Are female Dobermans more aggressive? But if you can only bring home just one dog, then this article should help to make it clear which is the better guard dog for you. Good watch dogs will have strong personalities and need additional training to make them perfect … Regal and proud, this breed stands at 24inches to 28 inches and weighs between 60lbs and 100lbs. The Doberman, also known as the German Pinscher, is strong and … Doberman if needed can be a good guard dog. Save my name and email in this browser for the next time I comment. Most owners find they make new friends and get further absorbed in the personal protection dog world than they thought they would. Female Dobermans are often considered by experts to be more aggressive than male Dobermans. They are a good choice for families as long as they are correctly trained and well socialised from a young age which is vital where this breed is concerned, they become valued members of a family and get very attached to children in a household. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to If I were to consider its best guarding attribute it would be its attentiveness and aloofness of strangers. Will Robinson. Each has it’s own advantages when it comes to guard work. The result is that Doberman’s now have a natural instinct to protect those who they bond with. Dobermans are renowned as being very good watch and guard dogs because they are so easily trained. But there’s certainly more to the answer to this question. Before your Doberman is ready to be successful at guarding you or your family, you need to be sure he has some basic training under his belt. However, if you don’t like the standoffish nature of Dobies, … Loyal and loving, this breed of dog makes a good pet and guard dog combo. The largest difference between male and females Dobermans is their size. With some dedication, obedience work can be done at home but agility training in a facility does so much do build your dog’s confidence that even without specific protection training such as IPO, your Doberman will be much more likely to act appropriately if a situation arose where they had to protect you or your family. But because they are such adaptable creatures they make lovely family pets. If you just want a guard dog, look elsewhere. While Dobermans are adaptive learners, they also have the instinctive intelligence to guard and protect the pack. One of the best guard dog breeds, the Doberman is a sleek, powerful, fast, and fearless dog. Even so, they are known to be stable, calm, and easy to train. Arrange to visit breeders in your area if possible to see both the cute babies and the adult, finished product. The body like that of athletes, sharp ears, and high speed, Doberman Pinscher or Dobermann as it is best known is the newest type of dog on the block. That’s why some experienced Doberman owners will opt to own both a male and female together to protect a home. Naturally, Dobermans are fairly good guard dogs but they’ll only excel at guard or personal protection work if you train them. Doberman- the guard dog. Frankly, most Doberman Pinschers are "too much dog" for the average household. Nos partenaires et nous-mêmes stockerons et/ou utiliserons des informations concernant votre appareil, par l’intermédiaire de cookies et de technologies similaires, afin d’afficher des annonces et des contenus personnalisés, de mesurer les audiences et les contenus, d’obtenir des informations sur les audiences et à des fins de développement de produit. However, in reality, they’re still sweet, loving, and caring family dogs and are known to be gentle with kids. Ok so I don't have any children right now but I will be getting a Doberman if I socialize it before I have children will he be good with the baby when I have a child? that is what they were bred for. The breed is best suited in a calm household with experienced owners who are interested in … These things will have a much bigger impact on how good of a guard dog they are then what sex they are. A little training goes a long way. Males average about two inches taller and 15 to 20 pounds heavier. All these characteristics are why the Doberman breed is consistently considered one of the world’s best breeds for guard or personal protection work. yes dobermans are good guard dogs. The Doberman Pinscher breed was originally created in the 1800’s by a tax collector who needed a dog for personal protection while out collecting taxes. Our Doberman Cooper was still a puppy when he first demonstrated his talent for howling. In fact, if I wanted to know my Doberman would protect me and my family if needed, and I could only enroll him in one training class, I would pick agility training. Generally, Dobermans have a lifespan of about 9–12 years and is one of the top dog breeds to make the perfect guard dog. Instilling basic manners are important also so that he or she can focus during their training sessions. They are strong and athletic animals and are proud to protect their inner circles (i.e. To further develop your Doberman’s, guard dog skill set, enrollment in an accredited training program is highly recommended. Males come in at a whopping 99 to 110 pounds. If you want a brave dog that will defend your family come what may, this breed is a perfect choice. 1 2. marc b. It can become as much of a club for the owners as the dogs. are Doberman pinschers good family guard dogs. To do this, we keep an eye out for behaviors that seem out of the ordinary. The great thing is that they’re so adaptable they can also make great service and therapy dogs and also excel with their search-and-rescue abilities. History: A German named Louis Dobermann is credited with developing the Doberman pinscher breed in the late 1800s. Before we begin taking a look at some breeds that are good for beginners, let’s first go through why training is so important. Males are also highly territorial and will often mark the perimeter of their property by urinating around the boundaries. After all, Dobermans are naturally playful and like to assert their superiority over others. If you want a Dobie please do your research and spend some time before adding a new member to your family. Though their reputation is someone unwarranted, they continue to prove how adaptable they can be in almost any living situation—another great benefit to using a Doberman as a family guard dog. Doberman dogs are one of those breeds that have been vilified to the extent that some countries have even banned them. This territorial instinct is great if your desire is to have your Doberman protect your yard, property, or home. They are much more suspicious of those they don’t know and are better at “keeping strangers on edge” especially when out in a public place with their owner. History: A German named Louis Dobermann is credited with developing the Doberman pinscher breed in the late 1800s. If you want to decide which sex would be the better guard dog for your situation, you need to take into account what you want the dog for and the environment they’re in. Both males and females are amazing guard dogs and they’ll both love being in a close relationship with you. How to Choose the Best Doberman Puppy from a Litter. I've heard differing opinions. They’re also more inclined to be protective of their owners whereas males tend to be more territorial and protective of their home in general. Dobermans are in the same size class with Rotties and shepherds, but they make the most of their size with their tall build and pointed ears. This additional training is so important because, without confidence and obedience, your Doberman is not going to perform well as a guard dog. Découvrez comment nous utilisons vos informations dans notre Politique relative à la vie privée et notre Politique relative aux cookies. Schutzhund is the german word for “protection dog”. Dobermans are believed to be a mixture of numerous breeds and its regal appearance, sleek coat, short hair, and athletic build characterizes it. When correctly socialised and trained, Dobermans are well-rounded a… Confidence is king. I go much more in-depth into Doberman aggression here. Neither choice is wrong. Informations sur votre appareil et sur votre connexion Internet, y compris votre adresse IP, Navigation et recherche lors de l’utilisation des sites Web et applications Verizon Media. However, contrary to popular belief, Dobermans are actually good family dogs if socialized well and trained right. If you have a large piece of property that you are trying to protect, a Doberman pinscher is a great guard dog for you. If you want a guard dog who is as powerful as possible, will bond equally to all members of the family, excel at protecting your property, and who’ll be less “on-edge” in public settings around new people, then a male Doberman may be the best choice for you. and at night u can sleep well knowing that they are on the job. Surprisingly, being slightly smaller in size might actually make females better than males for guard work. It’s actually the size difference that experts say contributes to the slight differences in personality types that male and female Doberman Pinschers can display. Male vs. Advertisements. Males, on the other hand, are considered better for guarding property or more broadly, a full family unit. So, if you love ALL the OTHER traits of a doberman, are willing to put the time, money, and dedication into them to have a phenomenol lifestyle, and are hoping they are just a visual deterrent...then by all means start researching reputable breeders. Security system won't give me what a dog can . Dobermans are amazingly capable dogs and there is no other realm where this is truer than with guard work. But like any breed, we have two sexes to pick from for the “best” guard dog. Advertisements. Dobermans are calm and friendly dogs that form very strong bonds with their owners. … They’re usually quicker to take aggressive action against a stranger and they make excellent personal protection dogs. Doberman Pinschers are guard dogs. They can be loyal and protective and can be left around children, without apprehensions. Your email address will not be published. Louis Doberman picked breeds and dogs specifically in an attempt to create the best guard dog possible. Stability is the trait they look for in their dogs. If you want help picking the right Doberman puppy for guard work, see my article How to Choose the Best Doberman Puppy from a Litter. There will be hands-on training and testing to make sure your dog is willing and capable to protect you. There are a lot of really great things in the works here at Doberman Planet. The American Kennel Club (AKC) has this online directory available of various breed clubs depending on what you’re looking for. Mature quicker—can start guard work earlier. They are always alert and watchful, being extremely skilful and versatile. While their exact ancestry is unknown, it is believed that Dobermans were the result of breeding dogs like the Rottweiler, Black and Tan Terriers, and German Pinschers—all good guard dogs in their own right. Guard dogs don't always have to be big and strong. This role has been innate to them since then. Any dog can be a watchdog or guard dog. I'm the founder of Doberman Planet. So if you’re wondering if they will be good family dogs, the answer will depend on your expectations. They may also serve as family pets. The most striking physical feature of the Cane Corso is its sheer size. Female Dobermans are great at protecting one person whereas males excel at protecting a large property or whole family. yes it's a good family dog if it has come from a good breeder and has been properly raised/socialized/ yes, the dobe was created to be a guard dog. They product some of the finest guard dogs in the world and the last thing they look for is a mean or aggressive Doberman. Female Doberman: Which is Better? Unfortunately, their assertive temperaments and their general distaste for anyone who may resemble a possible intruder has cultivated an atmosphere of apprehension around the breed. Go to a few dog shows and speak to the Dobermann exhibitors, ask lots of questions, most people love to talk about their dogs. Like so many things with the Doberman breed, you can’t make a bad choice here. Subscribe to my e-mail list so you’ll be notified when these big changes come! In this day and age, the legal liabilities of owning any breed that looks intimidating and has a history as a guard dog should be seriously considered. I've been working with Dobermans exclusively for over 6 years and there's no other breed I'd rather work with. People are quicker to sue if such a dog does anything even remotely questionable. Dobermans have served closely with military and police personnel and even had a pivotal role in the success of the allies in the fight against the Japanese during the Battle of Guam during World War 2. The smaller stature of female puppies means there is a higher likelihood that they would be pushed around by their littermates. So when it comes to our Doberman’s... My name is John Walter and I absolutely love Dobermans. Their genetic advantage in guard work is clearly visible in their bodies and attitudes. In fact, the Doberman breed was originally created for this specific purpose. Cane Corsos are an Italian breed created for police work, tracking, and as a guard dog. To learn more about all the differences between male and female Dobermans, not just in guard work, see my article Male vs. Remember 1 bullet will kill anyone of these dogs. This can be a character trait that stays with the dog throughout her entire life. They’re also quicker to accept strangers as compared to females. That depends really. Are female Dobermans good guard dogs? The way u guys make it seem that their good for nothing . Doberman Planet is compensated for referring traffic and business to these companies. This is due to their greater territorial instincts. Females are also easier to train and more suspicious of strangers. This elegant canine breed is very intelligent, fiercely loyal, and always alert. I had a large male that was such a wus … There are a few breeds that come to the front of our minds when we think of guard dogs and the Doberman Pinscher is almost always at the front of the pack. They are mostly family dogs and they need to be part of the household, participating in everything and being always around. 6 years ago. No special guard training is needed for anyone who wants a good family protector. It’s now known as “IPO” training, but many people just call it “protection training”. Pour autoriser Verizon Media et nos partenaires à traiter vos données personnelles, sélectionnez 'J'accepte' ou 'Gérer les paramètres' pour obtenir plus d’informations et pour gérer vos choix. Start training your pup with simple commands and manners right from the beginning. Female Dobermans are excellent guard dogs. Because they need a lot of exercise, however, they’re best suited for families with large yards and … While both male and female Dobermans are exceptional guard dogs, female Dobermans tend to mature earlier and be ready for guard work sooner than males. If you want more information about getting involved in Schutzhund/IPO training take a look at the website This breed is incredibly fast and is able to reach an intruder in a short amount of time. If you have a trained guard dog of any sort that is a good deterrent. Take note that Doberman Pinschers were bred to become guard dogs. Traditional thinking has been that males dogs are almost always better guard dogs than females. To prevent themselves from being overly dominated by male pups, females have learned to adopt a more aggressive demeanor within the first months of their lives. In the end, each dog has it’s own personality and temperament. Modern-day Dobermans are a lot more gentle than their counterparts from many generations ago though. The Importance of Training Your Guard Dog. Early socialisation is very important for Dobermans. Once referred to as Devil Dogs, Doberman Pinschers are deceivingly imposing. Their strong and muscular build and lean stature makes them physically impressive. Dobermans are best known for being devoted companions and loyal guard dogs. They excel at personal protection due to their tendency to bond tightly to one person in the house. This is why it can be dangerous to underestimate a female Doberman Pinscher guard dog. Female Doberman: Which is Better? The Doberman Pinscher is a highly capable dog. Both the Doberman and the GSD are popular pet dogs! Let me ask ull something is a gun going to protect your house when no one is home. Your email address will not be published. Perhaps the Doberman dog is most famously known as a guard … Many describe the females as more elegant in their appearance. No special guard training is needed for anyone who wants a good family protector. their “pack” or family). Breeders have done a good job in breeding out some of the aggressive traits that these dogs ha… They are generally more accepting of strangers when in public, but on their home territory, they are much more likely to show aggression to people or animals that approach their boundaries. If you want a guard dog that will excel at protecting one specific person in the family, be quick and easy to train, stick close by your side, and be exceptional at personal protection when in public settings, then a female Doberman may be the best choice for you. Other training schools, although not dedicated specifically to protection work, can be very helpful for your dog. The Doberman’s body is sleek and robust, built for strength and stamina. They have a friendly temperament and due to their watchfulness they can easily be trained to be very good guard dogs. The Doberman Pinscher is by no means a new breed. And my other 2 questions are they good guard dogs like will they protect my house from any intruder 2 legged and 4 legged intruders. We now know that female dogs generally make better personal guardians than males, due to their maternal instincts and tendency to bond tightly to one specific person. Size. These clubs can help you fine-tune your Doberman’s obedience, agility, and other abilities. This can be a positive or a negative depending on what you’re looking for. Their bite strength is unmatched, and that extra 15 to 20 pounds of body weight makes a big difference when they strike their target. Many people feel he succeeded. Its on the top 10 best guard dogs . Their pointed ears, muscular build, and history as formidable guard dogs has had somewhat of an impact on this breed’s overall reputation over the years. Dobermans are consistently rated as one of the best guard dogs in the world and among the top 5 smartest dog breeds in the world. This training focuses on developing your dog’s obedience, tracking, and protection abilities and dogs that have gone through this training successfully generally prove to be exceptional guard dogs. The Doberman’s body is sleek and robust, built for strength and stamina. Usually, male Dobermans will start to “calm down” and become more suitable for protection training at around the age of 4—twice the time of female Dobermans. I've made it my mission to learn everything I can about this amazing breed of dog and help other owners in the process. Intelligence – Good guard dogs must be obedient and respond to at least the most basic of commands, such as sit, lay down, ... size and imposing appearance to make them one of the very best guard dogs available. Yahoo fait partie de Verizon Media. This means they can be trained earlier and actually perform guard work sooner than males. Now we have rotties, pits, dobies, mastiffs, tibetian masstiff etc. They have great information about getting involved in protection training your dog, including this resource for locating IPO clubs near you. Participating in these are major confidence boosters for your dog—a very important thing for a guard dog, whether male or female. After years of working with various Dobermans and their owners, I believe I can shed some much-needed light on this subject. Are male or female Dobermans better guard dogs? The breed was originally created with the purpose of making the ideal guard dog, and with a bite force of 328 PSI, they have the means to back up their bark. These are some of the other training clubs that might be useful for your Dobie to participate in if you are concerned with having the best guard dog possible. There are IPO training facilities all over the United States and many other countries. IPO training can be a lot of fun and will surround you with experienced dog handlers. Known as the fifth-smartest dog breed in the world, Dobermans are fearless, alert and loyal dogs. And for obvious reasons – one of which being that they were specifically bred to be guard dogs in Germany during the early 19th century. Dobermans are well known for being very effective guard dogs as well as beloved family pets and companions. It’s certainly better to have this attitude in your dog if you’re frequently out in public meeting new people. As for the male/female. I live in the Sacramento area of California and love spending quality time with Cooper, my 6-year-old Doberman Pinscher. While the traits listed above may be true in a general sense, it’s important to remember that all dogs are individuals and there are no guarantees as to how your specific Doberman will act. Doberman Pinschers are known for their natural inclination towards guard work. The Doberman is currently the 15th most popular pet dog registered with the American Kennel Club (out of 194 purebred breeds) and the German Shepherd is the 2nd most popular pet dog. We also participate in affiliate programs for ShareASale, Impact, and other sites. In fact, now some experts believe that female Dobermans tend to be more aggressive, but why? Dobermans are sensible, faithful and smart dogs. These dogs are alert and obedient. Doberman Pinscher. Females are only a bit smaller between 88 and 99 … Dobermans are some of the smartest dog breeds in the world. These foundational commands include sit, stay, down, come, recall, watch, heel, leave it, drop it, and a release command. After all, they’re usually larger, have more muscle, and are more likely to be “alpha” type dogs. Their Dobermans must be safe around their own children as well as other peoples children. Overall, both dog breeds have a loving, calm and confident temperament. Historically as a dog breed, Doberman Pinschers has earned a reputation for being the most dangerous dog in the canine world. The Dobermann breed originates in Germany, named after its breeder Louis Dobermann, who tried to create the perfect guard dog through planned breeding. Family Dobes is dog breed and trainer of doberman protection dogs. First of all, females mature quicker than males and usually began acting like adults around the age of two (males usually don’t mature in temperament until about age 4). Doberman is smart and highly energetic, making it the best breed for a working dog, especially in the military and in the police. Their genetic advantage in guard work is clearly visible in their bodies and attitudes. As he got older, he can still certainly let out an impressive howl but luckily, like most Dobermans, he... As Doberman owners, we always want to make sure our dogs are healthy and happy. You may have wondered if a male or female Doberman is the best guard dog for protecting your family. Vous pouvez modifier vos choix à tout moment dans vos paramètres de vie privée. That said, Doberman dogs have continued to surprise novice dog enthusiasts with their charm, wit, and affection. In fact, Doberman pinscher experts often advise against special guard training, which could result in over-guarding and aggression. That’s why we have the Doberman breed in the first place! This is important for any dog, regardless of if he is going to perform guard work. A dog is not going to be only a secruity system, its also guna exercise with me and drive around with me. They’re bulkier with more muscle mass whereas the females tend to be smoother in appearance. It depends far more on how they’re raised, trained, and socialized than what sex they are. In fact, Doberman pinscher experts often advise against special guard training, which could result in over-guarding and aggression. In fact, they’re the 5th most intelligent dog breed according to canine psychologist and pHD, Stanley Coren. Required fields are marked *. If you love Doberman’s then you don’t want to miss what I’ve been working on! The Doberman Breed are considered to be originated in Germany and used as guard dogs, pets etc. It is one of the few breeds named after a person. They’re also considered one of the world’s most trainable dogs. But this is only true if everyone in the household is firm with their pet, … Dobermans are well known for being very effective guard dogs as well as beloved family pets and companions. So let’s talk about the advantages each dog has towards certain guard dog work. Male Dobermans certainly have the strength and power to be a formidable force when it comes to guard work. However, they’re a little goofier, more playful, and slower to mature out of puppyhood than females. Dobermans are not happy as backyard dogs, though they will sure appreciate a fenced yard where they can run, play, and exercise, as they are very active and energetic.