How long the memorable fight took place, no one could tell. A summary of Part X (Section1) in 's The Epic of Gilgamesh. Now that Enkidu had met Gilgamesh, his Soul Brother and Complement. I serve the one who makes the heavens tremble and the earth quake. Gilgamesh‘s eyes appraised the worthiest opponent he had ever had in a combat. and from a pinch of clay I’ll create Another Being! One day, at the sight of Enkidu a hunter stopped, horrified and frozen stiff with fear. from the moment Shamhat and Enkidu caught sight of each other, more and yet so fully human they were: a woman and a man , Lover and Beloved bonded in Freedom for as long as they wanted this bond to be. But I ask from the bottom of my heart, mind, body and soul to you, greatest of all monarchs, spare the life of Enkidu, who wants to meet and befriend you!’. untamed heart within a most polished surface, she widens my boundaries to limits unknown. This was the temple’s code of conduct, the ethics of serving Inanna. (Ninhursag with her early failed attempts to fashion “modern man”), In it, the Great Goddess Ninhursag, also called Aruru, the Earth Mother and Mistress of All Creation. but a succession of young faces since time immemorial that had reflected the same desire to follow Inanna‘s Call. The reason why I was sent to you was a request made by Gilgamesh the king to the temple of Inanna. Then she held her breath, overcome by a flood of insight and revelation. They go to the plains together, and Shamhat lures Enkidu using her womanly wiles and they sleep together for six days and seven nights. Enkidu, young brother. Shamhat took a long breath, closed her eyes and looked within her very Self, from the Center were all truths are found. Careful account should be taken of donations. The Most Noble Lady had taken a seat by her private shrine. And may you be able to make the ordinary extraordinary and the extraordinary mundane along your Quest.’. a sacred space where one could go to and receive healing, comfort, beauty and love to ensoul their lives’ further journeys. Initiate then the wild Enkidu into his healed Higher Self. This was so because Inanna was the Goddess of Love, and in Her desire and sexual response. ‘Inanna, Lady of my Heart, Companion of my Soul, ‘ she prayed silently, ‘I hope I have succeeded in this great test by being spiritual, practical and joyfully sexual. Loud, she said very gently: ‘You may leave me now. All who loved the goddess knew She was the Mistress of the Deepest Emotions that define the Dance of Love. What the Great Gods design in reply to the heartfelt prayers of humankind is a Process and Be-Coming. She called him now Bright Eyes, not only for the real light Enkidu‘s gaze reflected from within. not in the palace as well, to prepare for the sacred rites to priestesshood. Once there, the young priestess-in-training ordered the hunter to come back home where he belonged. Other readers will always be interested in your opinion of the books you've read. but he had been adorable and infuriating in his wild ways. Shamhat was eight years old and ready to make her vows to the High Priestess and to Inanna. They sleep together for six days and seven nights.. After sleeping with the prostitute and losing his animal qualities, Enkidu goes to Uruk and fights Gilgamesh Over 15 Million Storyboards Created Passion and Play not for my gain, but for the wholeness of others and the glory of Inanna, the Greatest of all Goddesses. She wanted to meet Enkidu by herself, totally alone, no interference’s were required to do the goddess’ bidding. He needed to discover a new world not through her, but by his own choices and deeds. ‘ You answered well, my daughter,’ said the High Priestess. canals and busy streets to long corridors and staircases that led to the classrooms from lesson to lesson: (scribes, schools, etc. (E-anna & Inanna‘s patron city discovered in Uruk). Never before had I fought such a worthy opponent. There was something else Shamhat should do, and although she must, her heart was breaking. This passage demonstrates Enkidu's initial innocence in the ways of humans, but ends with his transformation. You, First Daughter of the Moon, I worship. ‘ I won’t say I am not a bit afraid,’ she said honestly. ‘My king, I am the initiate of the temple of Inanna, the Great Goddess you sent to bring this man to your presence. now that he had being befriended by the king of Uruk, Shamhat was no more needed. ‘Yes, Enkidu. Training and discipline won in the end of some charged minutes or seconds, was conceived to be one in all levels with, Not before this will he be capable of healing, ‘ Will you pray to the Lady on my behalf?’ asked, humour and love hinted in the slight irritated tone that was, A movement, light as a summer breeze told, Would he accept her? After his lust is sated. The king considered carefully the case, and came up with a peculiar solution: ‘A wild one, a star fallen from heaven, strong and free? Shamhat did not say a word, just smiled and stood on the ground, holding her small breasts in cup. not even the Great Gods can answer at this very moment, because it is for you to find out. Gone were her worries about performing for the first time the Sacred Marriage Rite. The Wild One, Enkidu, the Divine Animal, was being Tamed, the Beast Within and Without Turned into a Man. The forest, the wild beasts were dear to him, but somehow he needed more than to eat, bask in the sun or sleep. ‘This is the message. only thought of meeting Gilgamesh, of experiencing a brand new life in Uruk in all its facets. Decided to do some writing, so I used the prompts from table #8 here and sat down and wrote all my prompts in a few hours @_@a Needless to say my brain is quite liquidated, and I'm quite sure these suck. What sort of priestess Shamhat would become depended on how she fared in her Test. She had to spend long hours in the library copying from the Sacred and Secular Clay Tablets, she had to know by heart long tables of correspondences which had preserved the memory of the land, before the name of humankind had been fixed, and she definitely did not like very much to do once a week. electrifying minutes Enkidu and Gilgamesh stood in front of each other. I serve the Loud Thundering Storm who pour rain, grains and blessings over the land for the people. Wisest of All, Brightest Garment of Inanna in flesh: whatever the test, whatever the outcome, in failure or success. Indeed, Shamhat had waited eagerly for this day, because she longed to be one with the long line. Most notable is that Enkidu then takes up watch to protect the shepherds from the animals of the natural world of which he was once a member. for a special fate all infants of the Sacred Rite should have, but certainly not the easiest one perhaps. If this was the Wild One who ran and conversed with the wild beasts of the land. He prays that Shamash will visit him in a dream and Who is preventing me from approaching the Sacred Marriage Bed? The noise As I witnessed in my dream, Enkidu (for this is the Wild One’s name). the accounts of donations given to the temple. ‘ My king, before I go with you, I should lend my graces to the priestess who brought me to you.’. against the wind and, huddling together for warmth, lie down to The high priestess stood as the living representation of Inanna on Earth. One of the main events of the epic is that the Enkidu and Gilgamesh ... Shamhat plays a very important role in the epic because Insolent! Without Shamhat’s assistance, Enkidu would have remained a wild being living amongst the beasts of the forest. For example, he could come to bed and watch Netflix on a tablet with earphones and you could use ear plugs and an eye mask. They begin to walk toward it. Now Wisdom was also growing and surfacing from the depths within. At last the companions reach the mountain of the gods, Enkidu wanted to say something else, but words did not come out of his mouth. All young men he has defeated, all young girls he has taken as his own. The king’s reply came from the bottom of his heart. (the famous wrestling match between giants). Thus, in their houses, the men and women, the young and the old of Uruk muttered, not openly though. The gods were displeased with humankind. And as it was, is and will be, let it be done unto me according to Inanna‘s will, because this is the Highest Will in me. prayer to Shamash. Embracing each other for warmth, the two men lie I serve the Mighty One of Life’s Pleasures, the Mistress of Innermost Desires. (Ninhursag, Chief Medical Scientist, Anu‘s daughter, Enki‘s twin sister). But the most important love in the epic is certainly between Gilgamesh and Enkidu. Shamhat laughed, feeling a bit more relaxed. When the seventh dawn came, Enkidu, holding Shamhat asleep in his arms. Humbaba’s footsteps have left clear paths through the woods. Life in Mesopotamia was hard and short, an average (non-mixed earthling) thirty years of age. But the gazelles scattered at his sight, and he seemed not to be recognized anymore by the beasts of the wild. among personal items especially chosen by the High Priestess to honor Inanna. That night Gilgamesh pours flour on the ground, an offering to Shamash Ninanna snorted. He was indeed Innocent in the Ways of Humankind, in harmony with the wilderness around and within. to embrace the wild one and teach him the art of woman so that a man he will finally be. His eyes fell on Shamhat‘s for a long last time. Dressed in coarse leather, he ate vegetation with the gazelles. In the middle of the night Gilgamesh has a dream. but also for having opened for her windows to realities before unseen. For (?) Ninanna’s eyes were laughing, but the voice had her well-known (and sometimes feared) tone of quiet command: ‘ Leave this old woman, pack light, fulfill this Quest and come to us right back.’. body and soul since her training had started at the Eanna. The amount of work was sometimes overwhelming. as he saw the Man-Beast freeing wild animals from traps and pits. and therefore that the temple should try and heal the community in some way or another. Nanna‘s full brightness that night and her role in the Pattern to Unfold. You’ll get what you deserve!’ responded Gilgamesh, red with fury, and taking fighting stance. ‘ I’ll summon him forth and challenge him. It was time for her to disappear graciously. 100 eyes) Athens Early in the century, Athens played a major role, especially with her powerful navy, in repelling a Persian invasion of Greece during the Persian Wars (490, 480-479) The country gathered around the Wild One Turned into a Noble Man and the priestess-to-be. The gods decide to create a wild man to rival him, so they come up with this guy Enkidu. grant him a favorable omen. because they often remained anonymous as a person, cloaked in the sacredness of the temple function. was conceived to be one in all levels with Gilgamesh the king. The man tells them that he is going to a wedding ceremony in Uruk. He, who had been speechless in hiding adoring the sight of Shamhat. Adam and Eve, in the Judeo-Christian and Islamic traditions, the original human couple, parents of the human race. From his questions (now a string of them!). One day a stranger comes into the camp carrying a highly decorated platter. After six days and seven nights (or two weeks, according to more recent scholarship [25] ) of lovemaking and teaching Enkidu about the ways of civilization, she takes Enkidu to a shepherd's camp to learn how to be civilized. and of the substance of the Deep, Sacred Waters (She plunged hands in the waters). ‘She is a thing of wonder,’ he thought, ‘. Reveling in what he saw, touched and felt, body and soul since her training had started at the, For a brief moment the Wise Lady saw not only, but a succession of young faces since time immemorial that had reflected the same desire to follow, And as it was, is and will be, let it be done unto me according to, among personal items especially chosen by the High Priestess to honor, I’ve witnessed his birth in a dream, when holy. that rises from Humbaba’s garments. A terrible confusion follows. a strong and courageous man like no other, a defeated hero in his own right. the sacred temple of An, the Sky Lord and Inanna, the Great Goddess of Love and Battle. You were truly a worthy Companion, Friend the Very Best along this Quest. ‘ But I am also dying to have a go at my Challenge. At the city gates, along the quays, the gardens and streets of Uruk, at the sight of Enkidu, the people stared open-mouthed: ‘Look at the Newcomer! Very much like Gilgamesh he was, yet totally unclouded by arrogance and pride. There was always a need for a skilled scribe, accountant, dancer, councilor, etc. Gilgamesh and Enkidu construct a shelter A world of touch, tastes, senses and experiences exploded around them. Thrice blessed were all children conceived in this holy night. When Gilgamesh rejects Ishtar ’s advances, she grows angry, and this leads eventually to Enkidu’s death. followed the struggle with the people as it went on. ‘I did win, but gone is my anger, for never had I such a worthy opponent. always threatened by nomadic tribes especially coming from the North. She had brought him to the king, the king had accepted him. This time he dreams that Shamhat experienced the depth of the vows each high priestess, (morning & evening 8-pointed star symbol of Inanna, Venus). Delighted for the Wondrous Nature of the Challenge, alarmed by the responsibility it implied. Out in the woods, oblivious of humankind. Then, with great chivalry as befitted to the king he was, Now she understood why she had been sent to, Passion and Play not for my gain, but for the wholeness of others and the glory of, With deep emotion she understood the ethics embedded in this: she would serve, why she had sung so sad and yet with such tenderness in the Dream that had announced her encounter with, ‘Lady of Passion, Love and Many Dares, now I understand the full extent of your Mystery,’ she said silently to, now that he had being befriended by the king of, Somehow he intuitively understood much had changed now that they were finally in, Welcome to, Where History & Modern Man Began, Gilgamesh and Huwawa Version A: translation. announced the New Day, bringing Fulfillment and Promises to stay, Shamhat rose her arms in Trust. So hold on to the faith you have in the Goddess, trust your training and let the pattern unfold. considering the beauty he had in front of his very eyes. ‘Who am I to you, my King?’ Enkidu dared to ask. Enkidu knew neither of people nor country. ‘More than a human being you are called to help the wild one to become. Together we will achieve the world’s glories, the mightiest deeds’. decided to come back to secular life, marry and have their own children. The two heroes stand in awe before the vast forest’s gates, Then he tells Enkidu about his newest dream. slept with shamhat for 6 days and 7 nights 1. if you can coquere sleep = you can conquere death 2. which was the service of the body to the Divine Inspirational Masculine and Feminine. As one with the True Chosen of Inanna of 10,000 Names since the beginning of times. Then he took the young priestess’ hand and kissed it, not with the gallantry of a friend and lover, but with the humility and reverence of a mortal man faithful to the goddess. Enkidu’s transitioning to civilization is done through a woman’s touch. the Goddess I serve, to bring you to Uruk, to meet him, who is our king and Shepherd of the Land fully prepared. All ordained priestesses were protected by the same law which granted rights to secular married women. I’m sure you’ve figured out by now how much your old Auntie likes Mesopotamia, so let’s start there and blend a few different versions together. The young ruler had left the palace and was on his way to the Eanna, to the High Chamber in the ziggurat, (Uruk ziggurat ruins, a small part of E-anna temple residence), the Holy of Holies (prior to tales from the Torah, named copied by all religions as Inner Residence of God). In the heat of the battle, Gilgamesh offers up a desperate Strong of mind, body and soul, she was a girl of noble birth. Shamhat‘s heart, mind, body and soul delighted in Enkidu‘s straightforwardness. sleep. Enkidu, the Divine Animal turned into a Man and Gilgamesh the King, (Shamhat, Inanna, Gilgamesh with no royal crown of animal horns, & Enkidu, square-off for a fight). is wearing only one of them now, and that if he dons all seven, They call to each other, reminding It was very likely that one would experience losses of loved ones. Enkidu felt the need to come back to where he once belonged. she taught him how to drink from sources other than springs and lakes. Whatever this sign would be, Shamhat prayed fervently to be worthy of receiving. so all of these factors work together to make Inanna’s visit to hell TOTALLY INEXPLICABLE in fact it is so inexplicable that even SHE cannot explain it like one of the hell guards is like hey sexy lady what’s a fine slice of butt like yourself doing in a place like this and Inanna … (Genesis 2:21-22). acknowledging the young acolyte’s acceptance of the Call. The Epic of Gilgamesh, one of the oldest manuscripts, the priestess of the Goddess of Love, Shamhat, a sacred prostitute, who offers herself to Enkidu, a wild brutalised man, making love continuously for seven days, taming him that way. as well as the ones who were pledged to fulfill an array of temple work. Perplex but also worried beyond measure, the hunter sought after his father’s advice. Now she understood why she had been sent to Enkidu, her role in the Pattern the two of them had woven together. But I, the Keeper of the secrets of the heart, mind, body and soul. It was in the first days, in the very first days when Gilgamesh (giant 2/3rd divine mixed-breed). it had increased on the road to Uruk, although she tried to ignore it. Yet she freely gave herself to me, satisfying all my fantasies . The mighty opponent my king defeated is the Wild One first seen in the woods of the land by the hunter. with a mind for prayer and management (for the temple should be run for the good of all). She did not know, but trusted Inanna‘s designs. A priestess and priest should have a mind as good for numbers as for the holiest incantations. They had been the best of friends and passionate lovers. desperately pleading for his protection. Days later, Enkidu and Shamhat, hand in hand, entered the gates of Uruk. If interested in all the details, see my book, published in 2010, _The Garden of Eden Myth: Its Pre-biblical Origin in Mesopotamian Myths_ available via various book-sellers at on the internet. No words can describe the gifts you brought to ensoul my life. Or worthy enough? Can I share with you my version of the story? Shamhat showed him how to cook and eat from the table food prepared with precious spices. to be revealed in a life of service to the Her and to the people who loved the goddess. ‘I won! Furthermore, nomadic tribes who would not hesitate to destroy everything and everyone on their way. to be accomplished and fully realized in Reality by us. ‘. interprets the dream and says it is nothing to fear. of the forest, roaring. she would never use the sacred office to encourage promiscuity or self-aggrandizement. I’ve witnessed his birth in a dream, when holy Ninhursag, the Mistress of all creation. Many were the ways to swear the Dedication Oath, and now she knew what her own Oath would be: not to want love to serve me, but to serve Love, and as such become the embodiment of Joy.

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