Homemade Castile Soap | Hot Process Castile Soap | Easy Soap Quick and Easy Castile Soap. There’s also a much-quicker hot version, with the soap bars ready to use in as little as a week. So easy to understand – especially because I usually make hot process soap! 5. There are subtle differences between hot process castile and cold process castile. This Slow Cooker Hot Process Soap Recipe is a good first-timer soap recipe choice. https://lovelygreens.com/simple-castile-soap-recipe-make-olive-oil-soap The chemical process is sped up during the cook time, and although hot process soap is the more traditional method, these days modern soap makers use a crock pot! distilled water. https://www.thesprucecrafts.com/olive-oil-castile-soap-recipes-517135 The advantage of hot process recipes are that the bars are ready almost immediately, rather than having to wait the month or more before you could use Cold Process soap. This recipe uses the cold process version, which means the bars of soap take about a month to six weeks to completely cure and dry. Neroli & Shea Fragrance Oil. If you’ve never made Cold Process soap before, stop here! Also, you can use the hot process soap making method to create our Castile Hot Process Soap Recipe. The tools needed for hot process soap differ just a little bit from cold process soap. Castile soap that is made by hot process is slightly different than castile soap made by cold process, not only in the proces that makes them, but also including chemical composition and soap phases. Of course, this type of soap uses an abundance of olive oil. Optional: Sodium Lactate to help release. 12.5 oz. Tools You'll Need to Make Hot Process Soap. I make my own shampoo with Dr. Bronner’s liquid castille soap as the soap base – and your post taught me that if I make my own liquid soap, I can control how thick the liquid soap is (by using less water to soften it) and thereby help my shampoo be less runny! 38 oz. Sodium Hydroxide. It's true that getting lye and fat to react together requires a certain temperature, but "cold process" soap is a bit of a misnomer because you are supposed to mix the lye water and fats when the lye water is still hot (somewhere in the ballpark of 100-160F depending on the recipe). This article explains how to do both processes. Try your hand at making Castile soap with this quick recipe. 9 Cube Soap Silicone Mold. This thick and moisturizing cosmetic oil is perfect for caring for sensitive skin as it is highly conditioning. 4.8 oz. 12 Hot Process Soap Recipes: Castile Hot Process Soap Recipe. Pure Olive Oil. Amanda thanks for you information, i need an advice : make a vegetable soap based on olive oil, sunflower, almond and a minimum of soybean butter, however the soap takes in cool.process one week I try to cut it but it is very hard, the consequence when trying to break it is that it fracture .. . Here are the tools you'll need:

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