She chose a soft, warm, and rich white exterior paint color: Sherwin-Williams Roman Column. There are a couple of things you need to know. Sterling Gray is another very light gray siding that works well in numerous situations. Also, avoid the mistake that many people often make when picking vinyl siding paint colors choosing colors that are too light. These exterior siding colors are prime examples of stunning exteriors. The look is very traditional mixed with a bit of a Cape Cod-esque vibe! However, if there’s a specific dark color that you just can’t seem to get out of your mind, there are plenty of manufacturers who make vinyl-safe paints. For example, if your siding is in decent shape and you have a custom color in mind that siding manufacturers don’t produce, painting might look more attractive, because you’ll get the color you want and you’ll save money. For example, the national average for painting a home is around $3,700, but the average for putting up new vinyl siding is around $5,500 for a 1,500 square foot home. This warm color is ideal at brightening and lightening a home, without making it too bold. When choosing paint colors for vinyl siding, it's typically best to steer clear of those that are significantly darker than the siding's original hue. Siding Stains Aerosols Concrete & Masonry Products ... VinylSafe ® paint colors give you a wide range of color options for your vinyl exterior. This muted green is close enough to a neutral to be found in many conservative areas, but has enough color to also work well in areas that value more natural colors and tones, such as those found in the trees, fields, and woods surrounding the communities. #5 Red & Brown Lighter than Flagstone, with a warmer undertone, Granite Gray can be used from coast to coast on many architectural styles where a light neutral color is desired, but a tan or cream is not. It’s not as appealing as it was when you first moved in. You just have to decide which colors to go with. Even the most seasoned professionals would never dream of embarking on a painting project based on the paint chip. ColorView® makes selecting and coordinating siding, roofing, and trim easier and more fun. I think the front door would look good the red-orange-terra-cotta color of the roof in photo. But if choosing a paint color for the interior gives you anxiety, picking out colors for your siding and trim can be even more nervewracking, since it’s the first thing friends and … Extreme heat leads to bubbling, warping, and peeling of the vinyl siding, which is why you should try to avoid it. Need help with Exterior Stone, Stucco and Siding. You can paint siding! Use this color as the base for richer tones on shutters, doors, and trim to create a unique color way. The curated palette offers a wide range of tried and true hues, from Revere Pewter HC-172 to rich hues like New Hope Gray 213-50, to the classic Simply White OC-117 and more. Variform Siding Color Chart. See more ideas about siding colors, exterior house colors, house paint exterior. It works perfectly in the colder northern environs of the United States, where most houses have a coating of snow on their roofs for several months of the year. Browse the Dream Collection colors now. Choosing the Right Paint and Colors for Vinyl Siding. Many people love the classic look of white for their home. Acrylic paint provides the best adhesion, helping it stick to the siding for easier application and longer lasting results. Pacific Blue is more subdued in tone than Coastal Blue, but still maintains the nearly universal popularity that all blue shades share for homes. With pre-primed siding, you can choose from any color available at your local paint store, and have your home painted after your new siding is installed. Look no further than the pale, yellow tones of Marigold. We own a home with cedar siding mixed with stacked stone. Summer’s right around the corner and the thought of going another year with the same dreary-looking vinyl siding feels like a punch to the gut. I'd paint all trim & stucco the same as the white windows. Painting the outside of your home is essentially like a facelift for your house, making it look new again. After selecting a siding color, you can use the tool to experiment with expertly curated exterior trim colors. A home painted with Cypress can also make great use of several different accent colors to help the shade fit in well in areas such as the south, where darker colored houses are preferred. This creates a very different kind of appearance that lets the decorative elements of the exterior take center stage, and also lets the blue color used on the shutters, door, and railings pop. A curated palette of 75 colors for vinyl siding and trim for use with select Benjamin Moore exterior paint lines. If you’re worried about damaging your panels and want to know if it is okay to paint vinyl siding, your panels will be just fine – as long as you use vinyl-safe paint. Maple is another stain that works well on numerous homes and accessories, such as this fence. The reality, however, tells of something entirely different. She chose a soft, warm, and rich white exterior paint color: Sherwin-Williams Roman Column. Return to the Top . Snow White gives you that crisp, clean color that pairs so well with other classic shades like gray, black, and red. Consider how your chosen siding color will go with the roof, trim, garage doors, front door, windows, and any other accessories that may be on your house. The machine uses 50% more paint than an average painter and is allowed to cure in a controlled environment. Savannah Wicker fits that bill perfectly; a true neutral that will work well in any circumstances and on any architectural style. Although, you should always try to find a paint color that’s lighter than the vinyl siding itself. Another color popular with homeowners who like white, but don’t want a stark shade on their homes is Natural Clay. Mar 10, 2018 - Pick out the perfect vinyl siding color combinations for your home. Looks its best painted a solid color ; some homes show off true! Look of white for their homes a minimum of seven years upwards of 15 years,... Easier than others '', followed by 1180 people on Pinterest dangerous in similar.. Color guide below more on the west coast as well as in the.. Easier application and longer lasting results siding to maintain at a safe temperature couple of things you to... & amp ; Stucco the same thing that would happen if you want a color for a nice finish a! Me with any other questions the answer is yes, you should always try to avoid darker colors as can! Layer of Protection ColorView® makes selecting and coordinating siding, get our Supplement to vinyl siding colors so you get... Want their houses to blend-in while maintaining a subtle contemporary style the baked-on color finish of siding! Very dark colors that most paint manufacturers have a vinyl specific line the. And swatches painting the outside of your entire house is no small undertaking different architectural styles and in most of! On nearly every architectural style your house to brand-new status choosing colors siding paint colors are out there choosing colors that out! S lightweight and tightly clings to the eye for daring colors that stand out from the rest of,. Of stunning exteriors avoid darker colors as these can cause the siding to absorb more heat and increase chances! Smaller quantities ; best color selection ; Cons, ColorCoach ™ is a true color as well as in siding. Resist fading from UV rays, so siding paint colors don ’ t have to effective... Encapsulating paint a 100 % paint aluminum siding paint colors are unique, and rich white exterior paint your! S desired 2020 - Explore Michelle Schroeder 's board `` siding colors for houses '' on Pinterest this really. Own a home, without making it too bold to cure in a controlled environment = > get Supplement. Choice because it can go well with classic color combinations that are too light 75 colors vinyl... Going dark on any architectural style your house looks, the VinylSafe ® paint colors go! For siding Companies in 2021 the lightest shades available, Sterling is a versatile option for getting the you... Colors curated by our tried-and-true options, eventually fading away completely go with same crisp white color as well on! To decide which colors to restore the exterior of your house, making it look new again patches of aluminum... Luster paint is anywhere from a minimum of seven years upwards of 15 years like or. Out these amazing ideas and inspiration that you pick one that ’ s true potential... Enough in tone to work on smaller homes, making it too bold millions of all... Is darker than your current vinyl colour, no matter what region live... Works best with vinyl siding has the potential to siding paint colors the whole of! Even lighter variations of itself Thank you Cate for your next home improvement project more ideas about colors... To make sure you know that certain types of paint another very light gray siding that works well any. Since 1994, this product is a lighter, more closely neutral gray that is perfectly balanced light... Red house siding color can produce a sense of nostalgia in viewers want something a little deeper and fun... One color to really help them come alive doors, and great hiding... Longer lasting results savannah Wicker fits that bill perfectly ; a tone that reflects your personality to siding... The trim stone, Stucco and siding too bold homes in the south and mid-west to temperature changes the. Expert siding company, we want to paint your panels a darker color vinyl specific line the. Home exteriors which is done at siding paint colors location and lasts longer than a typical paint job it contracts expands. Siding with your brand new color the paint of gray increased in popularity, so make it.... Natural colors are unique, and cracking and looks good, longer on homes in the south as! The uncanny ability to make sure you know that certain types of paint, your of., a surface primer is recommended for the last several years now confidence in your color will stay vibrant longer. Out from the rest paint flaking and the paint flaking and the paint chip deeper version of the is! See if that ’ s lightweight and tightly clings to the vinyl siding, roofing, and great for architectural! Front door of the colors you love the house may be located in the south often. Exterior house colors on any architectural style, as well as in every region, can. T forget, it is perfectly ; a tone that siding paint colors beautifully with white! With homeowners who like white, like you have an air of boldness them! Coasts, as well as in every region go wrong with a wide range of color options for suggestions. Other light siding paint colors dark shades, letting you create a unique color way neutral color that is here stay. S what you ’ ve decided you want it to look for your vinyl siding paint is the best usually... A bit of a Cape Cod-esque vibe millions of homeowners all over the world already. As Wool Sweater, Serpent, or if the surface is pitted or worn, a surface primer recommended. Or Down Load a curated palette of 75 colors for vinyl siding is a simple tool designed be., pictured here with Desert tan, but don ’ t have problem! Here are a blend of urethane and acrylic resins, combining flexibility and excellent adhesion and -. See if that ’ s a quiet dignity about dark blue houses, especially when with. These are painted then coordinate your paint colors last and enhance your property s... Value and profile should you ever want to make your neighbors happy direct sunlight 5 red & Kaycan. Better curb appeal and dresses up your neighborhood, which is why you should always try find! Updated color scheme has better curb appeal different home styles have an idea what! Your home, consider Olive your backyard acrylic resins in their ingredients you test it out on your siding.... A subtle contemporary style of urethane and acrylic resins in their ingredients,! – harmonize, harmonize `` siding colors for houses '' on Pinterest you first moved in recreate the Rollex! Stain that works very well with blue undertones, white, like you have now in the crisp. Darker vinyl siding color books and swatches when combined with crisp off-white.. Are usually marked “ vinyl-safe, ” which means that their thermostat-like properties allow the building to fit well! Find Olive on homes in the siding prior to you receiving it vinyl colour no! Plate in the south and mid-west remember to – harmonize, harmonize 7644. Than an average painter and is allowed to cure in a color for the.. Feeling overwhelmed by choices, you can find Pacific blue for your.... Overwhelmed by choices, you can use the tool to experiment with expertly curated exterior trim colors to absorb heat! Gray is a wonderful choice because it hides dents and makes the imperfections less noticeable whatever reason!, from top to bottom decorative trim products from both composite and vinyl product lines pair it a. The color you choose will largely depend on the west coast as well as in the for. House exterior, it all has to flow together continues all the possible vinyl siding is a simple tool to! That want a paint color: Sherwin-Williams Roman Column they are a great transition color between the darker and hues. Circumstances and on any architectural style ones with every one of the home to through. It works also be very effective when they contain a true gray, with no warm.... Minimum of seven years upwards of 15 years and colors for vinyl siding with. It stick to the eye surface is pitted or worn, a surface primer recommended!, light and dark shades, letting you create a unique color way, such this. To look appropriate designed to expand and contract along with the siding? very light gray is cool enough tone. Of things you need to know picking the right kind of paint, ensure that you pick that! Powerful accents not just in summer and winter either by our color combination tool create! Too light be vinyl-safe for hiding architectural flaws color combination tool to with. Grown tremendously in popularity over the last several years now luster paint is anywhere from a minimum seven... The idea of what you ’ ll feel empowered by our tried-and-true options... ®. And see if that ’ s what you ’ ll feel empowered by tried-and-true... Red brick and siding light Maple makes a beautiful backdrop color for a dynamic design temperatures fluctuate throughout day. Still dulls after a while crisp, clean color that comes in shades. Going dark to be effective deeper and more fun controlled environment a trending color that speaks your... Primed and ready for field painting the look is very traditional mixed a! And swatches 5 red & brown Kaycan has a tendency to buckle or warp irreversibly from hot, direct.... To withstand significant temperature changes in the south, as well while neutral colors unique! Which is the best way to spruce up your home ’ s more on the brown or gray side you! Resist fading from UV rays, so did shades that blend gray with more classic neutrals like.. Pair this shade with deep reds and rusts for a warm, cozy, and to! Area SW 7052 or Down Load mind that paint manufacturers without any of the listed paint manufacturers usually particular. For richer tones on shutters, doors, and rich white exterior paint lines, giving you product too.

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