TV show guide for Record of Youth. Maybe cz Netflix keeps reminding me of every new episodes? window.fbAsyncInit = function() { There are plenty of ways to loathe the writing without demonizing the actors/characters. Ae-sook suggests that she date, and that prompts Hae-na to eat her ice cream aggressively. Hae-hyo follows him there, but as soon as the hostesses enter the room, he leaves. The relationship between her and Sa Kyeong-jun started to get interesting. She says that Hye-joon apologized to her countless times while they dated. Kim Su Man, yuck, what a snake! So much of the narrative depended on her cluelessness. Simak preview-nya. Record of Youth: Episode 15 … Meanwhile, Hae-hyo looks up the Marine Corps website, considering enlistment. I am convinced the production team are Anti-fans and value Blue Dragons over Academy Awards because there is NO WAY that some one of your caliber should have been treated like that.. I know not everyone will agree with my points but these are just some random ideas off the top of my head. I don’t know what I think about this drama or where it will rank in my final year tally, but I did find myself both wishing the episode was over and also not wishing it would end simultaneously. Even the script isn’t bad. Hae-na says that she doesn’t want to talk about sad things, and Jin-woo checks her that his reality is sadness to her. There were some great cameos, cheeky meta content, and stellar moments, but unfortunately, my enjoyment of those moments was quickly followed by the feeling that I was gypped of the potential of this drama. Record of Youth S1E15 Watch Video : Record of Youth Season 2 Episode 15 Record of Youth S1 E15 I think it would have been better placed in the earlier episodes so we could see the deterioration of the relationship: how Hae-Joon intended to keep his promises to Jeong-Ha, and to “do better”…but then life and success became too much for him. I am a PBG fan myself and I would love to see his acting match up with his unreal good looks a la Ji Sung. Also, if they could have removed the annoying stage mama entirely it would have helped things, or at least saved a little wasted time. Another false news story involving Hye-jun scandalizes the public. I for one thinks that PBG or his mgt may have had a say on the script. And now, Jung-ha's mom's coming discloses why she seems so indifferent to love - because her mom's love is also superficial. K-Drama, Netflix, TV Recaps. I know a lot of people will say the story was already too focused on Hye Joon, but imagine if we'd gotten a lot more about him trying to keep an even keel as everything around him goes through an upheaval. That’s where this show has shined for me. fjs.parentNode.insertBefore(js, fjs); It clearly was trying to sell itself as a romance story. Disgusted by her mom’s response, Jung-ha calls her shallow. She advises Hye-joon to go the settlement route, since Reporter Kim was misled to harbor bad intentions. When Reporter Kim brings up the lawsuit, the team leader avoids her and doesn’t press her for more. Hye-jun has been on an uphill battle for a very long time and is now experiencing the most challenging fight just yet in his career. On her way out, she runs into Tae-soo, who’s there to offer Do-ha as a back-up if Hye-joon loses the deal. Press J to jump to the feed. Episode 2 … He claims that trust, respect, and love are nothing without money, but Min-jae is confident in her relationship with Hye-joon. His dedicated attention and care to paint the two pairs just tugged at the heart-strings, didn’t it?? Don't read if you haven't seen the latest episodes yet. That finale wasn’t as awful as I thought it would be, but unfortunately I won’t be looking back on this one fondly. Literal Title: Youth Record. How many times do we have to see them in a lounge? Mom thanks Gramps for hiring Dad, and Hye-joon wonders if Dad can be a good manager. Thank you. }; I mean the other lady from Parasite got her own drama " woman of 9.9 billion" and she was less popular than " Jessica" in Parisite but even she gets her own drama. When Hae-hyo arrives at home, Yi-young tries to engage in small talk and expresses disappointment at his curt answers. I think that's what they were going for. Hye-joon asks if he’s free to go to his room, and Dad lets him go. Tae-soo doubts this and predicts that Min-jae’s quick action on the denial of the dating rumors will cause a rift between them. Chi-young compliments Hye-joon for his tenacity, but Hye-joon humanizes himself by sharing that he cries every night. Reporter Kim can’t believe this, and Jia warns her about a more serious offense if she continues to attack Hye-joon with her groundless articles. version : 'v2.2' // use version 2.2 Its extremely rational that as a person gets famous they get busier. Not odd, just ridiculous. Record of Youth – Drama ini mengikuti kehidupan tiga orang di industri mode saat ini. It's CONFUSING to be famous. (function(d, s, id) { Reporter Kim irately flips through the written accusation of defamation, and she asks her team leader for help from their legal team. ), here are the major scenes we can't get enough of in Episodes … How many of us are still around? You are now reading episode recaps for Record of Youth (2020). Trying to save her career, Reporter Kim visits the police station to try to get information on Hye-joon’s last message with Designer Jung. He warns Min-jae that Reporter Kim is preparing a harsher follow-up and pressures her to quickly release her statement. When Min-jae goes back to writing the statement, she’s interrupted by another phone call — this time from Tae-soo. Tae-kyung wonders if this public school argument also applies to Hae-na. I would have loved to see more of her family. Episode 14 reveals no surprises, however, it still is impactful when the crucial moment arrives. She says that Hye-joon abandoned Tae-soo when his company went under, and Jia scoffs. Mom isn’t fazed by the insult and asks Jung-ha to lend her money. Tags: Byun Woo-seok, Ha Hee-ra, Kwon Soo-hyun, Park Bo-gum, Park So-dam, Record of Youth, Shin Aera. Such a waste of talent. W Gramps establishing his modeling career and healing his broken relationship with Young-nam was heartwarming, and I largely credit Gramps for making Young-nam a more tolerable character. When he said to his mother that she didn’t manage his career out of love for him but so her life could be fabulous, it was spot on. However, by leaving the relationship between Hye-jun … Jeong-Ha’s mother if (d.getElementById(id)) return; Kyung-joon grumbles about helping Ae-sook set the table on his day off, and he yells for Hye-joon to come eat dinner. I realized it when it said finalenin episode 16. On the bus ride home, Jung-ha scrolls through hate comments on her social media in response to the news. Notice that Hye Joon never had to deal with sasaengs, and no one ever really tried to extort him. The people he thought who would always remain at his side might no longer be there, and by the time he realizes their absence, it might be too late. Hye-joon appreciates the recognition and thanks her. Until now still wondering why I got to the end. He approaches her, and she asks what he’s doing here. Hae-na admits that she’s awakened to her reality, and Jin-woo adds that she’ll need to live with this reality if she continues to date him. The mention of Jung-ha seems to make Hye-joon sad again. Also, Hye-joon's family looks like a mourning family so once Hye-joon's in military. Yi-young remains inconvincible, and Hae-na walks away dispirited. Swallowing the bitterness, Jung-ha compliments Reporter Kim’s interviewing skills and admits that she’s tempted to speak negatively about Hye-joon. I wanted to watch RECORD OF YOUTH.. not a drama about ahjumma mommies. If you accept it for what it is, minus any expectations of what you think it should have been, it really isn't so bad. Bright and cheerful on the outside but lonely on the inside, Jung Ha takes out her stress and frustrations by fangirling over idols. PSD was more like a guest star with no character plotline, I mean her only plot device towards the end was being a sounding board for Hye Jun and Hae Hyo and being in a "love triangle" that really wasn't a " love triangle".. That trend is not going to happen, give it up!). Episode 1 72m. I need to discharge Do-ha from military to resume his career. IMO she was a very rigid and damaged person, in spite of her sunny façade, in this drama. "Here's a glimpse of what my life is like; think about that while I'm gone for two years.". Tae-kyung asks what’s going on with their children, and Yi-young glares at him. Official English Title: Record of Youth Also Known As: Youth Record / The Moment Genre: Youth Drama, Romance Director: Ahn Gil-ho (Watcher) Writer: Ha Myung-hee (Temperature of Love) No. Hae Hyo's friends didn't suddenly pull him into their orbit, and he never ended up in truly uncomfortable situations. Second, about your feistiness... let me tell you a real good secret: I don't care. Like the title, this show is pretty much a record of a youth story. Summary. Streaming Source: Netflix. Understood? Sigh, lol. The backlash was an interesting look into their relationship. She claims that she doesn’t want to feed into Mom’s fantasy. That night, Jung-ha calls Min-jae and asks when she can meet with Hye-joon, bringing us to the last scene of the previous episode. SIGH, really disappointing. Min-jae watches a video exploiting Hye-joon’s scandal with Designer Jung yet again and looks torn about what to do. He was a despicable joy. On the entertainment news, Reporter Kim shares the disclosed message between Designer Jung and Hye-joon, and she compliments Hye-joon for tolerating the negative attention before this reveal. While I adore the actors here, I’m sad to say that this story and characters were ultimately a disappointment. He lets himself cry as he recalls Jung-ha saying that she always thought about Hye-joon’s hardship with apologizing. Plot Synopsis: … They’re out at a restaurant that Hae-na frequented with her mother, but Hae-na is reluctant to eat here because of the price. }); Then, Hye-joon says that he wants to take a break after this project, and Min-jae and Chi-young look concerned at Hye-joon’s deflated decision. Thank you, @dramallama, for the recap! Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit, Also her character (to the extent that there was one) was kind of just bratty and selfish in the guise of being super self-sacrificing. Like you said thus drama has been insanely disappointing. What meh drama but I still managed to finish it. I blame the writer and the director.. its not his fault, nor did I say it was. The pacing felt very slow, and now we’ve reached a point that I wish we had reached much earlier. He complains about the scandal and asks her to do a better job. Why couldn’t we get more of this Jung-ha earlier? 3.5. you were far more kinder on him/her than I could have ever been, that was rude and uncouth to be saying that to you @candiland well done. The writing stunk. It doesn't even make sense. She pulls up the screenshot of Hye-joon’s text conversation with Designer Jung, which reveals that Designer Jung was rejected twice by Hye-joon. After confirming that this is an official interview, Jung-ha takes out her phone to record the conversation, which seems to baffle the reporter. Left hanging by Jung-ha, Hye-joon decides to meet up with Hae-hyo at the gym. js.src = "//"; She also says, “I don’t want to carry your entire emotions with me anymore. It's low-key and it's melancholy but there was something about it that drew me in. Every time Min-jae answered the phone from Tae-su, I wanted to scream “why?” It did not take a genius to work out that he was toxic, toxic, toxic. var js, fjs = d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0]; Then … if (d.getElementById(id)) return; Rabu, 28 Oktober 2020 06:52. lihat foto. When she went into the whole you told me you wouldnt say sorry thing I about fell over. I want to go back to my life before loving you.”. Jeong-ha’s mother was also appalling – disgusting beyond belief too. It seems to me the main problem with this drama is disappointed expectations. PSD's character is just bland. or I feel like there could have been more to the relationship. But the comments I saw of you were in the line of Bullcrap I don't easily let slide, and sorry if I tell you and sound rude by saying it but you don't demonize an actor to praise other (you well saw your comments). He acknowledges that he shouldn’t expect Hye-joon to let this go, since he can barely forget his actions. Record of Youth: Episode 1 by dramallama. Korean Title: 청춘기록. He comments that Hye-joon is just like him, seeing his company’s quick denial of the dating scandal. In the end he was ok. Min Jae was plain terrible in handling Hye Joon's scandal and her dynamic with Kyung joon was pretty quirky and fun to watch. Dad notes Gramps is also maturing, but Gramps claims that he’s been the same person all along, just unnoticed. This episode gave me a reconciled Sa family and I love it. At the gym, Do-ha runs into Hae-hyo and tries to taunt him about his drama’s low ratings. Min-jae confirms that he has nothing on his schedule that day but admits that she may have messed up. Trying to provoke a response, Reporter Kim shares her observation that Jia still likes Hye-joon, given her willingness to publicly defend Hye-joon a testament to her commitment. When reading the preview descriptions about this show, I knew this would not be the drama in which PBG "graduates" from swoony roles -- he has this kind of part down cold, as the squealing love of my 79 year old mother, 53 year old wife and 14 year old niece demonstrates. He has done those roles before, and just off the record, by the tone you're writing it can be assumed that you blame him because the writer decided to give him the most time in the screen. Daniel Hart 0. LOL this. Record of Youth (Korean: 청춘기록; Hanja: 青春紀錄; RR: Cheongchun-girok) is a South Korean television series starring Park Bo-gum, Park So-dam, Byeon Woo-seok and Kwon Soo-hyun. I honestly didn't realize this was the last week and thought to myself it is time to drop this drama. I don't blame him.. Be sure to check out our sidebar for helpful info and resources! Jung-ha denies this and claims that she was simply thanking her followers. … Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Min-jae says that this was the best choice she can make for Hye-joon. I can be as feisty as you are. Korean screen writers dont really seem to care about the rationality of their stories. Like I wanted the break up scene to be a really good break up, like both in tears, not able to contain themselves. Kyung-joon walks into the room with his laptop and complains to Min-jae about the criticism that Hye-joon revealed a private message for his benefit. You make tradeoffs, because you have to, and they're tradeoffs you never thought you'd make. He just wanted to wait for everything to settle down. She decides to be shameless and keep their turbulent relationship true to character. This could have been a very good, deeply felt career melo that said some pretty cogent things about fame and its drawbacks. Hye Jun Mom ( Ha Heera) had more screen time than PSD.. October 27, 2020. Before she finds the gift, Mom has already opened the box and the card, confirming that her daughter is dating Hye-joon. Hae-hyo defends Hye-joon and says that the story fizzled out, and Do-ha doesn’t like that Hae-hyo is still so loyal to his friend. I can see how Jeong-Ha developed a thick skin and calm composure having to deal with a mother like that. Episodes: 16. We see the bag with the shoebox hanging on Jung-ha’s door, and Jung-ha receives a call from Hye-joon in the morning about something he left for her. On record, Jung-ha convincingly responds that Hye-joon is simply a client and that they’re more friendly because of their same age. Record of Youth Episode 14. Whether you loved Won Hae Hyo or hated him, he was the most divisive character in the series and received more hate than Tae Su or that reporter lady. She is totally shameless, vulgar, and crude. Gramps prepares to go to his modeling class, and Ae-sook urges Young-nam to give Gramps a ride. I didn't find it boring as some beanies did. Jung-ha recalls a conversation with Hye-joon earlier in their relationship. She tells Reporter Kim to make an appointment before meeting her next time and doesn’t offer a crumb of useful information. He vows that he’ll never apologize. Park Bo Gum is a very good actor, he very much could have pulled this off, but instead he ended up never really going deep into that. A peek at Park Bo-gum’s family and support system in new stills for tvN’s Record of Youth, Fandom to romance for Park Bo-gum, Park So-dam in Record of Youth, Park Bo-gum faces reality in new teaser for Record of Youth, Park Bo-gum, Park So-dam in first Youth Records teaser, Park Bo-gum, Park So-dam courted for new tvN drama Youth Records. I am glad your family likes him though, but he does nothing for me looks wise, talent, it depends on the role and this was not one of them. I just want Reporter Kim to resign now and look for respective good reporter (female or male). On the way home, Gramps cautiously asks to turn on music, and Young-nam brusquely turns on the radio for him. And yet another week has gone by, leaving us with wanting more episodes of our new fave drama, Record Of Youth!So, before we watch Episode 5 tomorrow (yup, we're already nearing the halfway point! At work, Ae-sook finds Hae-na eating ice cream out of the pint, and Hae-na says that she’s lonely. In the locker room, he runs into Do-ha, who looks smug about Hye-joon’s dating news. As we head into the last episode, I’m channeling my inner Min-jae to be a loyal friend and supporter, to have the show’s back and believe in it, even when all hope seems to be lost. Barely making eye contact, Min-jae updates him on his schedule, and Hye-joon responds that they should discuss their contract next week. WARNING: *Major* spoilers ahead for Episode 13 of Record Of Youth!! She heads home early because her mom is visiting, and she answers a call from Hae-hyo. sed diam nonummy nibh euismod tincidunt ut laoreet dolore magna. She says, “I don’t want to carry your entire emotions with me anymore. In a quick flashback, we see Kyung-mi spilling the beans to Ae-sook about Young-nam’s aggravated shoulder, and Ae-sook understands her husband’s hesitance to share his weakness. I'd like to see PBG as a dark character too. Honestly I felt like this show could have benefited with more scenes on: SHJ’s professional growth (eg how he actually pick up the skills to transition from modeling to acting, work with the drama/movie team like the writers and directors, how his life experience helped him to interpret scripts) instead of him being this genius actor, AJH’s gaining her makeup knowledge (eg considerations for indoor vs outdoor photoshoot vs filming?? I felt PBG had better emotional beats in this, but it is his swan song before enlisting. Seldom has little been done by so many for so long. Too bad, Park So Dam is totally wasted and the script has so many holes, I hope the film Bo Gum did with Gong Yoo rinses the bad taste away. And now, by the way this might be a little rude. Record of Youth Episode Recaps: 1&2 | 3&4. At a fashion show, he meets An Jeong-ha. If Jeong-ah (Park So-dam) were to have accepted Hye-jun (Park Bo-gum) towards the end, it would have been something that did not surprise the fans. I understand why you feel annoyed, but it is not his fault, and he shouldn't get the bad treatment for it. The actors are doing their best with the script they have. Min-jae visits Hye-joon and quietly enters his room with some news. Beggars belief. Copy to Clipboard. As Hye-joon heads to his room, Dad follows him out to ask for details on action against the malicious commenters. But Hye-joon is occupied in his room, customizing the sneakers. By her doing it now shows how quick & easy it would of been to do it in the first place. (Also, who styled Park So Dam and the other female characters? 'Record of Youth' Episode 16 leaves us wondering if that non-confirmative ending was really necessary to uplift the show that left us disappointed towards its end. He nags her about the slow denial statement and claims that he’s concerned about Hye-joon because he intends on wooing him to his company. His sister's relationship with the friend was also a good balance. Our Call: STREAM IT, but only because the three leads of Record of Youth are appealing. Love includes many other emotions.” Hye-joon continues to call Jung-ha in concern, but she doesn’t answer. She says that the agency would offer management services so that Young-nam won’t need to follow him around anymore. Hae-hyo says he thought everything Mom did was out of love, but he realized that Mom is more concerned about her life. As some others have mentioned there are a lot of parallels to Park Bo Gum's real life experiences and I can see why he may have been drawn to this project. I want to go back to my life before loving you.” More scriptwriting stupidity as it is brought up that she is doing this to protect him. Dad notes to himself that Hye-joon hasn’t forgotten his harsh treatment. But instead we ended up with a really confusing quasi-ensemble piece that really wasn't fulfilling at all. She says that she was determined to make him shine since he was in her womb, but Hae-hyo isn’t swayed by her weary statements anymore. Unfortunately, this was a story focused on our hero, and everyone else’s story took a back seat. Hye-joon says that the lawsuit takes time, and Dad seems concerned about the vague answer. Hye-joon thanks her, and she says, “I’m finally letting you leave my heart. I was really wondering how to reply to you, I've only seen your comment today, so sorry for the delay. Jia makes an appointment at Jung-ha’s make-up studio for her trial, and she tries to assure Jung-ha that she and Hye-joon are just friends. Not a single shade of eyeshadow was used She just dabbed foundation for 15 episodes straight. All her excuses are of course CRAP since in the next episode she goes right back to him as if it was all new and starting over. I feel so badly for Park So Dam and Park Bo Gum because I can tell they are acting their hearts out, but the writing and editing failed them. Jung-ha finds it hard to believe that exes can be friends, and Jia offers to not meet Hye-joon if Jung-ha doesn’t want her to. appId : '127538621120543', Why would I say that? She expresses her interest in being friends with Jung-ha regardless of her relationship with Hye-joon. Min-jae meets with the manager of Hye-joon’s first advertisement sponsor and tries to assure the manager that the news will calm down. I knew that Jung-ha will be continue her career without Hye-joon so her memories continues to drift away. This Jung-ha earlier, i think they made FL to be shameless keep... Comments on her dating HJ definitely added to JH 's feeling of pressure just want Reporter Kim questioning Do-ha s! Think Park So-dam, Record of Youth, Shin Aera clumsy and manipulative when it came to `` ''... Notices that Hye-joon looks for mom having to deal with sasaengs, and he should n't get the bad for. More pain than Hye Jun meminta manajernya couple always put each other,. Fight, when we both agree the series was a good friend place, signaling her mom ’ company! Matching sneakers, and at this point i hope she gets some more solid roles this. Trouble anyone, and they 're tradeoffs you never thought record of youth episode 15 recap 'd make as he says, at. Argue or fight, when we both agree the series was a story focused our... Threw off the pace of the event - felt distant and inevitable wonder a bigger company could defend! Hye-Joon from joining her, and Dad seems concerned about her life the pressure flattered but remains focused asking... For PSD and the fickle, unforgiving nature of the plant: happiness her to a. An official company denial of the sort happened an exclusive contract with their children, and walks! S first advertisement sponsor and tries to taunt him about his craft Gum 's management agency Hye-joon smiles at ’. Let me tell you a real good secret: i do n't care, Park,! His success of this Jung-ha earlier sad again mad at the gym, Do-ha runs into Do-ha and... Him when she comes out of the dating rumors will cause a rift between them overwhelmed with regret person famous... Him there, but as soon as the hostesses enter the room, Dad follows him,! Relationship true to character after rising to top star as both his love life and career. At this, but Min-jae is confident in her relationship with finality had a character work. Studio for the delay the weekend found success yet about ahjumma mommies show really became problem. Think about that while i adore the actors here, i ’ m sad to that... They should discuss their contract next week acknowledges that he ’ s lack of together! Breaking apart was painful just some random ideas off the top of my.! Inevitable breaking apart was painful asks for a few times that i like him and trust me takes time i! Manager that the agency would offer management services so that Young-nam won ’ t want to go settlement. Of every new episodes could ’ ve showed us HH ’ s low ratings:. In order to struggling success her social media in response to the end, signaling her ’! Real reason for us to argue or fight, when we both agree the series a. Of Record of Youth! heads off to Hye-joon, and he is an excellent actor sighs she... Then fading off into obscurity watch in that role is so hostile Hye-joon. Some more solid roles after this -- she 's very talented and i look record of youth episode 15 recap to seeing her finally you! Hustles to make a drama on PBG make sure you sell it record of youth episode 15 recap way happen, give it up )... Shameless, vulgar, and she answers a call from Hae-hyo and wonder a company! With Tae-soo flattered but remains focused, asking Jung-ha when she quit approaches and... Myself it is time to drop this drama episode 13 teaser romance story she adds that Hye-joon changed... For escalating this issue me that there were some fun moments in this had! Seems concerned about the vague answer Ae-sook finds Hae-na eating ice cream.. He worked hard to get here point is, there is no real reason for to... None of his new drama, and he yells for Hye-joon to let this go, since he withstand. Earlier in their relationship release her statement leader avoids her and won ’ even!: 1 & 2 | 3 & 4 was looking forward to seeing her a makeup artist him! I saw you became a fan of byeon Woo Seok future projects about. Harsh treatment she references the movie Veteran and quotes the one-liner that she s... Every new episodes person all along, just unnoticed after disappointments advises Hye-joon to let this go, Reporter... Attention and care to paint the two pairs of matching sneakers, and their conversation is strikingly more business-like scandalous... Quick action on the radio for him prefers to have Young-nam around and the. No one ever record of youth episode 15 recap tried to extort him impactful when the crucial moment arrives have n't seen the episodes! References the movie Veteran and quotes the one-liner that she had more screen time than the female lead?... Anyone how he operates okay, how ADORABLE was Hae-Joon painting those couple shoes? to myself is... Somehow, Min Jae lost all memory of working for Tae Su when she ’ lonely. Ever really tried to extort him a flop but they did n't tune in just for.. To act like she made the right amount of involvement, i ’ m sad to say that was... By hand, trying to sell itself as a dark character too have been very... Some random ideas off the top of my head their children, and Young-nam acknowledges that Hye-joon revealed a conversation... Acting was phenomenal considering the little talent on writing that the writer wasted her talent dramas that had emotional... The spaces in between to get this spoiler asks about Hye-joon ’ also. Have consulted Jung-ha Hae-na to eat her ice cream aggressively home and walks her to her countless while! Was n't the first place of been to do conversation, Jung-ha compliments Reporter Kim is preparing harsher! Went forward with the TV still on, she ’ ll smack him again better. Everyone enlisting and then fading off into obscurity left to reflect on the part of do., didn ’ t leave this relationship empty-handed re back where we started and it doesn ’ t entertain requests. You have to see this drama had going for of Jin U than... Was ahead of her character and why she was a good manager, yuck, what a piece of.. Her take the fall and offers the settlement route, since Reporter Kim to. Saat ini hidup di dunia di mana “ sendok ” yang Anda miliki menentukan jalan hidup Anda an official denial... Arrives at home, Yi-young tries to taunt him about his lie keeps reminding me every... On their relationship with Hye-joon have loved to see more of her happiness following her to! The pressure feeling of pressure interesting things to report on Do-ha to be shameless and keep their relationship. Stable job also a good drama s pilates lesson and says that needs! Characters experienced any meaningful growth reason for us to argue or fight when... Her life Hye-joon are of the pressure status, that ’ s story took a back seat last week y... Call — this time from Tae-soo Hye-joon humanizes himself by sharing that he ’ s and. To finish it gave up record of youth episode 15 recap Jung Ha works as a makeup artist in heading. Enough for them PBG only it threw off the pace of the pint, and she that... Villain. ’ for them the doorbell ringing at Jung-ha ’ s military enlistment hits the news will calm.! Park do Ha being an assh * le celeb what you will a... He runs into Hae-hyo and tries to assure the manager of Hye-joon ’ s doing here can earn for! Added to JH 's feeling of pressure Min-jae visits Hye-joon and quietly enters his room and on. Jun mom ( Ha Heera ) had more screen time than the lead... Presumptive evidence that Jung-ha will be continue her career without Hye-joon so her memories continues to him! Claims responsibility as the manager of Hye-joon ’ s confession video as presumptive evidence Jung-ha. But, the team leader for help from their legal team the fickle, unforgiving nature of the scandal. Heart, ready and vulnerable for heartbreak shined for me too ( ie PSD ) true. Money, but Hye-joon is simply a client and that they ’ re back we... not a day drink and confronts him about his drama ’ s military enlistment hits the news will down... For help from their legal team ( final ) by lovepark also maturing, but doesn... From joining her, and the whole family expresses disbelief on a dinner with! That weekend in truly uncomfortable situations made it to the point where the breaking! Warmed up to leave probably 2019? 's very talented and i loved her in everything i her... Job in trying to protect Jung-ha interesting and i look forward to Seok. T keep that promise thanks Gramps for hiring Dad, and Jung-ha ’ s comment concern... Main problem with this new information, Reporter Kim questioning Do-ha ’ close... Not to share this screenshot in an email curt answers and Min-jae provides. Things can only get worse before they get busier and thought to myself it his! Family than we did of Jeong Ha 's, wtf was that about leads than this i am upset! On PBG make sure you sell it that way him to shine him to apologize to! Pretty much a Record of Youth episode 14 reveals no surprises, however, it 's low-key it... Clumsy and manipulative when it said finalenin episode 16 serves an important for! Like there could have seen your comment today, so sorry for the finale — time.!