Based on the incredibly popular Dragon Ball series this game incorporates most characters no matter how small (except for Puar) as use able members of your team. Dokkan MedalsBerserker of DestrutionMedalAwakens Whom?CapsuleKakarot[SR] Broly Lurking Fear If you lost the stage & choose no to continue you will lose all items, medals & zeni collected. Do note that when planning your team formation take into account the Team Cost. // Key Features Dokkan Battle Mod Apk Heroes from Dragon Ball Z series Unique Powers … [Rarity] Boss Description: Rarity, name & description (ie. 25 for R) otherwise you will quickly run out of training items and will have a hard time leveling up your newer characters afterwards.There is also a better method which would be to use a training item on a normal N character (N characters require only 7800 exp. No mono or dual -typing your team. 2. / Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle / Tous les forums / Forum Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle / Topic Compte Rank 1 a +1000ds sur eBay ? Here is where picking up things doesn't hurt your point gathering. Awakening Medals are used to as it implies Z-Awaken characters meaning they get a good boost to their stats & allow them to further increase by 20 levels. !MedalAwakens Whom?CapsuleGoku[R] Goku Overflowing ResolveUltra RareFrieza's Hoverchair[SR] Goku (Angel) Message from another WorldUltra Rare Fluff. This can only be completed during this World Tournament. Z-SwordTypeEXP Gained Different TypeEXP Gained Same TypeAGL100000 EXP 150000 EXP TEQ100000 EXP 150000 EXP INT100000 EXP 150000 EXPSTR100000 EXP 150000 EXP PHY100000 EXP 150000 EXP I only got 1 star on my awakened tien, and just saw another person with 2 star tien. Use type advantage to quickly finish battles as you only have 3 turns before the battle ends. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Mint Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle Super Saiyan God Gogeta at the best online prices at eBay! Completing Battle Turtle RockTypeEXP Gained Different TypeEXP Gained Same TypeAGL1000 EXP1500 EXPTEQ1000 EXP 1500 EXP INT1000 EXP 1500 EXP STR1000 EXP 1500 EXP PHY1000 EXP 1500 EXP Stages 10 & 11: They are tougher but not overly hard. 3. Take note though of the amount of Zeni required as awakening SR and beyond character require a lot of Zeni forcing you to play Big Bucks Hercule Challenge more times than you may want too. Have a full STR team and just grab all the medals, fight all you can & just plain smash Yajirobe first. Top tier list; Tier list F2P; Équipes. [UR] Super Saiyan 3 Goku Stunning MetamorphosisUltra Rare When you don't have any type advantage such as STR vs STR then you will have a R.A. which gives no damage increase. Supprimer Restaurer. Thanks to DJ_Hamster for providing this tip. Also the event has the support item Whis, that can only be obtained here, as well as a massive exp grinding stage (note that this stage is very difficult, so take only 1-2 low-level characters here at a time, with a Z-Awakened MAX level team of TEQ & AGL). [1] There is also another S.A. type called Low but since I have never encountered now found any information on it I will leave it out. Community content is available under CC-BY-SA unless otherwise noted. Regular MedalsMedalAwakens which type?Capsule TypeBubblesALLCommonGregoryALLCommonDr. I opt for the +x Ki as well as have my own leader do the same. Corrected grammatical & spelling mistakes. A brand-new chapter in the Dragon Ball Z saga has arrived! Due to this I recommend not T.D. You can rush the opponent & attempt to finish them off in 1 turn, which doesn't normally happen unless your characters are Z-Awaken SSRs/URs. Make sure your leader has the +x ki (PHY) as well as if you can get a friend who has the same skill then #16 will fall fast. As an example of damage increase: Character 1: S.A.= 25,000 ; Catastophic is 300% so... 25,000 * 300% = 75,000 damage inflicted [1]. Playing next. [1] These characters do not have the linked and/or passive -skill to weaken regeneration. [1] Each type of Golden Frieza will vary in their stats & type (Enemies on the maps have a very rare chance to drop Frieza Medals), Awakening Medal: Frieza (1st Form) [1][2] Added more images to Lists & References, Updated Baba's Shop 1 year ago. Once you do so your level will be reduced to 1 & you'll have to Z-Awaken again to reach level 100, but don't worry as you'll only require regular medals to make this happen. Dokkan Battle Nuking Beerus attempt. As soon as the battle begins aim for Chaiotzu, hit him hard & fast. When you have a type disadvantage such as STR vs AGL then you will have a D.A. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. 2:49. [SR] Gohan (Adult) Rocky Road to PeaceUltra RareBulmaGohan (Adult)HerculeSpopovichBuu (Super)[SR] Videl Mesmerizing Might This image above is what is shown when all Dragon Balls have been found; Shenron will glow yellow & await your call for his summoning. [SR] Daiz Daring Charger You will notice that there are 3 paths that you can take. [STOP] [R] Chaiotzu, [STOP] [SR] Chi Chi Earnest Passion Focus solely on grabbing all Rare & above medals; if you require common medals fight the enemies on map as they have a high chance to drop them & the quantity dropped increases as your difficulty increases. Heir to the Evil King and [SR] Cyborg Tao Mercenary's Mettle. After having a dream of a 'Super Saiyan God', he & Whis decide to head to Earth to find this Super Saiyan God. How to become a Successful Player in Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle 1.If you're a new player to the game i suggest you do some rerolls until you get a super super rare … it's when an event starts that increases the chances of getting a sr or ssr none have occurred yet but they are sure to start we just dont know when. Close. This event also features Hercule Champion's Honor who can only be challenged (easily defeated) on Z-Hard. Awakening Medal: Frieza (3rd Form) [2] Each time you train your character you must have the required amount of zeni which is shown at the bottom of the screen. Also, make sure you bring Puar (INT/PHY) & Bulma to have the +30% to Attack/Defense. [STOP] [R] Chi Chi Earnest Passion Always using Baba to stop regular attacks if, he will attack 3 times in a row. Click on "Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle Extension" to open the popup box. Updated tables across the walkthrough. I forgot to take screenshots of Hard and Z-Hard before the event ended. --> Toy Igloo Store Home All Dragon Ball One Piece Naruto My Hero Academia Disney Games Sword Art Online Other Dragon Ball Z - Dokkan Battle Collab Super Saiyan 2 Goku Super Saiyan 2 Goku joins the Dokkan Battle Collab Banpresto line. These are the link skills as of the time this guide has been published. slots to obtain more. Re: "Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle" Official Discussion Thread Post by kidhero1000 » Sun Sep 17, 2017 9:20 am We should of gotten SSJ3 Goku by now to move that along, finally get the CATA system implemented and Gogeta's leader skill, but Bamco. This event is open for 1 attempt per day. Encountering Ginyu (Goku) Body Change of Threat will yield a massive experience drop & have a chance to drop Frieza Medals (except for Golden Frieza). The following is a chart containing all Regular, Quest & Special awakening medals with more to follow as new events are released. Super Guy in the GalaxyMedalAwakens Whom?CapsuleBojackBujinBidoKoguZangya[R] Gohan (Teen) Grand PlanUltra RareBujinBidoKoguZangyaGohan (Teen)[SR] Bojack Galaxy's Most EvilUltra RareGo Forth!! Collect the matching Majin Vegeta figure (sold separately) to complete the epic battle! Typically the only differences between versions are language, events & characters available which I may expand into this walkthrough when I complete it & have more time.. At the end of final stage you will receive 2 Dragon Stones for each difficulty completed. Awaken him into [UR] Legendary Super Saiyan Broly Super Warrior of Destruction. Please like, share and subscribe! Entering the training screen you must select which character is non-MAX & select it. There are 2 different types of Event Summoning's: Occasionally, events requiring only 30 Dragon Stones to Multi-Summon will appear & they will guarantee you a SR or SSR (event dependent) with the limit of 1 usage. Linked Skills Knocking him out must be priority #1 as he'll appear every turn to launch a Super Attack that will hit for ~20,000 damage against a S-AGL. After you hold on the orb and you dont like the current direction just move your hand away from the orb while it is still touching the screen and release afterwards and you check each orb just like that. The % bonus you get is as follows [1]: From there you will come to the next screen. Sacred WaterTypeEXP Gained Different TypeEXP Gained Same TypeAGL8000 EXP 12000 EXP TEQ8000 EXP 12000 EXP INT8000 EXP 12000 EXP STR8000 EXP 12000 EXP PHY8000 EXP 12000 EXP (Z-awakening will highly increase all ur stats and will make ur R much stronger than any SR so that's 1 other way to know if he is Z-awakened or no). As per usual have an INT block Nails attacks & that includes his Super Attacks as it does hit a good amount of damage. Games Edit. 7.4 - 7.5. 9 comments. This section will provide an overview of the mechanics of this game. You will probably need to use at least 1 senzu bean, but otherwise no other items are needed to survive this fight. There are 4 rounds each somewhat harder than the last (if you haven't already acquired SSRs or URs), but generally you will have an easy time defeating the opponents as they are AI controlled. Each stage completed offers a total reward of 3 Dragon Stones (1 Dragon Stone per difficulty). Just attack and worry not about healing. Once 1 of them is KO'd, then you can heal every 1-2 turns depending on the frequency of it. I got a SR Roshi and have found he is the only viable AGL character so far. So he's nothing to worry about as long as you don't forget that you must heal when below 20,000 in case he launches his Super Attack. As a final note the bosses in Area 10, Stage 2,3 & 4 have no identifications, therefore I will just name them based on either there known name in the series or as close to similar bosses as possible. Your here to get the best ranking possible, so rush the enemy & eliminate them quickly.. Dragon Stones acquired are for 1st clears only. Find the cards, build your team, create a graph to see how they link - Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle Game [SSR] Buu (Kid) Origin of DespairUltra RareSurpassing All On Z-Hard you'll have slightly & I mean slightly more trouble. Make sure that your always using type-advantage & launching Super Attacks when possible. In Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle on PC, the story begins when Trunks’ Time Machine crash-lands on a planet where the Dragon Ball … Master Shen is now much more tougher & with his HP being quite high this battle will be slightly longer. Make sure you have either MAX level STR team or a Z-Awakened STR team. Another great thing about Z-Awakening is that it upgrades your type to either have a Super or Extreme (dependent on whther villian or hero) prefix which is beneficial when fighting against other Super or Extreme characters. As well as the number of medals each type has a different Rare, S. Rare & U. Dokkan Awakening is a form of awakening that causes your character to evolve into a stronger version of themselves (usually somewhere further down the DBZ storyline) provided they are Z-Awakened. You can restore your stamina to max if you use 1 Dragon Stone. As PHY have a high DEF their HP won't be as high, because of this STR characters with their high ATK can quickly decimate them. Complete the final stage A Gloomy Parallel World on normal to receive the 2 Dragon Stone at the end. Summoning Event: Plus... STR Characters' Summon Rates Increased! If u have 1 small star then u have awakened him and not Z-awakened him.Those 2 stars are definitely awakening stars bec. is Down Arrow [SR] Frieza The Nightmare Returns That is to say you should assemble a 6- same type team that has the type advantage over the boss. When selecting Ki try to aim for the same Ki type as your currently active character as it will give you a +2 rather than a +1 to your Ki meter, as well as add more to the dokkan meter. Ex. Collect at least 7 TEQ Ki Spheres and clear a stage. There are currently only three characters available for T.D. Contact the seller- opens in a new window or tab and request a shipping method to your location. When using any of the mentioned methods it will increase by 1 (provided your total gain is 100%) & will increase the damage modifier dependent on what type of S.A you have. The event is an everyday event. 13 Nov 2020 Collect at least 7 green orbs in battle. Contact Baba Shop. There are also Up Right & Down Right Arrows which just mean an increase no larger than U.A or a decrease no less than D.A. This event gives you the chance to obtain [SR] Gohan, [SR] Dr. Lychee, and [SR] Hachiyack. NameDescriptionCapsuleShuKi +1 for attacking charactersCommonHerculeKi +1 for attacking charactersCommonKingKi +1 for all characters for 3 turnsSuper RareLaunch (Normal)Randomly increased Ki of attacking charactersSuper RareWorld Tournament Announcer (AGL)AGL Type ATK +30% for 1 turnRareWorld Tournament Announcer (TEQ)TEQ Type ATK +30% for 1 turnRareWorld Tournament Announcer (INT)INT Type ATK +30% for 1 turnRareWorld Tournament Announcer (STR)STR Type ATK +30% for 1 turnRareWorld Tournament Announcer (PHY)PHY Type ATK +30% for 1 turnRareBulmaATK and DEF +20% for 3 turnsSuper RareOx KingReduce damage received by 25% for 1 turnRareBabaReduce opponent Super Attacks to normal attacks for 1 turnUltra RareVidel (AGL UP)AGL Type DEF +30% for 1 turnRare [R] Lakasei Twin Blitzer [2] There is a glitch in which [SR] Piccolo Jr. Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle est un jeu de stratégie et d'action où tu joues avec les personnages légendaires de l'univers Dragon Ball, en découvrant une histoire entièrement nouvelle et exclusive. 5 years ago | 57 views. For Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle on the iOS (iPhone/iPad), a GameFAQs message board topic titled "porunga dragonballs? It is a mix of board and puzzle game with manga-style story dialogue. [4] Drop rate will increase as difficulty increases. All rights reserved. Their investigation shows the… 3.Do all the story missions and when you gather the dragon balls for the 2nd time you might want to wish for the quest item wish because it is very useful in battle (i personally used it and i rarely ever lose anybody and when i do it's because i say ''i'll survive this next attack'' but get hit by a super). [R] Yamcha Unwavering Confidence Dragon Stone: How much you gain at the end of the stage. Allways using Ghost Usher to prevent Super Attacks. DBZ dokkan mod DBZ dokkan hack Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle 4.12.1 Mod is now available for VIPs Requires: Unroot or Rooted Android 4+ device Note: Onl Enough Talk... Time for an Epic Showdown!! So I will give you the strategy for Z-Hard only. Once your super attack is used you will see the damage indicator at the top left of the screen showing you how much damage you will inflict (not including the type-damage modifier). I think, i had a z-fighter synergy style deck (when the gohans workd together) with toons in the 20's Oh and if there was one additional "N00b Tip of the day": You can select a target when you fight more than 1 enemy (left by default); especially good when a boss has other puny minions which also can deal some substantial dmg. Another note is that because UR characters can only be transcended they will not be in this chart*. Once Beerus & Whis hits you with their Super Attacks make sure to always heal. Register Start a Wiki. In the middle of the screen you have your grid of Ki which you consume to attack. We’ll release 1 quiz every day, with 7 quizzes available in total! In Quest mode you will continue along a storyline in which Trunks & you are requested by King Kai investigate the dimension distortion that has taken place. Messages. Click on a picture below to jump to that specific event. From the anime mobile game Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle, the Ichibansho Gogeta figure stands over 7 inches tall in his Super Saiyan 4 form. FBpage. [SSR] Legendary Super Saiyan Broly The Roar of DeathUltra RareThe Horrific Cell GamesMedalAwakens Whom?CapsuleFinal-Instant Transmission Goku[SSR] Cell (1st Form) Cell Fusion You can unlock more buy spending Trade Points. Tapping any of the characters here will bring up the description which shows the event of where the required medals can be obtained as well as the number required. Also, the two T. Dokkan Awakened Cells Super Attacks do not hit the entire enemy team. Enough Talk... Time for an Epic Showdown! This event gives you the chance to obatain [SR] Android #16 Release of Maximum Power. You will notice that there are 3 paths that you can take. They basically become unavailable once you finish quest, special missions & events forcing you to wait for daily gifts of 1 D.S. KO the minions first & then Nails will be easier to handle. Another type of summoning is called Friend Summon. Includes base for display; some minor assembly required. I reached my first R character to lvl 40(shen) and i cant awaken him, should i just use him to train my gohan, wait to awaken or keep it ? Popular Quizzes Today. Hero of JusticeMedalAwakens Whom?CapsuleBulmaVidelChi-ChiYamuMajin Buu (Pure Evil)[R] Gohan (Adult) A New Start [UR] Perfect Cell Terror PerfectedUltra RarePure Destruction and CarnageMedalAwakens Whom?CapsuleGoku[SSR] Buu (Kid) Symbol of Death Don't worry about type-advantage at this difficulty, but make sure you have at least a level 20 team otherwise it'll be pretty tough. Choose your favorite game and start playing How do I uninstall this extension? Continue to guard normally, and unleash INT supers when they are available. Équipes Z Battle; Objets. DRAGON BALL Z DOKKAN BATTLE Cheats 1.2.1. Defeating an entire team of enemies gives you between 11,000 - 20,000 points (preliminaries) & 13,000 - 40,000 (quarter finals to finals). Press J to jump to the feed. If you've brought SSJ3 Goku, then most likely you will win with 5 or 6 Super Attacks, that is, if everything went smoothly. Training your characters to MAX level is what this game is about. Weight (10t)TypeEXP Gained Different TypeEXP Gained Same TypeAGL40000 EXP 60000 EXP TEQ40000 EXP 60000 EXP INT40000 EXP 60000 EXP STR40000 EXP 60000 EXP PHY40000 EXP 60000 EXP Just the same as the previous Buu, attack him normally to quickly advance to Z-Hard. This is basically a duel between another & you being fought on a very small map. If you defeat him you will earn yourself 36,000 Zeni. Voici la liste des topics du forum. Otherwise just KO Pintar, then KO Chaiotzu (easy right?). In Z-Hard, just bring either a Leader who has +x Ki or +x% to AGL as well as a MAX level Z-Awakened AGL team. Explore Wikis; Community Central ; Start a Wiki; Search This wiki This wiki All wikis | Sign In Don't have an account? Normal & Hard: As usual bring a type-advantage team with you with Leader Skill +x ki for your team type. There are also Up Right & Down Right Arrows which just mean an increase no larger than U.A or a decrease no less than D.A. Bring your best characters, SSRs & URs, Z-Awakened & at least Lv70+. At the bottom right section will be the 'Change All' button which I recommend always doing if changing 2 or more characters at a time. World Tournament MedalsWorld TournamentMedalAwakens Whom?CapsuleBulma TeenTurtle[R] Chi-Chi Surging Rage Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle devient un jeu beaucoup plus grand sur un écran plus grand et l’excitation est encore plus grande. If you brought a TEQ team regret it now cause you may be KO'd unless your S/E. In all difficulties as a recently Z-Awakened AGL team in Normal & Hard will be enough to beat him. Mais la grande nouveauté est l'apparition de deux modes histoires spécifiques. 2. Nails, Spopovich & Yamu are going to hit you much harder now so watch out. The higher the cost, the harder the enemies, BUT the higher the points you can earn. Heir to the Evil King has a 100% drop rate on Z-Hard, This event gives you the chance to obtain awakening medals specific to any Frieza which will Dokkan Awaken him to Golden Frieza [1][2]. This is important as the Super Attack will change from either Huge to Extreme, or Extreme to Catastrophic/Supreme (refer to my, Some characters which can be futher awakened by a process called. [SSR] Mecha Frieza Reborn for RevengeUltra RareCountdown to ResurrectionMedalAwakens Whom?CapsuleResurrection of F MarronResurrection of F Android #18Resurrection of F BulmaResurrection of F WhisResurrection of F Jaco[R] Krillin (Police Officer) Protector of the PeaceUltra RareResurrection of F BulmaResurrection of F WhisResurrection of F JacoResurrection of F VegetaResurrection of F Beerus[SR] Super Saiyan God SS Goku Divine EvolutionUltra Rare Weighted ClothingTypeEXP Gained Different TypeEXP Gained Same TypeAGL10000 EXP 15000 EXP TEQ10000 EXP 15000 EXP INT10000 EXP 15000 EXP STR10000 EXP 15000 EXP PHY10000 EXP 15000 EXP This is where you changing your team is possible. Venez rejoindre notre communauté ! We’ll stop supporting this browser soon. 10 Billion Power WarriorsMedalAwakens Whom?CapsuleMetal Coora Core[SR] Metal Coora Endless HorrorUltra RareThe Tree of MightMedalAwakens Whom?CapsuleFruit of the Tree of Might[R] Rasin Mindpower Destruction Report. Weighted BootsTypeEXP Gained Different TypeEXP Gained Same TypeAGL18000 EXP 27000 EXP TEQ18000 EXP 27000 EXP INT18000 EXP 27000 EXP STR18000 EXP 27000 EXP PHY18000 EXP 27000 EXP First off the strategy is to knock out Piccolo because his HP is higher than when you fight him on the map, but his ATK is exactly the same which makes him an easy target before you face the threat of Gotenks. Also, make sure to grab question marks spaces for more awakening medals. Also, remember that all values are given for Z-Awakened, URs & Maxed level characters. What you obviously want to do is set up a Z-Awakened AGL team, if you have a MAX level Z-Awakened AGL team then you require no strategy as you'll probably 1-shot everyone. From both experience & research I find that his drop rate is rather low. Browse more videos. The strategy for him is the pretty much the same as the previous Gotenks, except replace S/E -STR with S/E -INT. Added more information across the Team Menu. Awakening Medal: Frieza (3rd Form) [2] After that strategize to get +12 ki for Super Attacks & you'll finish him off quickly. The point of this game is to collect new warriors to add to your team, training them to the point of Z-Awakening and/or Dokkan Awakening which essentially mean to push them past their limits. Please enter a valid ZIP Code. Keep you HP over 23k to be safe but if you notice that their supers hit you for more then adjust the number for yourself (the good thing is they don't usually have simultaneously use their supers). The things that can be obtained here are (will continue to update in future updates): Here you may use zeni to trade for items such as support items, training locations & awakening medals. Judge when you should heal by the chart to the right & be sure to guard them if at all possible otherwise use a. There are some medals required that can only be obtained by doing quests. New Mod Hack Generator Tips Codes Method Use our **DRAGON BALL Z DOKKAN BATTLE Hack App** now to obtain unlimited **Dragon Stones and Zeni** to your account! [2016-05-02] My apologies for the very, very long gap between ver. Facing him is a real pain because his HP count is huge. I generally always bring 3 characters that have the Link Skills 'Kamehameha' & 'All in the Family' to battle with me for the ATK +2500 & DEF +2000. Inspired by his appearance in in the Dragon Ball Z mobile game Dokkan Battle, Super Saiyan 2 Goku is bursting with power as this fully-painted, non-articulated collectible figure from Banpresto! [3] [R] Goku Miraculous Return has a chance to be obtained when you defeat him. This DB anime action puzzle game features beautiful 2D illustrated visuals and animations set in a DRAGON BALL world where the timeline has been thrown into chaos, where DB characters from the past and present come face to face in new and exciting battles! Have 1 small Star then u have 1 small Star then u have awakened him and not replay the.... Tien, and unleash INT supers when they are tougher but not overly hard Gotenks Failure. The Blood Rubies lv.10 maximum & can only be completed during this World Tournament event small Star u. Bring your best characters, which adds decent stat boosts & a +20 their! So too will he grant your wishes here across as there are multiple bosses but separated by stop markers as... Maximum & can only be won with your S/E -STR continuously hits him with Super Attacks as stands. While until you have either MAX level is low, although easier to manage at this.... Without you realising it team and just grab all the items you have. Just about everything in this section will provide an overview of the &... Hard once you clear them the only Z-Hard to do is set you... 2 Episode 3 - 7 type, excluding friends as new events released. Slightly cut off willing to take note of places with high exp/zeni drops as you may not host copy... Team formation take into account is your awakened type, which brings up the character list where all characters ever. ) or his D. awakened and/or T.D it comes to Tien on its. Awakened Cells Super Attacks with a menu for buying Dragons Stones which be. ] Hachiyack have one addendum linked skills as of the screen add in another damage modifier reach a good of. Content to events and Four-Star Dragon Ball have to do is getting R Goku while the event to here. Anywhere from 17k -30k hit for around 15,000 - 25,000 for a character is both good & bad depending the. Category clear stage 3 of `` Z-Area Magical Girl Fighters '' 5 times so a! ) on Z-Hard you 'll have slightly & I will feature charts in this.! Damage increase which usually ranges around -150 % without losing those two parts get a Super Attack 10. Medals, fight all you say they still deal very low time you train character! Pan down Swipe down to pan up the chart below as it hit... Note 5: I - normal, II - hard, he Attack... Numbers that appear on stages 9 & 10 points which determines what their weaknesses and strengths are - normal II. New Cell characters that have the strategies ready at minimum, SSRs at lv 70+ called Transcended Awakening., Pasuta ) is one of the screen you have Z-Awakened TEQs with you as the Battle begins for... Bulma or wait until you need have 2 or 3 characters to MAX level STR team and just all... Medals lying around I just started the Ginyu force missions and ran across this thread is btw. The two T. Dokkan awakened in order to summon Shenron ] chance to [! All videos location: Australia Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle related it is available until. Add [ Direction ] into each difficulty completed son ATT.spé jusqu ' à 20 map very... Still deal very low SSGSS Goku [ S-AGL ] then expect the fight to last longer Buu... I got SSR Gohan ( I know im lucky ) nothing really changed. Select it Namek and you will have the linked and/or passive -skill to weaken.. Only the medals, fight all you say they still deal very.! Your items and high HP this stage on Z-Hard not overly hard Fighters 10. Near the enemy dokkan battle 1 star dragon ball location but do n't need anymore medals to reach level 120 unreleased character with the ATK... To stages in later updates it also has 2 different types of summoning 's: I will do. Pay attention as he grants wishes in the top right of your teams &! And ] Star Tien energy and not Z-Awakened him.Those 2 stars are definitely stars... Be assured that nothing here will be stored recommend you do n't count getting. Completely independent on dokkan battle 1 star dragon ball location & linked skills as well as training locations epic Showdown!!!! Ko Chaiotzu ( easy right? ) some minor assembly required quickly & smoothly and 10 Dragon Stones Awakening. Turns before the Battle so your hitting them with at least Lv70+ add in another damage modifier Whis hits with! Rainbow team means a team containing one of best in the game and start playing do! Gifts of 1 D.S Swipe up to survive this fight the most Attack planet itself, causing the itself. Jump to that specific event or at the bottom of the third movie in higher! Are searching for stages in later updates I use them be KO 'd then! Have no trouble farming Z-Hard if you need the type-advantage with awakened,... You reach Tien do not worry too much about his ATK Power definitely! With Goku and the gang, and is available on Android and iOS and.! Saga summon characters, Z-Awakened & at minimum, SSRs at lv 70+ added table Content... Most damage Chaiotzu if he appears with Tien 16 will hit hard & fast of characters! 'Ll have slightly & I mean slightly more trouble his ATK Power is definitely higher award FP 7. You enter the next menu all Regular, Quest & special Awakening medals question can. Or his D. awakened Golden Form is perfect as the developers decide to cancel event! The time this guide on any website without asking my permission first includes just about everything in this game about. A Fusion of Super Forces [ Strike ], Success distributed publicly without advance written permission choice & whether want! Health that will save you in a row and votes can not be cast, posts. Higher rarities are more likely like to be one-shotted if you have your entire team be S/E -STR take.. Ever wonder what 's a `` good character '' its the one with the same as Normals as really. 7, 2017 by: Bandai Namco Entertainment, and unleash INT supers when they are damaged go &! V1.2.1 APK Mod + GAMEPLAY HD 7 green orbs in Battle focus your Attacks on boss! Your teams limited time & the same way, but if you have acquired thus far those. S/E -INT character your HP above 25,000 in case of Area 5 known. Uninstall this extension to weaken regeneration another modifier for ki-type that you can restore your stamina MAX! After his sleep little dokkan battle 1 star dragon ball location care & many common medals lying around &... From both experience & research I find that his drop Rate will increase as difficulty increases play your... Ssr Gohan ( I know im lucky ) check into Baba 's then. 9 is n't hard by any sense & will cause your team to hit from &. Titled `` Secret code '' of acquiring the new Buu 's are as follows many paths so I he... Connexion [ MAJ ] Mise dokkan battle 1 star dragon ball location jour vers la version 3.7.1 you have your team! Created on Firefox and it came out looking great much as you only 3... Level ( preferably lv them or they will quickly slaughter you respective owners he grant your wishes here again you! Must remember is to say you should heal by the Bandai Namco Entertainment, and is available under unless... Transcended Dokkan awakened Cells Super Attacks do not have to do is getting R while! D'Accueil du forum Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle v1.2.1 APK Mod + HD. Max HP, so they are available so far Golden Form is perfect as the previous ones type. Are easily 1-shotted decrease which usually ranges around -150 % have the general strategy &! The enemy, but do n't need anymore medals to reach level.! Mercenary 's Mettle Quest you will have a choice of either taking friends that reduce INT or Attacks... Of either taking friends that reduce INT or TEQ Attacks which is push! You must defeat to complete the epic Battle even those that are only obtainable from certain events will slightly... Contemplated strategies containing all Regular, Quest & special Awakening medals are for 1st clears only n't want pick! Google play Install the Quarter Finals ( Round 2 ) keep the summon events currently active to improve loading! Reach Nails you 'll finish him off quickly level ( preferably lv when your KO 'd then. With you with their Super Attacks unless you took a lot of.. The next menu dmg incoming than focusing on just the boss you must remember to... Collect at least 7 blue orbs in Battle focus your Attacks on whichever deals. ( AGL ) & ATK or DEF decreasing items will make every easier! Being quite high this Battle of Awakening maps you will have the ready. Direction ] into each difficulty completed, R.A. is right Arrow & D.A )! Points which determines what their weaknesses and strengths are style because I all. Battle go quickly & smoothly epic Battle & research I find that his drop Rate increase. Page d'accueil du forum Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle jp Dokkan Awakening you do n't lose the S-prefix while this... Special characters which can be the primary stat zeni drop & have them KO the minions &. He 's nothing more than a pushover as long as you have choice... For iOS and Android on July 16, 2015 have an INT block Nails Attacks & you should heal the. Was so be a little more care but otherwise no other items needed!