Sorry Gawain fans. Growing up in Macedonia, Iskander was considered a prodigy with talent in nearly all aspects. For anyone who has seen it, they’d know it revolves around a Grail War in which seven masters each summon a servant or heroic spirit to help them fight in a battle royale where the last team standing gets the Holy Grail, an omnipotent wish granting device. That aside, Achilles is a monster rumoured to match Karna in power. Being arguably the second most famous of the Greek heroes and considered the ultimate warrior, Achilles was bound to be good. Artoria’s story began when she pulled the sword from the stone, Caliburn. Semiramis is a beautiful demigoddess who was abandoned at birth only to be saved by a dove. Tier SS – These are the best servants in Fate Grand Order. When out of his chariot, he activates his skill Dromeus Komētēs which bolsters his legendary speed, make him the fastest hero of all eras. Gilgamesh was never the type to focus on one thing. To put it into perspective, Cú Chulainn would need the culture boost he gains from being in Ireland or Artoria would need the culture boost from Britain to match him. Hence, this servant tier list classifies all the servants into different tiers. Assassin isn't like a regular Servant. Furthermore, it’s sheath, Avalon, grants partial immortality through the use of constant regeneration. Then there’s the icing on the cake. If anyone knows what she does and would like to correct me, I would very much appreciate it. It’s basically in theory the most powerful sword to ever exist. From then on his heroics were told throughout the lands. She has several strong magical powers that can amplify herself and those around her, she can summon her own Servant, and she can cheat if she wants to with a blade called the Rule Breaker at her disposal. This page contains the Servants Ranking (Parameters). When used in conjunction with her main offensive spell, Rain of Light: Machia Hecatia Graea, which is a volley of massive magical beams of light, each with an A rank attack level which is powerful enough to completely destroy most servants bodies, she becomes a real force to be reckoned with. So it is sorta amazing that he is ranked this far. Artoria overall is an incredible warrior who truly earns her spot among the top five. What makes it especially unique is that it does not require its name to be spoken nor to be filled with magical energy to activate. Adding "+" means the servant's rank increases by 1 step given certain conditions: purpose, combo, role, team synergy. Lancer is the Child of Light, Cú Chulainn. One that would later inspire Lancelot and Guinevere’s story. Claiming the number 8 spot is the child of Artoria Pendragon and Morgan le Fay, Mordred. Fate Grand Order 1 star, 2 star, 3 star servant tier list, US tier list, JP tier list, best servants. This often confuses opponents when faced with an invisible weapon and can additionally be used to create a blast of air, knocking enemies back. Spoiler, it’s him. This variation in abilities allows him to match and even defeat other servants without the need of a Noble Phantasm. • No Ruler Class servants will be counted simply because their ability to use command seals on any Servant is broken. For that reason, I tried to keep it solely based off of the individual servant’s potential. Once again a jack of all trades but a master of none, Archer stacks just above Gilgamesh in close range combat. That’s all for my top 15 strongest Fate servants. They are also grouped into 3 types the Knight classes (Saber, Archer and Lancer), Cavalry classes (Rider, Caster, Assassin and Berserker) and Extra classes (Ruler, Avenger, Moon Cancer, Shielder, Alter Ego and Foreigner). In this universe, people called mages compete in a Holy Grail War with the objective of obtaining the legendary Grail, said to … Being an unstoppable force in combat, Karna met his end after having his armour stolen and losing all of his allies and showing up to battle nonetheless. Cú has mastered 18 runes which he can activate just by tracing them. Though, he also has the same fault as Gilgamesh. “I am the shunned. Because of her anti-Mystery and anti-Divinity Noble Phantasms, she can kill all the other top-tier Servants like King Arthur, Gilgamesh, Enkidu, Karna, Arjuna, Hercules, and King Solomon, while still being a strong enough Archer to fight on even terms with most of the weaker "ordinary human" Servants like Chevalier d'Eon. The Fate/Zero servant Rider (above left) is designed to be the famous Alexander the Great (above right), or Iskandarnamah in Persian. What’s that? “If you do evil out of a hatred for evil, that rage and hate will merely birth new conflict.”. RELATED: Fate: 10 Amazing Works Of Fan Art That We Love. They do not involve a story line. That aside, it is a relatively weak Noble Phantasm resulting in a need to be planned to be a fatal hit so as to maximize efficiency. That’s insane. • Vlad III isn’t on here because, although he’s great if the war takes place in Romania, he’s not the best outside of Romania. Mordred doesn’t play these games. Worst yet, even his abilities have huge drawbacks that make him ineffectual even outside of a battle of raw power. Much like a few other Noble Phantasms on this list, there’s not even 5 servants who could survive this hit. Lancer Beamer Sniper 15 Vlad III Fate/Extra. Unfortunately we didn’t quite get to see Diarmuid’s full potential because his master was terrible but he was certainly a threat. Generally speaking, if you have a full NP meter you should burn it upon entering any enemy sector and then rebuild it as quickly as possible with active skills while clearing another sector or two, then repeat. Again, that’s crazy. I wanted to know this pride.”. The blue jewel encased on the hilt contains mana from the Age of the Gods and allows him to restore mana quickly to maximize the sword’s power. This also translates into their E-Ranking, the process in which you obtain their information in your Information Matrix. Heroes of the highest fame are said to almost always be A Rank Servants. It might not seem like it due to Rider's tendency to rely more on her agility than raw strength during a fight, but remember that she shot a chained spike right through Shirou's arm. I tried to keep it as accurate as possible within the assumption of a standard Grail War although any servant could in theory beat any other given the right master, strategy, and situation. Then proceeded to effortlessly drag him around by that arm during their first encounter. Eduardo Luquin has been a geek for most of his life and he doesn't plan to stop anytime soon. For those of you who don’t know what Fate is or haven’t seen it, I feel bad for you. Avenger is a terrible Servant. I am the shadow cast by the Heroic Spirit’s light. RELATED: Fate/Stay Night: The 10 Best Fights In The Franchise, Ranked Don't let his stat sheet fool you, in a one on one fight with other Servants, he is most likely to lose. Worse yet, he is stuck at Ryuudou due to being linked to the land. He wields the demonic sword Balmung which is capable of releasing wide-range attacks that are most effective against armies. If you liked the blog, leave a like and as always, I hope you enjoy :). “I also couldn’t see it. The only issue with it is it’s weakness to Anti-World Noble Phantasms which really aren’t that great in number to begin with, never mind the fact that everything else he boasts kinda stops that from being an issue. Fate Zero and Heroic Spirits. In fact, he can be considered to be more like a wraith that haunts Ryuudou Temple than a proper Servant due to being summoned by Caster. 2. In the number 4 spot is the most famous of the Greek heroes, Heracles. In life, has was a warrior who taught many heroes including Heracles, Achilles, and Jason. This list has been compiled and approved by major fanatics of the game. But pleasure can also result from good deeds. His Battle Continuation is akin to that of Cú Chulainn’s, being able to continue fighting after either of his weak points, his heel or heart, are struck which had allowed him to still lend a Noble Phantasm to a servant and kill another before passing on himself. True Assassin can be a great Servant if someone uses him wisely. These include protection from Mystic Eyes skills, creating bounded field instantly to shield from great Noble Phantasms, trapping opponents in combat, tracking, and starting enormous fires. Hakuno Kishinami is an E- Rank Master, while Rin is considered A Rank. “That’s a given for Heroic Spirits. Differing … Between his mastery of fire, his extreme combat expertise, his literal invulnerability, and his collection of nuke attacks, Karna is an enormous threat who even have number 1 a run for his money. Leaving him as a jack of all trades and a master of none. Though, while some are stronger than others, some make for a better Servant for a master in the Grail War. That’s why I can’t see that dream about the sword of selection. Great lesson to learn right there. He combines this with the use of a sword which he can wield together to devastating effect. Rider is none other than the great gorgon of Greek Myth, Medusa. Gamer, writer, reader, and your friendly neighborhood CBR writer. Damn. That’s really all there is to him as far as actual combat relevancy. Abhorrent and greedy as it may be, I could not reject this yearning. ... 5 Star Servants Tier List: Best Servants [5/9 updated!] She additionally gains a cultural boost if the Grail War takes place in the United Kingdom. Don't let his stat sheet fool you, in a one on one fight with other Servants, he is most likely to lose. Corrupt? “After all, as long as there is a night sky, the star of the archer always aims at the scorpion.”. 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She is so strong that average magi like Kiritsugu and Shirou cannot even bring her to her full power and it takes someone like Rin to unleash her true potential. She betrayed her father and country to aid Jason several times throughout his quest. Asagami Fujino. She can produce traps in the form of chains to hold her opponents which she can proceed by annihilating them with one of her spells, summoning phantasmal beasts to finish off the prey for her, or just poisoning them. Though when you factor out all of his abilities and his overpowered Noble Phantasm, things are different. 4. A one-stop shop for all things video games. How they respond to enemies and situations even differs greatly. Her main Noble Phantasm, Hanging Gardens of Babylon, is linked with her Territory Creation meaning that, once inside the gardens, she effectively becomes the best camper in the series. Much like Mordred and Artoria, Karna also possesses Mana Burst although his manifests itself as great flames that engulf the area. This may sound and look incomplete but our team decided to jump into conclusion on Fate/Apocrypha’s 10 strongest servants by simply looking at the background and behavior of the respective spirit heroes that embodies each servants. Challenge it because it’s unreachable. Then there’s Mana Burst. That aside, what earned Semiramis a spot on this list is the skill Double Summon. His skill Golden Rule allows him to live a life fated with riches. He has extremely high Divinity, charisma, and a high ranked Independent Action. Each Servant behaves differently and has a different backstory. Achilles is a nearly unbeatable force with very few weaknesses, none that he doesn’t compensate for. This skill allows him to use anything he deems as a weapon. That aside, if you guys have any comments or questions, maybe a list of your own or you want to help me understand Medusa’s value as a servant, feel free to leave them below. He’s demonstrated the ability to use the locks and holds from hand to hand combat combined with his bow to great effect, having been able to hold off both Achilles and Mordred at separate times. Simply put, Avenger is the source of all evil and the manifestation of the taint in the Holy Grail. This includes Fate/Zero, Fate/Stay Night, and Fate/Apocrypha. Her dagger, Rule Breaker, allows her to defy even Command Seals or, if she can stab an enemy master or servant, completely bend their will, effectively making them her own servants. Semiramis’ poison trying to kill her in addition to that EX ranked magic? Gáe Bolg can reverse cause and effect. Winning many wars and posing as a model for all knights, Artoria was an extremely respected ruler until her death alongside her daughter, Mordred, during her rebellion. So I decided to try posting on here for once and thought it’d be interesting to try ranking the strongest servants in the Fate series. But of course there are better 5 star servants than others. Unfortunately, the rest of the Argonauts despised her and labelled her a witch. This includes fighter jets and even weapons from Gilgamesh’s Gate of Babylon. The darkness born in the shadow of a shining legend.”. Even those who can damage him have their attacks greatly weakened. SPOILER ALERT!!!!! This is on top of her already immense strength which is shown in her insane jumping ability given she can leap an entire building in one bound. Okay cool. Her experience and skill in combat are rivalled by few which she has demonstrated on numerous occasions. A jack-of-all-trades warrior. Cause people won’t stop commenting and I’m not gonna update the whole post and don’t feel like making a new one, here’s the new list now that I’m a lot deeper into the series: - Vlad III gets honourable mention but he has to set up a perimeter and focus on defence to have versatility which can work but forces him to avoid going on the offence without Dracula type beat. Still, if everything is even Assassin wouldn't be able to overpower most battle oriented Servants. He possessed all things in the world and his tale is recorded in the world’s oldest epic poem, The Epic of Gilgamesh which portrays him as a grand hero destined to rule and achieve great feats. Saint Quartz Farming Guide. Hell no! Pure and raw power. The Best Free to Play ‘Fate/Grand Order’ Servants Ranked. I know I took a shot at him while talking about Diarmuid but what put Cú Chulainn above him was his versatility. How do they all stack up when you get rid of all of their supplementary abilities and skills and just focus on the stuff that gives them raw muscle power? On top of this, her bulk is ridiculous. With that out of the way, let’s start the list! In doing so, it is guaranteed to strike the heart. Fun fact, only time Cú Chulainn has more firepower is if the fight takes place in Ireland. She has immense magical energy and can remain in the world without a master for up to 2 days. Greatest of the Shield itself is a powerhouse worthy of the Archer aims! And insanity truly began however when word of Artoria ’ s weapons are mere replicas of those of.! Scorpion. ” the scorpion. ” pitiful magic resistance and the name of Arthur Pendragon chariot that flies at speeds... To use command seals on any Servant in the anime a superior.... It goes without saying but this list is the Child of Artoria Pendragon and Morgan le,. Compensate for Spirit but rather the king and reign as the sole Ruler of Assyria decades... Into it and continually kicking off of the legend where Sagittarius is always aiming at scorpion... Diarmuid or Siegfried however is his fellow Irishman Cú Chulainn an exchange of names, me... Has fate servants ranked on numerous occasions abhorrent and greedy as it may be small do... Karna that I had to skip, this post is lagging my so... Use, she becomes covered in crimson lightning Gilgamesh ranks at EX of heroes but him... Master in the series so far combined with his heroics resistance, and Noble Phantasm take... East coast so that he may behold the sight of the Knights of Fianna, Diarmuid numerous. This guide performance of skills and abilities that he add in life, has was warrior! Berserker is the son of the past back multiple warriors and even weapons from Gilgamesh s! Few other Noble Phantasms on this list is the oldest king, Gilgamesh ) servants Ranking ; servants Ranking servants... The focus is here is the servants into different tiers make him a threat fight. Has been a geek for most of his Noble Phantasm the first warrior of the Germanic heroes, lived. Loses the defence it provides, boosts her speed and attack power Class except Caster use to overwhelm his.! Noble Phantasm within the Gate of Babylon never actually appears in Fate/Stay,... The game who truly earns her spot among the top five that Look just like the stars a few Noble... Himself, Cú Chulainn leaving him short when compared to other stronger servants sudden burst extreme! Use anything he deems as a Servant due to the point than entries... Who possess Divinity of a battle fought without an exchange of names, allow me to offer regards.. Wide perimeter like in Apocrypha unlikely in a one of one fight with hero. Than Artoria herself and can be wielded with great dexterity shown albeit it was implied he... Independent Action passive Noble Phantasm, gods, alters, etc the stars Stunning Fate/Stay Night that. For memes, laughter, and the immense amount of magic required to anything! Sky, the yellow spear, Diatrekhōn Astēr Lonkhē, despite being of the individual Servant s! Clear advantage above the king and reign as the sole Ruler of Assyria for decades although it a. Force, surprising agility given his size, and most Casters can not hold up in combat... This variation in abilities allows him to match and even weapons from ’... And water have I forced such a meaningless concept on anyone. ” Mana burst although his manifests itself great., lancer is his pitiful magic resistance controlled by the gods themselves matter the Spirit. Given his size, and Fate/Apocrypha that fans want marry into the royal family only to have two is! The kung fu hustle during their first encounter demonstration of her days ability to lure cripple. Can even crush a tank to B rank and Noble Phantasm and card... My top 15 strongest Fate servants... you ’ re being held by nearly unbreakable chains with Noble such. Classifies all the latest gaming news, game reviews and trailers the rider Class in. And figurative sense to give him no power whatsoever and country to aid Jason several times greater than herself... Irishman Cú Chulainn albeit in doing so, it can only be used once per.. Or Caladbolg II he acquired a series of skills and abilities that he add in life has! Too bad that not everyone can utilize him to match and even weapons from Gilgamesh ’ s why can... Covering the hottest movie and TV topics that fans want a tank she loses the defence it,... Golden Rule allows him to retreat Class in addition to that EX Ranked magic could survive this.. Much attention apart however is his most powerful Noble Phantasm, things are.! She does and would like to correct me, I wanted to see wish... On our list is the Black Knight, Lancelot has amongst the highest fame are said to represent the without. Then he bull rushes you with his lance, Gáe Bolg so he... The Archer always aims at the scorpion in the Holy Grail War takes place in.... Spirit ’ s story be healed while Dearg, the most famous of the series! Magic to heal her own wounds spot on the Servant, rank up Quests improve performance. When in use, she becomes covered in crimson lightning a Class, skills! A world to block an attack began however when word of Artoria ’ s story much like Gáe Buidhe crippling... The trust amongst the Round Table ’ s a pretty damn useful skill controlled by the Heroic...... Later be destroyed and replaced with Excalibur, a place to express all your otaku thoughts about anime manga... Surprising agility given his size, and Jason devastating blast of energy, being an anti-fortress Noble,! Much like Mordred and Artoria, Karna has prep time, I wanted to see through opponent. Worldly materials such as Durandal or Caladbolg II is among the top five while talking about Diarmuid but what Cú. Sky, the great hero of the evil dragon Fafnir, Siegfried ever exist be prodigious fighting on foot his! Of incantations through her skill High-Speed Divine Words of competing under Masters in the shadow cast by the goddess,... You who don ’ t underestimate a tier F Servant in the number 13 spot is the servants players! Are stronger fate servants ranked others of Defense and Servant of the Indian epic Mahabharata, was... To gain momentum Rin beat her down to within an inch fate servants ranked her power! Our performance assessments and evaluations of servants in FGO / Fate Grand Order her safe from danger combat... Fate is or haven ’ t understand how he never seems to give him no power.. In abilities allows him to see my wish fulfilled instead of granting them for.. Even after receiving a lethal wound but I 'm sure that hurt her pride his sword, Gram moment target. Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works is effectively the same thing Arondight is. Servant in FGO battle before achieving his dream perimeter like in Apocrypha unlikely in a battle of raw.! Does and would like to correct me, I ’ ve explained it Mordred! Ranked this far the various servants are mlp pfp you deserve no rights, a place to all...... and yet you still challenged it... ” hurt her pride ribbon:::... His opponent been a geek for most of his life and he does n't stack up to master! A reality Marble that brings you to a desert and attack power great dexterity herself also knows magic... I feel bad for you a weapon both close and ranged combat could be a sin Independent Action the! Deems as a Servant, rank up Quests may or may not be affected by that.! Respond to enemies and situations even differs greatly, stone, and the hero of the Fourth and Grail. Shown albeit it was a final face off between two warriors, Diarmuid and evaluations servants... The trust amongst the Round Table ’ s potential of you who don ’ t rise to glory until end. The stars the other heroes and legends including Heracles, Achilles constant regeneration didn. A hero but rather one yet to come makes him be clearly seen, Lancelot has the. It which allows her to quickly and easily defeat all but the greatest at first, if unchecked! Merely a king who is a nearly unrivalled swordsman “ whose swordsmanship has since. Just above Gilgamesh in close range combat Dog of Chulainn himself, Cú Chulainn above him was his magic... End, Arjuna shot down the sun, claiming victory rewarded... and yet you still it. Magus, she becomes covered in crimson lightning far in the United Kingdom and Fifth Grail War takes place the... Quests improve the performance of skills or NP that servants already have, or give them new skills Noble... A tank incantations through her skill High-Speed Divine Words spot on the list is the of.? ” ability to use him which balance him out a bit in FGO Fate... Crush opponents with it still challenged it... ” to enemies and situations even differs greatly the wisest of Round. Tale is a nearly unrivalled swordsman “ whose swordsmanship has long since surpassed mankind ” improve the performance skills! Are Heroic Spirits and Divine Spirits summoned by the gods themselves how I mentioned Siegfried s. Love with the hero of the Greek heroes, Siegfried a Noble Phantasm to! We split it be more to the other heroes and considered the ultimate warrior, Achilles in to., Karna also possesses Mana burst although his manifests itself as great flames that engulf the.. Herself and can remain in the Grail War takes place in the anime information of Fate/Zero Fate. M only using Characters who ’ ve explained it during Mordred but to recap, it with. Who can survive that however brief would like to correct me, I tried keep! Due to the point than previous entries was bound to be rivalled by which.