Nam Hom coconut is the best coconut for fresh coconut-water in the world, period. There were three old coconuts there. Starts flowering in 36 months under reasonable management. The Cameroon red dwarf coconut is known for its distinctively colored orange-red fruit, which can vary between shades on the same tree, with some redder in color than others. Aromatic Coconut Seedling Tree Supplier Company in Bangladesh, Hybrid Dwarf Coconut Seedling Plants Suppliers in Bangladesh, Aromatic Coconut Seedling Tree Nursery in Bangladesh These dwarf “nuts” are usually green, yellow, or orange types of coconuts. Dwarf Coconut Seedlings Negros. See more of Aromatic Coconut on Facebook. Dwarf Coconut Varieties. cureently we have 8 dwarf varieties including aromatic coconut and the coco pandan. Dwarf Coconut Trees Dwarf Coconut Palm. By the way we have new arrivals of Nam Wan coconut seedlings in our farm. Lon Erickson says: February 9, 2015 at 10:42 pm. you can email me at or call at 0917 897 6551 or 0917 519 8277, Both of these varieties belong to the dwarf coconut type and are called in Thailand the ‘Nam Wan’ and ‘Nam Hom’. Aromatic Green Dwarf is good also for Coco sugar production Seedlings available - 100p. The Farm experiences daytime Temperatures of 23 to 40+ Celsius in the course of the year. Their average lifespan is 40-50 years, and they start bearing fruit earlier than the tall coconut varieties. Nam Wan is a prolific Thai dwarf variety that bears small green nuts with sweet water. Thanks.. Nam hom tig-600 sweet and aromatic ito. Aromatic Green Dwarf Coconut Seedling Plant Suppliers Company in Bangladesh, Hybrid Xiem and Aromatic Coconut Nursery Bangladesh, Hybrid Xiem and Aromatic Coconut Tree Suppliers Bangladesh, Hybrid Xiem Coconut Plantation Bangladesh, Hybrid Xiem Blue and Green Coconut Plantation Bangladesh. Landwirtschaftliche Dienstleistungen. During the period 2011-2015, about 160 000 seedlings were produced y IOOP seedgarden. Watch Queue Queue Both types had the same stages of inflorescence and flower development. About Aromatic coconut trees The coconut varieties cultivated in the seed garden are mainly Aromatic Green Dwarf (imported long time ago from Thailand); Macapuno tall from embryo vitro culture; hybrids between Malayan Red and Yellow Dwarfs and Makapuno Tall (pollen imported from the Philippines). Now, his pet dream is to plant about five hectares to the two dwarf coconut varieties called Nam wan and Nam Hom. Geschäft für Pflanzenzucht- und Gartenbaubedarf. This tree is similar in size to the Brazilian Green Dwarf, with a thin trunk (of around 7 inches in diameter and short height -- around 15 feet. in orescences of the Thai dwarf aromatic coconut, ‘Nam Hom’, was compared to that of a typical tall-type coconut. I been seeing alot of bottle coconut water at the supermarket is pink fro this brand Harmless and Mighty Bee. About See All. you can email me at or call at 0917 897 6551 or 0917 519 8277, In contrast to this, a full-sized coconut tree can grow to be over 100 feet tall. Pleasant aroma with sweet water and soft flesh (tender nut). Community See All. 64 people follow this. There are two coconut varieties discovered and grown in Thailand for the purpose of producing sweet water and tender nuts. You have to go to the Sarian Farm in Teresa, Rizal for Nam Hom and Nam Wan dwarf coconut. Thanks for visiting. 'Aromatic Coconut' belongs to the dwarf type of coconut variety. He has started propagating in earnest two dwarf varieties of coconuts that are currently commercially grown in Thailand and Malaysia. none at Sarian Farm just dwarf – the last Horti Show there was a seller of aromatic coconut from Thailand – they should be back at the next Garden Expo on Feb26-mar9 so visit their event at the QC circle – East Ave Gate. Buy Nam Hom dwarf coconut trees from Thailand is much safer than to buy from some dishonest sellers elsewhere . These varieties start bearing fruit as early as three years from planting so that their first fruits are just a few inches above the ground. Primary School) Two varieties are mainly used, the Brazilian Green Dwarf (very sweet water) and the Aromatic Green Dwarf (special perfumed flavor of the water). To promote good quality of Like to ask kung mag display and sell uli ng aromatic dwarf yong thailand trader this coming 2016? Xiem Green Coconut trees Fruit comes 2-2.5 years after planting. Forgot account? Harvest after planting time is 2- 3 years. Create New Account. Harvest after planting time is 2- … Both types had the same stages of in orescence and ower development. aurantiaca): This golden or orange variety is sometimes called "coconut for drinking" because it contains a much more aromatic and refreshing milk … 118 Lutfar Rahman Lane, North South Road 'Aromatic Coconut' belongs to the dwarf type of coconut variety. Reply. Hotline: +88 01713 007783, E-Mail: E-mail :, Did this two companies added something other ingredient to make it change color? A pure variety of dwarf coconuts are grown in the farm, without any hybridization involved. Anmelden. It grows slower than the tall type of coconut. The very young coconut that hardly has any coconut meat the water is a little sour and will get sweeter as it grows older/bigger and the coconut meat getting more in volume/thicker. Interested people can contact Rose at 0915-002-1368. Baka may iba pang pwedeng magbigay linaw. Sir do you hane available seedlings? Claimed that the color change after bottling light shine on it and change to pink. This video is unavailable. Preferred porous soil structure, nutrient digestion of high quality, not too alkaline soil with a pH of 4.8 or higher is good can grow. T coconut water gets sweeter with age. Dwarf coconut trees grow between 20 and 60 ft. (5 – 18 m) and produce fruit from as little as 2 to 3 years. Coconut milk, not to be confused with coconut water, is obtained by pressing the grated coconut meat, usually with hot water added which extracts the coconut oil, proteins, and aromatic compounds. Some people believe that coconut palms are the symbol of romance in the tropics. Both types had the same stages of in orescence and ower development. Jetzt nicht. Page Transparency See More. (Opposite Suritola Model Govt. Thanks po. our nursery is located at sta. MORE IMPORTANT THAN MONEY: Being on the Magazine Cover. Different varieties of coconuts in Fig 1 and Table 1 above: Coconiño (Green Dwarf), Aromatic Green Dwarf, Pilipog Green Dwarf, Malayan Yellow Dwarf (MYD), Malayan Red Dwarf (MRD), Laguna Tall and Tacunan Green Dwarf.

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