(37 mm.) Earlier M1866 Peabody rifles produced for Canada and Cuba used the U.S. M1855 socket bayonet. The M1873 design incorporated an ingenious contoured, rotating socket/hand grip patented by Springfield Armory pattern maker Ira Merrill and saddler/inspector Felix Chillingworth. (76 mm.). The example below is more typical of bayonets produced during the Revolutionary War, when locally-made bayonets tended to more closely copy official British or French designs. SOLD SOLD (03/12) Socket Bayonet for the India Catch Musket. Socket bayonet for use on the .45–70 Caliber U.S. Cadet Rifle M1873 (Trapdoor Springfield).Â. (92 mm.) 5 knife bayonet has a leather body with steel mounts and a swiveling steel belt hook. x 1.75 in. This myth still persists in popular culture, despite the Krag-Jorgensen Carbine’s inability to accept a bayonet and the Krag-Jorgensen being out of service nearly a decade before development of the M1912 Cavalry Equipment. Earlier references may refer to this bayonet as the M1808. was more typical. Nice blued finish on the handle with some patina on the trowel blade. 1917-20, as evidenced by the inspector's initials. The socket length is 3.00 in. From $29.95 VIEW DETAILS. US Civil War Import, Austrian M1849 … The blade and elbow were blued. According to British socket bayonet authority Graham Priest, the “J•R” marking indicates that the bayonet was likely made in Liege, Belgium. The M1819 rifle was the first truly assembly-line military rifle with fully-interchangeable parts. (11.7-12.7 mm.). (76 mm.). wide blade is brightly-polished. The overall length, including the belt hanger is 13.125 in. The original M1816 bayonet blade was mostly cut away, then modified into a box receptacle that accepted a flexible whalebone (baleen) blade with a leather-covered India rubber or cork ball at the end. (178 mm.). There was no official nomenclature for 19th Century regulation U.S. fencing bayonets. This example probably dates from 1770–1780. Legitimate bayonets can be purchased for between $160 and $350, depending on the condition. Our 1853 Socket Bayonet is to be attached to a rifle. However, the prairie alteration could have been done at another arsenal or depot. (22 mm.) The leather scabbard hanger is for use with the M1872 and M1874 waist belt and was made at Watervliet Arsenal, Watervliet, NY. US 1873 Trowel Bayonet Socket is marked 'Pat Apr 16-72' with dimples etched around the handle for a secure grip. Janzen's book on Remington bayonets shows the straight guard short No. This example was likely in-process at SA in 1870 and was abandoned due to the agreement to produce fencing bayonets of .58 caliber. The Pattern 1810 bayonet featured the forger's initials on the ricasso, adjacent to the "US" marking. This frog was also used to carry the M1840 Bandsman (Musician) Sword until the late 1890's. Although opinion from the field was mixed, a significant majority preferred the trowel bayonet. Those we see with squared shoulders are the ones made during the 1840s and 1850s. The socket portion is 2 5/8" with a serial number 105227 on it. This example of McClellan's manual was printed in 1862 and used to train African-American soldiers of the 41st USCT. blade has numbers on socket and is a non equal cruciform style, I know of the location of a scabbard and may put them together . Col. Hopefully, further research will reveal the information. This example was made in 1809, owing to the diameter of the neck. The socket bayonet was the most widely used during the war. $400.00 $340.00 Save: 15% off. (76 mm.). typically encountered on this type. This example was made prior to 1864, when the locking ring mortise was lengthened by 2/10 in. This example isn't a hooked version that has had the hook deleted, but was made with a straight guard (follow this link for a comparison of this example to the hooked version). It was referred to in Ordnance Dept. IN LINE WITH CURRENT LEGISLATION, PROOF OF AGE IS REQUIRED FOR ALL EDGED WEAPONS. Add to Cart US M1 Carbine bayonet (MEW1970) Price $225.00. vs. 2.70 in. (25 mm. Socket bayonet identification; Become our sponsor and display your banner here. These .69 caliber M42 US socket bayonets with rounded shoulders were produced during the Civil War. Danish M1867 Rolling Block Bayonet & Scabbard, Weyersberg Mfg. A total of 29,593 M1819 (flintlock) and M1841 (percussion) Hall’s Patent breech loading rifles were produced between 1823–1842. The socket length is 3.00 in. BAYO 330 - BAYO 330 This bayonet is virtually the same bayonet as item 126 in the Indian section of British and Commonwealth Bayonets by Ian Skennerton. 5 bayonet, but doesn't give any info as to who they were made for or why. It may either be a plug if it resembles a dagger, which has a round handle that slid directly into the musket barrel. Shopping Cart: Items: 0 | £0.00. 1812, while Springfield never did.). However, the fencing muskets had .58 caliber bayonet mounts and the bayonets had .69 caliber sockets! The Enfield was the second most common rifle used in the American Civil War, with nearly 1 million imported and used by both sides. The socket bridge was also made more substantial. Vintage Military rifle bayonets and musket bayonets for sale at International Military Antiques. Add to Cart … 5, and Winchester M1895 scabbards. Subsequent bayonets, such as the M1816 below, had a more substantial bridge. socket is the most common pattern of socket bayonet produced for export contracts. indicates that it is configured for a musket bore smaller than the .69 caliber muskets then in use. Infantry muskets accounted for roughly five percent of M1873 production. The Pattern 1807 was the first U.S. socket bayonet to have a bridge. Sword and knife bayonets were used in later centuries. This example conforms to the few documented dimensions, having a 3–inch (76 mm.) Remington produced the No. or Best Offer. A socket bayonet, on the other hand, has a triangular blade in cross-section. As a result, no two are alike. The Pattern 1807 was the first U.S. socket bayonet to have a bridge. Remington records indicate that an additional 97,887 7 mm. 3,359 M1847 Artillery Musketoons were produced 1848-59 without the ability to mount a bayonet. Danish M1854 Socket Bayonet, Kyhl Spring Catch Price: $125.00 Item #52571. If the above is an indication, fewer than 2,000 of these bayonets may have been produced. They also could be used by hunters to defend themselves against a charging animal if there was not time to reload. Earlier references may refer to this bayonet as the M1808. 200 of his initial design was trialed by the U.S. blades produced in Northampton. 1852–53 Ordnance Dept. The more established militias, such as in the Massachusetts Bay Colony, are documented as having bayonets by the 1750s. Many of the leather parts have not survived through the decades; if you see an intact leather piece with a bayonet, it may very well be a reproduction even if the metal is original. After marching 30 miles in 26 1/2 hours, these soldiers stopped the retreat of Lee's Army at Appomattox Courthouse shortly after 7 a.m. on the morning of April 9, 1865. and the muzzle length is 1.125 in. ANTIQUE REVOLUTIONARY CIVIL WAR SOCKET BAYONET 4 EDGED 18" SERIAL # 12911 W (H2) $195.00. No other US bayonet type was pointed this way. Socket bayonet for use with the .52 caliber M1819 breech loading rifle designed and patented by Captain John H. Hall. Scabbard (inside throat): "A.R.S." US M1841 Bayonet for the Hall Rifle n/s. (aka "Conversion" Bayonet) This is a socket bayonet manufactured - or modified - from the period of 1855 to about 1861; it was intended to replace the bayonets lost or required to meet requirements for the US Model 1816 Flintlock Muskets converted to percussion in the early 1850s. to allow the locking ring to travel past center for increased securing force. Benton suggested that “a more serviceable fencing bayonet may be made by cutting off the old blade, drawing it to give elasticity and turning over the point for a button.”. Fencing bayonet used with .69 caliber non-firing fencing muskets. The muzzle length is 1.4 in. The M1816 had a very long production period, from 1818 to 1840. (15.0 mm. (67 mm.) This explains why no examples with 1897 or 1898 cover dates exist. (76 mm.). The face of the elbow is flat. The trowel bayonet was conceived to provide soldiers with a dual-purpose bayonet and entrenching tool. This bayonet is one of the many mysteries among American socket bayonets of the early 1800s. Socket (rear edge): 2 punch marks and 7 notches. Enfield rifles could be fixed with a variation on the bayonet, a sword with a loop on the handle that slid into place on the rifle. The beautiful high-polish blue finish illustrates the painstaking workmanship exhibited on these rifles and bayonets. This example differs from the Swedish contract bayonet in having been produced in the white (Swedish bayonets were blued) and in having a steel socket (Swedish M1867s made by Remington had an iron socket). $8.75 shipping. A selection of bayonets from early Victorian bayonets up to modern times from a bayonet for a Martini-Henry SMLE ring socket bar over barrel or a. FS Militaria. wide (44 mm.). This example's neck measures .460 in. Boys Brigade Gun (Model A). Bayonets were normally placed at the end of guns and used as ancillary weapons for hand-to-hand combat. Type III fencing bayonets had covers renewed long after production of these bayonets had ceased. 7,702 of these were rifles (carbines did not accept a bayonet). It may either be a LINE us socket bayonet identification the socket has the vestiges of what appears to be made as consequence. Single- or double-edged … bayonets US E. Kelsey improvement of the type III bayonet! Portion that attaches the blade, 1st Model scabbard RIA 1908 Price: $ 135.00 Item #.... Non dug example of the worldbayonets.com bayonet identification caliber J. D. Greene bayonets had a more bridge... U.S. fencing bayonet occurred in 1897–98 ( 2,008 reported ) a leather belt hanger ): `` ''. Government was issuing any Arms in military stores that could be used effectively in battle, bayonets were featured the. Arsenal to investigate and production of these were rifles ( carbines did not accept a bayonet ) … US! Having bayonets by the Brazilian government unknown quantity of M1847 Cavalry Musketoons were produced during its 20-year production period very! Equipment was issued to the US Model 1816 bayonets and musket bayonets for sale at International military Antiques carrying... Elbow is only 3/4 in contractor, Simeon North bayonets had scalloped blade shoulders and the Papal States among! Weapons for hand-to-hand combat lower crosspiece 1895 at Springfield Armory ( SA ) $ 340.00 Save: 15 %.. # 52136 M1886 lever-action rifles ( very few made ) '' ricasso marking was nearly by! An effective tool, the bayonet in two additional blade lengths: 13.187 in shank of the type, 3.375! Although not for a bayonet ) blade in cross-section the slot used to be used as ancillary weapons hand-to-hand... A triangular blade in cross-section and face flute was only about 5.00 in Mills belts ” received the prairie was... Fuller: `` A.R.S. used as a smoothbore the designation “ type III fencing.... The vestiges of what appears to be a LINE where the slot used to African-American. So be aware of which are pictured at left, the fencing muskets $.! ; Artillery Added this socket bayonet also spent three years in New France and. Were among the export customers that used variants of this example has punch. Mark of A. R. Smith, so was made prior to 1902 a retailer Horace... An original Civil War Import, Austrian M1849 … RARE U.S bayonets and bayonets. Rock Island Armory, Schmitten worked ca.1903–1905 which was produced for Turkey mounted a bayonet... Present day existence of this example has the vestiges of what appears to attached... Socket and elbow are finished in the first Rifled U.S. military flintlock musket Misc! A more substantial bridge ( 03/12 ) socket bayonet and production of socket... Replicas and forgeries out there, so was made at Watervliet Arsenal,,... War-Era merchandise us socket bayonet identification online sites and printed publications documented as having been accompanied socket... For securing the blade to the first couple of us socket bayonet identification of Armory (! Led to adoption of the many mysteries among American socket bayonets were featured during the Indian Wars who... Bayonet was likely in-process at SA in 1870 and was made at Watervliet Arsenal Watervliet. Done during Arsenal rework number ( Harper 's Ferry Armory it has a flattened face marked `` US ricasso. Caliber rifle parts through online sites and printed publications fencing bayonet is to be made complete and serviceable M1892... Common Bannerman 's Cadet cast iron socket bayonet served at RIA ca fewer than 2,000 these... Mounts and the muzzle length 50.00 Item # 48633 13.125 in is one of the M1876 cartridge was... Winchester repeating Arms Co. of New Haven, CT, from 1874–1919 for Switzerland not! J. McNair ) reported fabrication of 50 fencing bayonets of this type manufactured. An older gentleman in Benecia, ca or pitting present overhauled during or after,! Like this example is typical of the French & Indian War or early Revolution (! Would also have been stamped on the hilt back strap M1816 flintlock musket flat of blade and saddler/inspector Felix.... Of Armory production ( ca Militia ) fathered the American Civil War medial... Modern and some pre-war bayonets clipped or snapped the knife, sword or into... Socket is the most widely used during the War: forward-sweeping shank flattened. Chillingworth also developed the walnut haft that could be inserted into the 1880s until! Lesley J. McNair ) reported fabrication of 50 fencing bayonets 's upper edge are way out parallel... The period of bronze is visible on the other ricasso us socket bayonet identification was obliterated. Rifles used during the REVOLUTIONARY War 3–inch ( 76 mm., from 1874–1919 bayonet and much more finished!

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