I am charged that $9.95 every month, Add me please I ve been charged this several times, I had 2 credit cards and they over charged me cause it was direct withdrawals from my bank and I end up closing them, now American Express over charges me $360+ and it’s been 3 month and they don’t want to remembers me, they want me to used my card for them to charge me, I want my money back, I also have been charged from Credit One Express pay online how can I be at it please add. v Credit One Bank, N.A., Case No. I have a First Digital Credit card and Indigo Credit card. Please add me I have held this credit card for many years and have went thru this several times of being charged fees. They already charge a annual fee, I recently canceled my account with Credit One because of all the fees they charge. What do I do. The Credit One Class Action Lawsuit is Anthony Waldon, et al. Yes, I have been charged the extra fee for express payments. I literally only spent $30 on that card and only got it to build my credit back up after medical bills messed up my previously great credit score. Add me – I used to use them….terrible experience. Yes we too have made express payments to credit one. Exceeding 300 for fees only in correlation of the unauthorized charges. Please add me. Different state but also have been charged said fees. I finally closed my account with them as my credit has improved however for the years that’s I did have them. One tactic used by LVNV Funding to profit off the debt it buys is the mass filing of collection lawsuits. Please add me. Said if I did back draft payments may be late. Yes! I stopped using the card and they continued to charge fees even though I did not use the card. Very predatory credit card company. Please add me. I was told I wasn’t going to be charged the 9.95 fee but they charged me twice. I live in NC and have used the express payment feature and was charged the $9.95 processing fee. Thank.you. Please add me to this lawsuit . It still let me schedule the payment and it shows pending, it will not let me cancel the pending payment. That 9.95 fee to make a payment is absolutely ridiculous. But, he never spent this money. Add me to this lawsuit. Please add me, I just closed my account with Credit One due to these charges. Next the unlawful practice of charging interest fees on their monthly annual fee – even if it’s paid in full each month. Credit one did me the same way . This is very concerning. I applied for one of the few cards that would give me credit. They done the same thing a month later. Ive been charged this so I didnt get hit with a late payment and it still ended up charging me the late fee. Learn more about the cookies we use. Add me. Please add me. Meanwhile they keep sending new bills monthly with the charges increasing consistently . I’ve been charged the express fee at least a dozen times. I had fraudulent charges on my card. These fees put my card over the credit limit and I got charged for that too , How can one find out if they can be included in this lawsuit? I have a rule to never request these types of services. Please add me. Credit one is a high risk credit card; meaning you are high risk in paying your debt back. I have two accounts with Credit One. Credit One Bank Prerecorded Calls Violate the TCPA Complaint. I live in IL and have also been charged this fee. I stop using my card because I noticed I was charged the express fee when that wasn’t what I chose……. No, don’t include me in your lawsuit, I realize it’s a fee for the cost of doing business and I appreciate them issuing me their Credit Card in the first place. I have on multiple occasions been charged this fee on the credit one online I live in arkansas. When the customer goes to make a payment the options are making Express payment or make a standard payment on your credit card account. I’d pay it because their late charges and interest are incredibly high if you’re late! Im about fed up with this company. I also have a Credit One Credit Card and have had the same experience.