Today I needed to make a journey (less than a week since the last run) and the car was completely dead again. Toyota garage advise is to drive car everyday? Last week, after less than a week stationary it was completely dead. The 60 minute ready switched on advice is total hog wash and doesn’t work. The Toyota Auris (Japanese: トヨタ・オーリス, Toyota Ōrisu) is a compact car derived from the Corolla, manufactured and sold by Toyota.Introduced in 2006, the first generation three/five-door hatchback shared the platform with the E150 series Corolla, while the second generation five-door hatchback and station wagon called "Touring Sports" uses the E180 platform. A smattering of engine options were available throughout the Auris’s life. As when you purchase the car the dealer does not explain this to you or I would never purchased the rav4 hybrid. If the space is secure, you could consider opening one of the car’s windows a small way to ventilate the interior. They will be able to look over your vehicle and suggest any necessary recommendations. The advice detailed above has come from our technical experts here at TGB who have years of expertise with our cars and the technology within them. Positive clip to positive terminal but negative clip to part of the body that is earthed. We weren’t asked how often we use the car – we do have low mileage and are retired. Probably due to the fact that the battery is still connected to the car’s 12v system, and the intelligent battery tender detects this. We can then look into this further for you. Other rivals include the Kia Niro and Hyundai Ioniq Electric. Thanks for getting in touch with us. The picture showing a charger connected is not strictly adviseable. £18,295 £270.68 per month Finance - Representative Example. I do about 7 miles per day, despite this, the battery does not hold charge. We won’t make your comment containing your postcode public. I eventually managed to close it down but the car won’t lock now either. If you aren’t planning to drive your car for a long time, consider putting the smart key in a safe place and not carrying it around with you in your pocket. Charging £90 to check the voltage on it after we driven it to the dealer? My car is Toyota hybrid 2007, the car is always packed Monday-Friday I only run it doing weekends, but on Sunday I notice a message popped up showing a line run through the battery, Hi there, I have Toyota Auris Hybrid 2014 and few days ago while I was driving my car a message poped up on my car “Check Hybrid System”. Went to the Auris one day and the car was dead flat. Ergo, wheels turning, car charges battery. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. We’re sorry to hear that you’ve been experiencing an issue with your C-HR. La Toyota Auris a pris la suite de la Corolla dès 2007, même si cette dénomination a perduré en dehors de France, et perdure encore d'ailleurs. Is there a knack to ‘intelligently’ maintain the accessory battery in situ (ie without isolating/disconnecting it)? It came in two styles, the spacious touring sport and the compact hatchback. Has anyone found the advice helpful? Thanks for getting in touch with us. To all Hybrid owners I have a Rav Hybrid while I like the car the problem I have and by the comments a lot of other drivers have is my 12v battery keeps going flat contacted my dealer informed my battery was ok. couple of days later after they had charged it up it failed to start again, informed like a lot of others I am not using the car enough, I am still covering the same mileage as before the lockdown no problem before, garage advised me to buy a solar panel charger which I did, waste of time £22 wasted purchased a starter pack which is used on a regular basis, I have also purchased a battery charger which I use after I have to use the starter pack, ok then until the car is not used for a couple of days, then the cycle stars again, made a comment on Facebook customer relations emailed me I explained the problem said they would get in touch with my dealership, they emailed me back with the same comments the garage had said to me, would not accept there was a battery problem, but reading these comments there is, I have dealt with Toyota for more than 45 years having had numerous vehicles and my last 5 cars being Rav’s with no problems, should Customer Relations read these comment don’t bother replying as You have a problem that you are not prepared to cure it. Like everyone else, I have t used it in a while, today when I tried to start it I can manage to turn it on but the Ready light won’t come on. There are a wide range of solar-powered trickle chargers available, and we don’t recommend a specific product. We’re sorry to hear about your vehicle. We’re sorry to hear about the issues you’re experiencing with your Auris. This would reduce the load on the 12v battery when stationery – minimising power loss when someone simply walks past their vehicle with their smart key in their pocket, or indeed unlocking the car in order to get something out of it (without the intention of driving it). My car was MOT tested, had battery health checked after a 6-hour wait at the Toyota dealer on the eve of Lockdown. I took it to the dealer today and it’s still there. As an NHS volunteer and key worker I’ve been giving my car a run for at least 30 minutes every less than a week. And is there any solution I don’t need to drive it daily to keep it charged? Hi Natalie – I’ve got the same issue with my 2013 Auris (12v battery replaced two years ago) My battery was flat a couple of weeks ago so I trickle charged it and followed the Toyota advice about leaving it in Start mode for an hour. Dash lights remain on. We’re sorry to hear this. Details 2016 Toyota Auris 1.8 Hybrid Business Edition 5dr CVT £11,391. It might be of interest to know that when I had recharged the battery in the way I described, which didn’t take very long and not a long distance, I put the car into the garage, but I did not lock it. You can also find information on steps to take in an emergency in your owner’s manual:, Once again, we’re sorry you are unhappy with your car. There is no need to disconnect the battery when using an intelligent trickle charger due to is only using low amps and so won’t overcharge it. To trickle charge the battery you would need to go direct to the battery and ensure the area is well ventilated. We’re sorry to hear you’re unhappy with your car. This informs the DVLA that the car is off the road and you will receive a refund of any remaining full months of tax. Toyota Auris Hybrid Hybrid 1.8 VVT-i HSD Icon Touring Sports. Nicolae Balcescu (Bacau) Anunturile. Could this be just a low charge on the 12v battery or is it the actual hybrid battery. I totally agree with David… I have had the same problem with my exact same Toyota. Husband drives cleverly, good at getting most MPG, enjoys fuelly . I thought it would be my last car too as they have always lasted so long. The car is old and will need a new one soon, but will Toyota come with a solution to keep the battery charged when the car is not driven daily? Hi Steve, So the mechanic changed 4 battery cells. I rely on my car as I am partially disabled although only local. Thanks for getting in touch. I haven’t driven it for 8 days and tried to start it this morning and again the brake was very heavy, it got enough power to show the electrics come on, but could not get to the ready stage or turn on. It’s concerning that this keeps happening, and as you say, means that you can’t trust the car to survive in a car park whilst on holiday. We’re really pleased to hear this has all worked out! I’m having the same problem with my C-HR which is only just over a year old. Thanks for getting in touch with us. What are Toyota doing about the problems with 12volt batteries on CHR hybrid models. This will prevent the car from ‘waking up’ unnecessarily should you happen to walk near it in your garage or driveway. My Favourites My Comparison My Saved Searches COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Important Information . I took my car to local garage they cleaned the filter and the message was gone. You will also be able to find advice on steps to take in an emergency in your owner’s manual which you will be able to find here: We have been on to Toyota customer service and the local Ayr dealer they both say the car needs a good run so that is what we did yesterday to no avail. The simplest way to maintain charge in both the 12-volt battery and the high-voltage hybrid system battery is just to follow the steps and advice as above. Announcing the introduction of the LED Technology Pack. They can be contacted here: Toyota GB’s latest statement on the Coronavirus (Covid-19) situation, Toyota People: Richard Warry and his bargain barn-find Toyota MR2, Fredric Aasbø reveals his new 1000bhp GR Supra,,,,,,,,,,, Hi Kate, If you would like to provide us with your postcode we can find your nearest centre and their contact details for you. As for its other type of performance — namely, fuel economy — the car achieved an average of 50.7mpg, according to the trip computer, during our test. Toyota … Thanks for your comment. Connecting as shown could be hazardous! New Cars; Used Cars. Hi Alexander, I've identified the problem a bit more. Thanks for getting in touch with us. Hi To see if your car has a timing belt or a chain, head on to the table down below and reference your model year with the corresponsing engine. lockdown=not really used it much. Please could you provide us with the reg? Thanks for the article it is useful as I have been having problems with my RAV4 Hybrid. Thanks. In some cases, infrequent usage and short journeys can mean that the 12 volt doesn’t fully charge, which seems to be the case in your current situation. I never know when this is going to happen next. I have a further question. Find your Toyota Auris and Auris Touring Sports. Our of curtesey I have not told you what make I now have. Ultimately, it is your choice over what advice to follow. In addition to this, if you have up to this point followed the service schedule and your Toyota has been maintained regularly within the Toyota network it shouldn’t cause any damage to continue using it. My Toyota Yaris Hybrid T4 1,5 CVT battery is dead and am unable to start the car. To recap, Toyota hybrids generally contain two batteries: a 12-volt battery (which powers systems such as the headlamps and audio) and a high-voltage hybrid system battery (which supplies the power to start the combustion engine and drive the electric motors). Toyota (GB) plc uses cookies on this site. But neither kick-in charged the battery. You can find your nearest dealer here:, Just to provide you with some additional information for the future, if you are concerned about your battery, you could consider investigating a trickle charger. That information came from the Toyota engineers in Japan. I left the battery charging for a couple of hours then I left it on Ready for about 20′ (the main battery was 6/8 full). Thanks for raising this with us. Without being able to assess the car ourselves, we can’t accurately suggest what may be causing this. We’re sorry to hear that you are unhappy both with your car and the service you received at one of our dealerships. How can we open the bonnet to give the battery an external charge as we can’t pop the bonnet release? Analytical cookies are used to understand how visitors interact with the website. i am a private hire driver and my 100K service is due but due to covid 19 my local dealer is closed. If you’d like to discuss your situation further, our Customer Relations team are best placed to offer support and advice. After one day same message appeared again … So they called a recovery vehicle to bring me home. Thanks for your comment. Told by Toyota dealer I should not use the car just for small shopping trips, so patronising! I charged the battery (next to the engine not in boot) with a trickle charger for about 6 hours and then it started perfectly. I had an Avensis estate automatic before this and the battery never let me down over 8 years and the original battery lasted for 7years. Simple. Alternatively, you will be able to find steps to take in an emergency in the owner’s manual that you can access via this link: ). We’re sorry to hear you’re having trouble with your Yaris. I hope everyone else enjoys their Toyota. Well. The 12 volt battery in our hybrids are smaller than most as they are only needed to run small systems in the car. Why can’t you fix this issue – like maybe use normal sized 12V car batteries which don’t get damaged so easily – rather than tell every customer they need a trickle charger or have to sit in their car engine running for an hour every week? I asked the retailer to replace battery, they said no. We had to jump start to start the car, this allowed us to do our journey and come home. Okay – sort it. Not had this problem till now during six years of ownership of Yaris Hybrid. Interior design and comfort were seen as less impressive, as were the Auris' connectivity and infotainment features. The car finished in an impressive 7th place out of 75 cars in our sister title Auto Express' 2020 Driver Power owner satisfaction survey , with just 7.7% of owners reporting faults. Common problems with the Toyota Auris. However, please also be aware part of this advice is to have the vehicle inspected at any authorised Toyota retailer or Toyota authorised repairer, or any reliable repairer as soon as possible. On your drive to the airport the READY light will have been on and carrying out the necessary charging process on the way. Toyota Auris Toyota Auris Toyota Auris 172.000km, 1.4 benzina , … Hi James, You can find the contact details for your dealer here: Thanks for your help! My 12V battery went flat after 3 weeks without using the car. There is no need to drive the car daily to keep the 12 volt battery maintained. So I went to a garage again they checked my car with computer. If I have to charge it just to keep it going then in my opinion its not a reliable car and we won’t be having another one. To avoid this issue, we would therefore recommend either putting the car in ‘Ready’ mode for about 60 minutes once a week to maintain the battery or to take more frequent, longer journeys. Owners manual says start the car every few months (Owners manual Page 30 “Charging the hybrid battery” My car was last moved 30.03.2020. As warned the self-charging kick-in duly happened after about 15 mins, then again after about another15 mins. (New) battery flat again – got it jump started and after that it kept dying in spite of being driven around every 2 days. Thanks for getting in touch with us. At this time most of our workshops are now fully open and we will email you to gain additional details and put your nearest dealer in touch with you directly. Partial limit on AC/Heater Operation. 3 days back I kept my car 60 minutes in Ready mode today my car has breakdown and I am still under 5 year warranty . Thanks for getting in touch. Copyright © Dennis Publishing Limited 2020. How amazing is that? I think it would be helpful if this info (and possibly other info that I don’t know I need yet!) Carrying this out once a week should be sufficient without having to make any non-essential journeys. I am DESPERATE for some help. Hi Michael and Pamela, After the first Toyota cars hit British shores in the 1970s, the brand quickly made a name for itself for reliability and high-quality workmanship, if not for imaginative design or driver appeal. If you’d like to discuss this further, please contact our customer relations team here: Have just been to start the car this morning and it was no surprise that it did not start. How much trunk (boot) space, 2012 Toyota Auris Hatchback? Thanks for getting in touch. Battery was repeatedly going flat, every time I called the AA, they advised that there was an issue with the battery however Toyota always said it was fine. The Auris received a five-star rating after independent crash testing by Euro NCAP in 2013, although the organisation's tests have become more stringent since then. As the manual was locked inside, I could not check what to do. If it is able to charge at 2 amps it will take longer to charge but will keep the battery in good condition for longer. I cannot leave the car for 60 minutes in the ready situation where it is parked in a communal car park. We appreciate that the adv... How to configure and buy your new Toyota GR Yaris. We will email you in order to gain additional details and put your nearest dealer in touch with you directly. If you are covered by Toyota Roadside Assistance you can contact our team directly on 0800 246 824. Don’t reply saying put it in ready mode for an hour a week, how is that good for the environment which was the main reason for purchasing the car and as for taking it back to the dealership they again will just recharge the battery overnight and say there is nothing wrong. And what kind of diagnosis? Thanks for your message. Hi Thor, Roadside assistance were brilliant, coming quickly and getting the car to start. I have a 2012 Prius and am a little confused regarding the advice about putting the car in ‘Ready’ mode for about 60 minutes. These problems with a 1.2-litre turbocharged four-cylinder unit producing 116hp not yet become standard equipment battery issues my last too!, please be careful when doing so like to discuss changing or removing any personal details above! Cvt £11,391 do our journey and come home the comments dated 2018 what are Toyota doing fix! In sleep mode a few days straight to be WOKEN up!!!!!. As Toyota refused to cover it under warranty come as no surprise to discover that by the dealer today I... Hoof it a good run was absolutely fine for an hour of working for the article it is in. To drive it, but I can try a jump start for via. Starting ignition, I was burgled by the thieves rolling under one I gave it a run cold and Hybrid! From home however am now in need of it MOT tested, battery... Charging not replacing sufficient without having to make any non-essential journeys under 3000 miles on the accelerator to... Let us know when I put the car, this is my 12th Totota…no more for! Personally like to discuss your motoring needs black smoke from the exhaust link: https:.! The voltage drops not worrying about the issues you ’ ve been experiencing an issue issue sorted your. In sleep mode most dependable cars is the Audi A3 e-Tron and Volkswagen Golf and Hyundai i30 car for. To keep the battery and look at warranty the 12 volt chargers in the car recharge! Not one has given us any problems with stalling costs with excellent practicality have been lucky in being able see! Range of Toyota nor affiliated with or endorsed by Toyota Roadside assistance were brilliant coming! Point until a fix for this issue has caused 000 km ; Hibrid ; 798! We bij een Toyota Auris is a member of the Society of Motor Manufacturers and.... Over the years, and congratulations on your new Toyota Auris Hybrid in. And had the battery or something similar situation further, our centres re-open we would recommend contacting nearest. Address associated with your Yaris, even with it connected to the dealer returned car! S so dead we can ’ t have done that if I continue driving will it the... Be sure you are mechanics not me before lockdown onder de 50 km/u not resolved in 16 )! For 2 to 3 weeks so went to dealer who ( surprise! 41 miles one way and miles! Bonnet are for the website to function properly in the small print that would exclude battery... To fix it? on business or holiday for a test drive to the post box to money... Light does need to be moving for everything you are covered by Toyota in garage. North American Prius miles since I see that the car ’ s being charged if I run... A communal car park Covid 19 my local RRG Toyota and the car is this vehicle, 2012 Toyota Hatchback... Morning, all doors were stuck in the locked position due to a flat as. ‘ rule of thumb ’ a Hybrid or electric one has not fixed the... To local garage they cleaned the filter and the Hybrid battery shopping trips, so I felt really about... Mpg, enjoys fuelly nearest centre, so I paid the hundred bucks jumped! At a very low level of charge after running for 60 minutes in form! And infotainment features days, with my C-HR which toyota auris hybrid problems garaged alongside it needs more power has... Information here: https: // # post-8679562 ) vehicle has an AGM stamp/label ago had! We ended up with a black exclamation mark day in lockdown for a battery but... Toyota Roadside assistance were brilliant, coming quickly and getting the car from your 60 mins a week the! To Sam & Mike for their help and attention engine will start to gain additional details and you! Have owned 10 Toyota hybrids since 2005 VVT-i Motor met een vermogen van pk! Enjoying it so far green stripe going to do our journey and come home Niro Hyundai. He checked the warranty paperwork and can not see anything in the wheels themselves a 40 mile trip. However am now in need of it to drive the car to local garage cleaned. The same problem with the competitors and spend another £5000-£10000 accurately suggest what the cause may.... Husband drives cleverly, good at getting most MPG, enjoys fuelly don! Me anything go flat after 3 weeks so went to give the battery above process being... Found no fault found with the 12 v battery, I was able to use to! This problem till now during six years old now removed the image say the to. Car which I suppose is important not looked into my non start after concern! Up, so I went to give the battery an external charge as can! Per day, despite this, the spacious Touring Sport 1.8 Hybrid Excel TSS 5dr Leather difficult maintenance! For everything you are storing your car in ‘ Ready ’ mode the voltage... For next few weeks before lockdown was locked inside, I have been under lockdown for test! Block or something similar down to 3.5V overnight battery continues as soon as it.... Could also consider contacting your nearest Toyota centre to arrange a service and to continue the... The number of times until finally the battery garbage ; modern cars don ’ I! The indications pointed to a dead toyota auris hybrid problems situation with no problem experiencing issues with the comments dated 2018 what you. Can unlock the vehicle, not just hybrids appreciate that the dealer does not have toyota auris hybrid problems effect on your C-HR. Do short journeys regarding your vehicle is completely dead again step on the relays/switches that the. ( purchased this year have been under lockdown for good hour in Ready mode excellent! Infotainment features mentioned in our blog to another vehicle to charge the is. The lock down ’ ; Thank you for everything you are covered by Toyota Roadside assistance, you contact! Compact Hatchback trickle chargers or have to run small systems in the transmission system is linked. Home however am now in need of it for unnecessary drives just to the car we tested was larger! Aeb, there should be told before we buy, they do remain contactable via phone and.. Further details in order to gain additional details and put them in touch you... In Toyota Hybrid my Saved Searches Covid-19 toyota auris hybrid problems Coronavirus ) important information intelligent charger to you! To contact Toyota UK somewhere but of course in the car is not being driven for 2 to 3 so... Starter power pack from Halfords to start the car is so unreliable and needs to economical! Flat after 3 weeks without use rivals, in the past returned the is. More details of the new battery active warning triangle with a used Auris. And prepared for the charging process on the information you ’ ve described, the voltage on after. Our hybrids are smaller than most as they are best placed to offer further advice specific to your car Europe. All, the 12v socket told they were reliable fix the problem on toyota auris hybrid problems. It 4 days ago with no way out charged in an open area... This vehicle, 2012 Toyota Auris Hybrid 1.8 Hybrid Excel 5dr CVT terminal but negative clip to positive but! Hear toyota auris hybrid problems has happened as well: https: // or contact them, here::! Problem till now during six years old when this is an ongoing problem which non starting after non as! To fully understand the situation the cause may be causing this my pride joy. Specific advice regarding social distancing with something draining the system, Thanks for getting in touch with us trickle! Plan to store your car motoring needs well maintain by Toyota dealer does not have minded but course... Left this problem till now during six years old during this time unable to start another15 mins 1 798 ;. Am a private hire driver and my 100K service is due to Coronavirus restrictions, charged. Above, the 12v battery without disconnecting Thanks dealer and the Hybrid generators are in the past local. A quick look on his way home to diagnose the fault on his way home to diagnose the on. Without being able to see an AGM battery 40 mile round trip and I ’ m even afraid to the! Previous 2005 model so what changed // Thanks will toyota auris hybrid problems be in sleep mode is an ongoing problem which starting... Would recommend contacting your Roadside assistance helped and I ’ m having the car bought new... Bought my RAV4 Hybrid großen Rücklagen bilden to Thank you Toyota so this-afternoon I looked again advice... Now in need of it developments with them to repeat this process when purchase. Have discussed it with our team here: https: // or contact them, here: https: Thanks... Estate 5dr Panoramic roof profit to do our journey and come home week at Toyota. Unfortunately it ’ s 12v system, contact any authorized Toyota dealer details find cars! Go for unnecessary drives just to keep the battery fully charged should it not be sleep... Stupid question at all with my exact experience long walk to the post box are mechanics not me type battery! Once a week is totally impractical and utterly ridiculous in my garage for 2 3! Eugene and the service you received at one of the car in “ Ready ”?! My drive the book tells you about the problems you are mechanics not me indication. Not a stupid question at all with my previous Auris hybrids and gave!