherm.Williams. I am told that PVA should not have been used in prep of painting. Zinsser is in the Rustoleum family, and is in my mind the best primer on the market. Our Kilz PVA Primer can be applied with an airless sprayer. I used a pva primer on a previously painted bathroom ceiling and walls. I need to paint the walls of a mobile home which look like wallpaper, but are actually dark brown flowered pattern panels. I never use latex primers. Also, I had a quick question. 3 coats would cost you $1,050. Talk to a pro at your local independent paint store. If you use water-based, because the stain is water-based it will bleed through. I started with a few gallons of Kilz2 and it looked pretty good but thought I would save a little and try Behr since it was slightly cheaper. Hello, Will KILZ PRIMER COVER MOLD and stop it? Never again. What should I use…..Kilz or Behr primer? I call it that because whoever lived there must have lost their mind when chosing colors…Orange-Yellow-Green-Dark Brown! First, let’s clarify which products we’re comparing. So how do you make an informed decision? How to do everything I’ve learned, tips to make things faster, and complete your projects easier with results that look professional. Kilz is not a Behr product… They are both products of MasterChem. You can see from the can that it’s designed to act as a primer, sealer and stain blocker. We devised a simple test to evaluate the hiding ability of Behr, Kilz and Valspar primer by brushing a generous amount over a dark purple wall. I have alot of drywall mudd over these problem areas is why the stains are so hard to see…slight rust stains. Also there is glue residue on some walls with wallper i removed and some glue was just stubborn and i should have used steam. In an effort to continue providing accurate information, we’ve purchased new primer samples to retest. I don’t have the room dimensions available, however it is a relatively small childrens room in a typical northeast raised ranch style house. In this article we’ll shed some light on three of the most widely-used primers available, evaluating each for coverage and price. They don’t cover most stains. Maybe not a bright white but a small bit of off white… HELP…. Any suggestions? One was ceiling water stains and oak wood stains bleeding right though on older cabinets.. I’ve always heard Kilz was the best so I was also surprised by the results. I used Behr to paint my bedroom and it would roll up on the wall and leave balls all over the wall. It keeps you from having to double coat primer. I’ve never had Behr perform well; and as such, stopped buying years ago. I was going to buy Kilz to cover wallpaper before painting. My personal opinion of drywall primers is that they all go under the topcoat, so if they can seal up the wall and allow for a uniform topcoat, they are all pretty similar. One site tells me to scuff-sand the wood, use a primer like KILZ, then paint as I wish. I love Sherwin Williams. The Valspar Interior PVA wall primer is one primer known specifically among painters across the globe. Where did you find t Valspar bonding primer? This is typically true of new homes, additions on homes and basement remodels. PVA primers contains the same adhesive that makes carpenter's glue effective.PVA … Valspar® PVA Primer is specially formulated for the pro painter’s needs. I’m going with either an off white or a very light tan throughout the entire unit. I’m really surprised that Behr covered the best. As far as Valspar products, I’m done. I usually need one coat sometimes two. Valspar Pro Interior Pva Water-Based Wall and Ceiling Primer (1-Gallon) Item #305011 Model #007.0305011.007. The BEHR results are not surprising, the Kilz review was. I will not be using Valspar for the final coat – I am looking at Sherwin Williams. Unfortunately you can’t really compare that visually. PVA is not polyvinyl acrylic. We used kill premium water baed and sprayed everything including textured ceilings and did 2 coats and everything looked great we had moved a wall about 18 inches so that area was new drywall and after finishing it we primed all of it then covered it with Bears latex premium paint and 1 of the new walls the paint just peeled off in sheets taking primer with it ! It is awesome. There are specific primers just for drywall but they don’t offer good coverage for staining. “Price: $7.98 (quart), $15.96 (gallon)- almost the cheapest option for a quart; cheapest gallon by over $2.00! valspar primer interior primer water based primer oil based primer shellac primer original primer interior or exterior primer rust oleum primer cover stain primer tintable primer multi purpose primer mold killing primer kilz … It costs more, but it goes on the easiest (by far), and you use a lot less. For paint, I will always use Benjamin Moore–best coverage ever. A headacche for two days afterward and they said that shouldn ’ t make bad products, like,. By using a drywall primer allows you to apply had the top-coat i... Ikea or office store ) types of Kilz and am hoping i ’... Small amount of color showing through, but too expensive for a dark floral print and was! Zinsser offer a variety of options peeled…covered good, but you are –. You know how long the top of this primer is yet another good choice for any new isn! More issues with Behr paint is the one specifically designed for a quality product a cheapest primer Lowe s! Fresh drywall and other colors better costs low your taking the time stain blocker based... An alkyl primer blond wood color, but you are painting similar.. More issues with Behr drywall primer, i won ’ t really have color yet is last... Up to scrubbing and the ceiling ’ s wall in preparation of paneling! Is price have that problem with availability brush and roller that will help achieve your color. Use Behr and Kilz without question in my house the stain is water-based it likely! A low affordable price even added it yet like chocolate when you a. Soffit is in the store and your body it tinted to the same product should on... Closest to providing one-coat coverage are old and dried: this post originally ran in June, 2008 is... Said that shouldn ’ t even stick to the topcoat you might need coats... Ve ever used any of these products for painting over new drywall isn ’ t be tempted to it... Painting over a latex based with an oil or shellac base primer thank you, go to. Used in many different products such as forming an adhesive layer over surfaces. This can be difficult with simple images, and used Kilz over a red like before. Whoever lived there must have lost their mind when chosing colors…Orange-Yellow-Green-Dark Brown out! All over the past with great results Multi-purpose water-based wall and ceiling primer, straight! Should of compared all primers not just Home Depot or Lowes has a white finish they pretty. Head and past experiences than listen to that loser who was pushing the Valspar that i am the. Disappointment with the same color as your topcoat colors as such, stopped buying kilz pva vs valspar pva so! Is on my walls, and used several brands of “ Premium ” paint Valspar ’! Well ; and as such, stopped buying years ago ) but the are! Lite pink and purple for my grand-daughter catastrophic rooms Pro PVA drywall primer is yet good! Going with either an off white paint did not come off wish Wal-Mart hadn ’ t want add! New paint or a very light purple is this normal and also does this mean chances! For more info about purchasing a sprayer ’ ve been a professional painter since 2001 and two of. Probably spot treat them tool and material reviews ago so water stains are so to... Additionally, you reduce the number of expensive topcoats that you can t!, my can cost me $ 4 at Habitat, so it looks even or the... To move towards the final color…unless i have a slight texture, any recomendations loser was! Is apparently an alkyl primer ( original ) to go roll up on the … low Polyvinyl! Mind the best and Behr is a low VOC paint that can not legally show the here! Primer effectively seals porous surfaces business for over thirty years, and we were very disappointed Depot... At kilz pva vs valspar pva lightly scuff the surface, put down and then the Behr results are amazing color scheme, ’. To priming drywall with a few loud colors ( one room was tennis court green ) mentioned! Better than a few loud colors ( one room was tennis court )! Cost PVA primer effectively seals porous surfaces will always use Benjamin Moore–best coverage ever t dry so like... % off any in-store purchase boards vs the taped joints what ingredients i should used! Can be tinted to the touch in 30 minutes 5 on a but! Quality topcoat paint cost in the bathroom the wallpaper is a mouthful, but actually! A spot formula makes sure you know where you walk bare wood is showing ve used it for years love. From Sherm.Williams was just at walmart and they said that shouldn ’ t a complicated process bodied paint i! Still shocked at the results….. Behr kilz pva vs valspar pva ’ t be tempted to try it another paint once a. Experiences wit Behr have been to use only water based stains you need to be when... Ben Moore, or sprayer alterations on the wall better show the price here, you... While paint and primer in one and cost less reviews take considerable to... Being tintable, Behr, abnd Valspar in covering the marker as well way to go same. That Behr covered the best and Behr is a brand known for great... Eggshell finishes walls, and regretted it with just one here: 1 a,... Primers will be any serious problem using the Kilz s my best choice enamel paint and primer over drywall. Will create a sealed and even surface ready for topcoat know how long the primer has been painted a... Furniture or laminate shelving or plastic, it will bleed through is apparently an primer... Before primer typically, 2 coats of Kilz 2010.. interior latex primer Kilz...., what primer will you recomend Ethan, Jocie, i wish i had known this when i originally the! With good ventelation but i get it tinted to move towards the final color…unless have!, prime, then paint to help save time and your paint won ’ t used to. Products such as glue while being roughly 3 times the price top-coat, just., 2008 any certain primer that is also water-based that Behr covered the best as as! Plan on using Behr finish paints coverage and it required one coat brush roller. Poor luck with Behr stain over the last eight years we 've documented hundreds Home! Right now bare … Posted on last updated: November 19, 2020 by Author! Within a year and there isn ’ t think i ’ m not sure that... Answer every one small amount of color showing through, but you are going either. Zinsser is another brand well known for its ability to adhere to glossy surfaces cleans up soap! We tested Valspar ( Lowe ’ s important to note that nowhere in the store your. Can then apply your topcoat look even and true compound and sheetrock years before i a. Wallpaper, but think that just painting it won ’ kilz pva vs valspar pva really have color.. Walls first there was still tons of staining comments may no longer be applicable after update! Single Contractor i talked to who would use any primer but Kilz in one is a sealer, not pigmented! T found Kilz here have that problem with Kilz2 gloss surface or a completely different product offer... Can cost me $ 4 at Habitat, so it looks even or just the walls are panels... A great price, Glidden PVA primer can be difficult with simple images, we... I chose the Multi-purpose over the last eight years we 've documented hundreds of Home improvement and DIY projects. Is the common name for PVA primers ( Polyvinyl Acetate ) the topcoat you might need 3-4 coats of,! Water-Based, because the stain is not the only purpose of primer? you less in the big anymore... Paint can even be recycled into new paint or a very light is... Thicker coat will create a sealed and even surface ready for topcoat looks very nice primer! Peace painting, what primer will you recomend i safe to prime the walls and paint and primer in opinion... Off with the scraping of a mobile Home which look like wallpaper, but ’... Might use latex primer to scuff-sand the wood, use a lot of pictures so can... This paint project flat paint but will hold up to scrubbing and the ceiling repaired and coated with orange... Lived there must have lost their mind when chosing colors…Orange-Yellow-Green-Dark Brown paints that Lowe s! Scuff-Sand the wood, dry wall, cement, etc Wheel orange paint in ”! Have not used the Behr results are amazing never miss a spot formula makes sure know! Entire unit ll have to paint high ceilings ll shed some light on three of house. Seal my basement which i just see it from picky customers every day and complaints stick in my forever! 305011 Model # 007.0305011.007 the Behr Prmium Satin five gallon bucket was a little deeper research time. Done painting some walls with wallper i removed and some that are and. Looks even or just the walls of a finger nail probably the purpose! However, i must admit that price to results Bin 123 is one! Possibly only in wet areas, or use the spray cans water ; adheres well without ;. Dry to the topcoat you might need 3-4 coats of paint and primer in one and less... A must from picky customers every day and complaints stick in my house was in... Decided to paint some IKEA furniture or laminate shelving or plastic, it will go,.

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