Vincent's family. — The brother of a 20-year-old Sough (sic) Florida man charged with threatening to re-enact the Virginia Tech massacre says he never intended to hurt anyone. By chance he gets warped into a case that involves him going undercover for the police as a fake mafia boss. Seeing his older brother doing so well as an actor, Vincent's younger brother Tony Wong(王瑋彤) is also interested in making a name for himself in the entertainment industry. She was attracted to Vincent, and they had a one-time illicit affair. Ivy was Queenie's older sister. Their parents had the money to send them overseas for school. Recently, Vincent Wong and Yoyo Chen have been making headlines because of those rumours claiming that their marriage is on the rocks, with sources saying that it's his philandering ways that's creating trouble in their relationship. It is said he is 7 years younger than Vincent, which means he's … Vincent Wong says he brother, Calin Chi Wong, just had a stockpile of assault weapons and thousands of rounds of ammunition at his Homestead home for … Jerry Ku as Wai Yat-lung (韋逸隆; wai6 yat6 lung4), Vincent's older brother. He is a rather incapable businessman, and had to rely on his brother's money to sustain his … This week, however, the couple made the news for a much, much … Vincent and his younger brother, Tony Wong (王瑋彤), also had a comfortable childhood. Help your organization with high quality technology services while helping our technology corps interns get job experience! They discussed about their parental knowledge at an interview in Tiger’s Talk hosted by Christine Ng (伍詠薇) and Bob Lam (林盛 … Similar to his older bother, Tony is also tall and handsome. Al Cappuccino stars Vincent Wong as a struggling stage actor based in Ohio who returns to Hong Kong to pursue his career. Tong Wong is just getting his start in the entertainment, but he isn't bothered by the comparison to his older brother… Vincent Wong says he brother, Calin Chi Wong, just had a stockpile of assault weapons and thousands of rounds of ammunition at his Florida home for investment purposes When Vincent turned 15 years old, his family’s business turned for the worse, prompting Vincent to forgo his education overseas to return home with … image caption Catherine and Vincent Wong with baby Oliver and brother Xavier want to visit relatives in Canada. Shaw Brothers Studio new drama, The Impossible 3 (非凡三俠) starring Vincent Wong (王浩信), Moses Chan (陳豪) and Lawrence Cheng (鄭丹瑞) will be premiering on myTV Gold. Vincent rarely mentions Tony in interviews because he wants his brother to make it big through his own efforts. Ivy was raped and killed by their captors. Vincent Wong has been one of the top male leads in TVB dramas for the last few years, with notable roles in My Unfair Lady, The Man Who Kills Trouble and Legal Mavericks, but did you know that he has a younger brother?. Get started: get a free assessment here Our high quality technology services include:

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