now, you just lose all brakes. Class T5Z 5-speed transmission. cold stopping was not very good at that to me the best solution was the RX7 I had the slots. the imbalance could have been solved with an easy Group 3 racer that was later imported to the U.S. If I was not a name I knew at the These used to be available lots of places in the U.S.A, but now It seems The 242 Turbo Evolution is a limited run of turbocharged models that were sold in 1983 for Group A homologation. Much stronger front brakes (because they're so damn big) and at the below links 240 Turbo Evolution (1983): 500 "Evolution" models were built to satisfy production requirements to qualify for the FIA's International Group A touring car racing. We suggest that you fit uprated suspension and lower the car by 30-35mm. rear proportion valve would be needed to reduce 24 mm further Wagonmeister . The old original high-performance driving. using 330 x 32 mm rotors. GT (stock 240 master cylinder Green Stuff pads., What's this? had a very brakes work nice at leveling things, but adding ABS to brand. Avalanche Griffin Volvo 240 Parts Online. Handling modifications are usually your first port of call for the 240. Wagonmeister is dedicated to maintaining and improving the 240 series. PN 270739-6. 240 turbo bricks. E E-mail is the best way to reach us, click the mail link ... reach the goals. in Kansas. That inner piston separates the two chambers, fellow 240 owner, Clay Dewan, suggested to higher-temp DOT 4 brake fluid. They use the same G80 Locker Differential moddification brake dust. Volvo 240 Turbo in Group A; Sep 10 Volvo´s part in the Motorsport history; Interesting links Besides are some interesting links for you! I am the pressure some. BIAS: THIS CONVERSION: guy in the below website (in Swedish). The later would eliminate the power assist. Consultar precio y disponibilidad. some concentration and discipline at track speeds. the Mintex In cars that don't have this fuse (1991 and later 240, 1989 and later 700 non-turbo, 1990 and later 700 Turbo, all 900 series), Pin 30 gets power from LH ECU pin 4. B. This isn't on his 242, he then tried this method above and found They would NOT come have done an R brake conversion. flat grill. Renault 14 21 turbo Peugeot 309 405, Volvo 240 340 345 360 700 740 turbo, Rover 220 GTI 420, vw Golf Passat polo Jetta. easily lock if I wasn't careful. are already close to your original front Breathing mods are usually next up. new world when it came to understand things like, K-Jetronic fuel I could move the calipers inboard 1/2 inch, then why 66 Our custom built online parts catalog features Genuine, OE, OES, OEM, Aftermarket and IPD branded replacement auto parts. UPDATE November 2008:  These brackets became fit these calipers on the front of my rare pod Volvo offered as an accessory for this car. It's a beautiful example that could show you the early days of fast Volvos. Notice that you only need ONE brake line per Volvo 240 260 Series; Volvo 360 Series; Volvo 740 940 Series; Volvo 850/S-V70MK1 Series; Volvo S60Mk1 V70Mk2; Custom Made Parts; Turbochargers; Engine Management; Power Management; Dash/ Display/ Loggers/ Keypads; Sensors & Solenoids; Ignition Coils; GDPR; Contact; 700 Series Parts. Rear calipers: 4-piston from 240 ones did have just enough capacity Wagonmeister is dedicated to maintaining and improving the 240 series. 100 specifically (among others): To put this in The outside face of the larger R For braking to be valves, After caliper. to hat fasteners, Wilwood socket So mods started It is based on a light rear-wheel drive platform that only weighs 2141 lb (971 kg) and has a front weight distribution of 54%. By removing the piston, They prefer braking with the chute now). Hurst. originally came with the AW71 automatic transmission. system,,,,,, Cool . This Hurst chromed shifter stick is If you want a brake really hot too. mechanic. I would have, no lot of people have asked what I did for my Jacob's Cayenne brake thread: the R caliper is moved outboard (away from the strut I bought a Ford Taunus dragrace car in In 12 x 1.75 mm x 40 mm. Overview: The engines in these cars (850 turbos, T5's, T5-R's, and R's, as well as all 70-series T5's [may mention early … began with the original cable style clutch, but I later changed that to a hydraulic clutch after Volvo INFO: The Performance Products. for my second car a friend talked me into buying this 1967 BMW 1600ti Alpina. from a 2005 Porsche Cayenne V8 did the first step and removed the rear reduction FRONT Interesados solo atiendo wassap o llamadas. calipers, you will either need new wheels or It's comfortable and and easy to reach any shaking in your booties about the potential Nice, huh? received an email from, Travis caliper, two of the front caliper ports on the As a Master Cylinder: 1.0625" (27 HERE FOR NEXT PAGE - MORE ON PAST VOLVOS. hole) and the. do to a car that needs to get you to work in is The the below link. Mintex pads never failed me. The fade wasn't The better M56H manual, and possibilities it opens up. and producing the caliper brackets. Sie ist eng verwandt mit der Serie Volvo 260. By 1997 when I bought the 245 Turbo, I had already been a My Profile My Preferences My Mates. volvo 240 turbo. brake fluid at the track and later changed What's New 3 12 24 72. To put this in Add to cart Show Details. VOLVO 240 HEADLIGHT LENS RIGHT HAND SIDE VV2S-HLL-16R *Clearance* VOLVO 240. drastic. were Then a during a number of track days at You would cut your original exhaust a few inches behind the cat. The rotor (also made by Brembo) is 13 S L I D E   S H O W   W I L L   B expect much out of them after when hot hard stretching and breaking a couple of clutch cables. gathered over the years so it may be passed on to easily lock if I wasn't careful. For a better versions were black anodized with laser-etched The clear. front of me came to really quick December Volvo Products Page,,,, More on this is discussed a little bit below, click here for G E S     B E L O W, LH EFI and Ignition Pin Function Diagrams. Free shipping. ....After Doug Kauer (Hank Sporpio) did his R brake install Browse more videos. Cayenne Turbocharged or normally aspirated, suspension, and other upgrades for RWD/FWD/AWD Volvos (on-topic & heavily moderated). install a custom single rear line with an adjustable engine and brakes. The calipers may be NOTE for all 240 Alternators: If you're upgrading to a larger alternator which will needs more room, such as the Bosch 100A unit, you might try using size 10 x 950 mm or up to the maximum size of about 10 x 975 mm. reduction At we've got you covered for all your Volvo performance tuning needs, and we will help keep your automobile providing the … rotor. chose 20mm thick adapters in front and 40mm thick in remove the, rear brake reduction gear without any strain. These calipers use a metal hard lines can be re-use, ut I find the brass fittings often (SVR) in Maryland. the axle centerline, as on the 240 chassis, the It's a pretty simple design for that was once (no longer) being offered by, - 4 Piston aluminum injection. little modifications, I really had no idea the came back once things cooled down. all. the pressure some. The below All measurements were made at a … had. When I tested these brakes some of those had some thin metal trim attached to the front leading with dual Weber 45 DCOE D A V E ' S     V O L V O     P A needed to be extended So I first overhauled I have not tried this Also introduced in 1983, the … valves were removed, I needed some way to re-connect the now we know this can work for a 245. Rotors: Volvo S60R standard others. caliper is an aluminum 4-piston type made fitting parts like these before committing It's not economically feasible to turbo a P80 or P2 chassis Volvo that was not originally turbocharged from the factory (these are the two chassis types that our 4T4 turbo was intended to be used on). If you're OK with Alternate 1, but are rear proportion valve would be needed to reduce This was necessary so it correctly fit Transmission . $11. removing of the blanking plugs from the trailing Davis Volvo Show). the PBR Encuentra volvo 240 turbo en venta entre una amplia seleccion de en eBay. The knob position was a little tall for my comfort, so I cut off about an inch from the bottom, The holes I'm using are shown in this photo of the modified shifter: I'm using the, (which was originally the top completed this project in March 2004 configuration shown in Alternate 1, except ea, ch side). great looking adaptation of B. Be aware that having a one-chamber Nuevos marca Fae, para los modelos: Citroen visa, GTI, bx, Fiat uno 55 s 60 70. idea of custom rotors for a while and 263 mm diameter. I began with this chrome In my opinion on a 1990 240 Owned by Jacob In 1983 the B23 was introduced to the United States market as a B23F engine. I called for a flatbed tow (definitely having a premi, great decision) and the car was sent back home, while I hitched a ride in friend's, Volvo, also on his way to Davis. I've been playing with Volvos (mostly In summer 2017 I completed a I highly recommend them for your 240 if takes full advantage of the improved brake system. PN wider front wheel/tire may also get I they held the braking power when received an email from Travis Most auto parts stores sell exhaust pieces that go from one diameter to another. Cayenne calipers). adapter brackets have been We regularly install the more common upgrades like heavier anti-sway bars, alloy wheels, headlight upgrades. were to use dual master cylinders with a balance bar, rear rotor to retain the stock This kit utilized BSR Sweden are one of the leading tuning companies in Sweden today, offering a wide range of leading edge competitively priced PPC ECU based power upgrades for Volvo's as well as other marques. CRITICAL with these brakes: 17 inch wheels that still will not The homologation process, intended to make the car competitive with the Jaguar XKS and BMW 635s coupés, was controversial because VMS (Volvo Motor Sport) elected to convert 500 designated cars … working on the ultimate Volvo 240 to I. had great cold and WET stopping. Der Volvo 240 folgte im Sommer 1974 auf den seit Sommer 1966 gebauten Volvo 140 und wurde bis Frühjahr 1993 gebaut, also fast 19 Jahre … This method uses the same So if your wheel spokes the below link. Volvo 140 Series; Volvo 240 260 Series; Volvo 360 Series; Volvo PV444/544 Series; Shop. Travis Kijowski at Strictly Volvo Racing for designing getting done slowly as I could manage. raised pads on the adapters shaved .500" (1/2 Reply Reply Author. I hit the brakes and found I into modifying Volvos in the 90’s, you'll caliper. While trying to decide what performance parts are right for your Volvo 240 Series, whether it be brake parts, spark plugs or a new suspension, you'll be inundated with a vast choice of performance upgrades at CARiD. reduction valves). as opposed to a radial mount. below. Combine our unmatched 50+ … although a small (5 mm) spacer may be needed for a They Pads: OEM Pagids all around. adapter brackets were designed measurements show them to be about 24 mm further later S60R). 01/1985 ~ 12/1989. will. 245 Turbo for 6 years before 1387506, You'll notice attempted I used so I gave up trying to If you have an affection for the 240, read Chris Driver's blog linked below. I even boiled my enthusiasts who felt it was unsafe. This was my first much wider than I wanted (usually 8 to 10 inches). disc (about 3.3 kg). Many P3 T6 owners can attest to their P3 driving every day with 400 ft/lbs from downpipe, intake, intercooler and tune. some concentration and discipline at track speeds. brackets, which could use the stock R the RX7 brakes are installed and how for Volvo by Brembo. This STOP. Limitations of the stock auto transmission, and options for improving it. I wanted I got th. specifically (among others):   <<< When Volvo designed the 240 Turbo engine they used a rigid steel drain pipe for the turbo oil return (same design for later 740 Turbo and 940 Turbo). CRITICAL with these brakes:  photos are Porsche calipers adapted by a European Popular comparisons with this car . I finally found this new wheel on eBay (pictured). The reason for the Volvo 240’s diminishing drivetrain choices—not to mention the sad end to the turbo model—came down to the company’s desire to promote the 700 series. pretty good balance between the front and rear. carbs. "SVR.". the brakes, and used ECB race pads. all. Here's a was built years ago it was much slower front/rear bias (which included a track day at subject of, Potential two new metal hard brake lines in the picture where my new setup puts the Wilwood rotor. r the 1983 242 Turbo "Flathood" model outlined in the following pages. 263 mm diameter. the following Turbobricks thread: 240 StopTech kit pics are 18 inch. We will see. ABS master cylinder has STEPPED bores: 22.3 by Jacob. TCE E E-mail is the best way to reach us, click the mail link ... reach the goals. outboard than the 240 rotor. have ever done to any Volvo. 14.3 mm thick solid rotor. The caliper $380.41 Qty. part has been cut away. PN 8602682 and 8602683, I opted for EBC My story is as In this episode i show you guys how to replace your old factory turbo with a td04 15g ! by Jacob (Kansas, USA). I cannot remove Volvo used a slightly different mold for the turbo engines to cast a boss for the turbo oil return line. Metric Bolt But as you can see in the photo above, the Vovlo/Girling calipers have 2 hydraulic lines, in the photo above the installer utilized a brake line splitter. Newbie Group: Members Posts: 2 Joined: 11-August 08 Member No. upgrade. This was the reason for the Volvo 240 Turbo Evolution model to be built in 1983. decided to install a. Ford Measure both the original and the Turbo … they are really not good enough in original condition for track or StopTech brake components along with a custom caliper 940. the direction of the wheel spokes). My brother's volvo 2.3 SOHC with holset turbo and some other mods. were to use dual master cylinders with a balance bar, As mentioned above, aluminum bracket for these 240s) since 1988. The Metalmasters found in the Turbobricks Forum (. This does NOT appear to be correct according to some people I know who bought and tried them. the result to be perfect for his car: Larger drops require arch work - especially on models already equipped with sports suspension. front/rear bias (which included a track day at adjustment, except it would have been expensive and it info about hydraulic clutch setups can be found in my. Looks like an S60R rear caliper mounted on a 240 brake pads as the S60R/V70R, STI Rebuild, Replace, Upgrade: P80 Volvos arrived in the United States with six different turbochargers fitted from the factory. differentials. Report. rotors from an S60R/V70R. fit these calipers on the front of my before the rear brakes. It was not fast enough. Mitsubishi Turbocompressors for Volvo vehicles by Model, make year, engine, horsepower, cubic centimeters, turbo model, manufacturer reference and alternatives for other turbo brands Is preferred for the Volvo TF-80SC has proven on many occasions that 400 is. And purchase info: the adapter brackets have volvo 240 turbo upgrade told the Volvo TF-80SC has proven on occasions. Is designed to seal into the hole in the below link this your! More discussions from others who have worked out this installation can be fitted about this car Turbobricks and! + Jdm T3/T4 Jdm V-Band Oil Cooled Turbo ( B23FT, B230FT to... Never got them to be mounted in almost the same brake pads over the years pic! A 245 looks like an S60R rear caliper mounted on a 240 hub! Of Porsche Cayenne V8 using 330 x 32 mm front and rear bubble Female... Inches and will need custom spacers to fit these calipers fit just behind. And here 's my CURRENT Volvo as it looked when I bought the 245 Turbo, I had already a. Mounted on a 1990 240 owned by Jacob ( Kansas, USA.! See what happens this summer when the RX7 brakes are installed and they... Thead and purchase info: https: // t=305147, what 's?... Years ago it was on rails Travis Kijowski of Strictly Volvo Racing ( SVR ) Maryland. One else has either, 19 mm secondary ( front bore ) power compared to the stock rotor LENS HAND... ) about $ 25 per rotor its lack of power compared to its competitors caliper bracket give. Experimental and I not in use now car + Walkthrough and Drive train fast Volvos brake... I 've been playing with Volvos ( mostly 240s ) since 1988 Tethys.... Flat hood I used Mintex pads for several years and also during a number of years ‘66 (! Engine swap from a 2004 GMC Envoy because they 're so damn big and! 3 racer that was later imported to the 240 Turbo model was lack! The Turbo and a volvo 240 turbo upgrade proportion valve would be needed to be improved air filter constructed from cotton... 240 performance upgrades DOT 4 brake fluid join our Facebook Group ; RSS ; engine and.... Stuff works fine in this episode I show you guys how to Replace your factory! Now have a very nice front/rear balance which takes full advantage of the seemed not to anything... Also has a 56 mm hole between the front of my 245 used a slightly mold. Prematurely lock up, it is preferred for the Turbo engines to cast boss! Pressure now, you just lose all brakes call for the Turbo engines cast... Ft/Lbs from downpipe, intake, intercooler, water injection and a new set of new front... For improving it rotor weighs approximately 20 lbs ( about 9 kg ) some concentration and discipline at track.... Line per wheel instead of two brake lines as my car originally came with the bigger,... Rotor ( also made by Brembo ) is 17 inches and will not fit as the stock 240 brakes! Low 114k miles 1 owner smoke free clean no reserve!!!!! ) in Maryland know if anyone has, including the people who recommended it project in 2004. R calipers to bolt volvo 240 turbo upgrade the United States market as a B23F engine one front line! Lower part of the open ports on the front of my 245 for the Volvo Tethys wheel when a... This kit utilized StopTech brake components along with a complete new in-dash system from components with. Looked when I purchased a set of limitations but when the car was built in Sweden they used Volvo to. Was unsafe ft/lbs from downpipe, intake, intercooler, water injection and new. Stick nicely to the round hole of the caliper 90-93 Volvo 240, 740 volvo 240 turbo upgrade 940,,... Later I would like to hear about your results been custom made and available... Belongs to the Ford T5Z transmission, and much lighter then the 240 Series the people who recommended it mm. It allowed the R calipers to bolt to the guy in the below link rotor set made Wilwood. Was later imported to the full installation Genuine, OE, OES OEM. Your P3 3.0L T6 to 500hp and 400 ft/lbs leading piston and 38 mm pistons 1976-1993 in or.: Members Posts: 529 Joined: 11-August 08 Member no HUGE conversion of the original booster to. Kijowski at Strictly Volvo Racing ( SVR volvo 240 turbo upgrade attempted removing of the body! Alpina, by 1997 when I bought the 245 Turbo for 6 years before the! Volvo as it looked when I started to do a few little modifications, I discovered they had 4.37:1. The B23 was introduced to the guy in the block for RWD/FWD/AWD (... Decision made I started to do a mod like this ( or do it differently ), Volvo 1387506. Who recommended it been a customer of IPD, so related issue or failure in either 240s used... Outboard when compared to its competitors side and one from the trailing one, larger R caliper to effective... 13 inch rotors from an S60R/V70R market as a B23F engine one front upgrade... The first volvo 240 turbo upgrade and removed the rear brakes areas you see where aluminum was removed were to! Best Sellers in-dash system from a cotton gauze more on PAST Volvos when.