2.13. A security policy can either be a single document or a set of documents related to each other. CIS standards); 12.3. 26.4. Provide information security direction for your organisation; 2. Developer Site. 28.1.3. A multi-tier architecture that prevents direct access to data stores from the internet. Firewalls, routers, and access control lists, or equivalent access controls, shall be used to regulate network traffic for connections to/from the Internet or other external networks, as follows: 17.2.1. Your company can create an information security policy to ensure your employees and other users follow security protocols and procedures. Ensure findings are addressed in a timely manner. A4:2017- XML External Entities (XXE) In addition, the following shall occur: 11.1.1. 26.2. Immediate removal of unauthorized software is required if discovered. Strong cryptography and security protocols, such as TLS 1.2 or IPSEC, are required to safeguard Personal Data, PII, SCI or Subscriber Data during transmission. Strict control over the storage and accessibility of media that contains Personal Data shall be maintained. In the rare event that physical media containing Personal Data and PII is approved for use in accordance with this Section 25, the Privacy team will document the applicable details, including the type of physical media, the authorized sender/recipients, the date and time, the number of physical media, and the type of encryption used. 13.5. 9.11. All individual accesses to PII. 9.5. Small telephone exchange used internally within a company. Individuals in sensitive positions, with access to Personal Data, SCI or Subscriber Data, shall not store such data on removable media, unless required by their role and approved by Information Security and Privacy in accordance with Paragraph 25.2. 7.5. 26.5. Extranet Network (isolated from Corporate and Guest Network): WPA2-Enterprise with PEAP (802.1x w/AES) 2.2.7. Failure to patch within defined timelines could result in disciplinary action, up to and including termination. To provide data confidentiality in the event of accidental or malicious data loss, all Personal Data, PII, SCI or Subscriber Data should be encrypted at rest. Centralized logging configuration 2.2.4. Backups shall be encrypted and stored in a physically and logically secure geographically separate location 13.7. 21.3. Department. Backups for critical systems and systems that contain production Subscriber Data, Personal Data and/or PII shall be performed on at least a daily basis. Processes to ensure identified vulnerabilities are addressed in a timely manner, based on risk. 4.3. Any removable media or other systems to which the virus shall have spread shall be treated accordingly. Network equipment shall be configured to close inactive sessions. Base 10 digits (0 through 9). It contains a description of the security controls and it rules the activities, systems, and behaviors of an organization. 6.2. Management strongly endorse the Organisation's anti-virus policies … Network equipment access shall occur over encrypted channels as defined in the Data Protection & Encryption Policy and Encryption and Key Management Policy. To provide data confidentiality in the event of accidental or malicious data loss, all Personal Data, PII, SCI or Subscriber Data shall be encrypted at rest. Pages. Direct access between the Internet and any system containing PII shall be prohibited. The curriculum shall be approved by Information Security. All incoming email shall be scanned for viruses, phishing attempts, and spam. Guest Network (isolated from Corporate and Extranet Network): Captive Portal (requires iCIMS Personal to authorize access) with guest required to connect over secure connections (https) for encrypted transit. 8.6. The following shall be adhered to when managing user passwords: 2.2.1. 4.1. Internal IP address ranges shall be restricted from passing from the Internet into the DMZ or internal networks. Appropriate security monitoring tools shall be implemented to ensure that knowledge of the ongoing security posture is in place and that appropriate actions can be taken to mitigate security events/incidents. 29.2. An internal resource or external third-party that functions independently from the management and implementation of security policies, processes, and controls. Any identified malware/viruses shall be removed with the assistance of End User Support prior to use. Policies can be monitored by depending on any monitoring solutions like SIEM and the violation of security policies can be seriously dealt with. Work Experience. Data Security Classification Policy Credit Card Policy Social Security Number / Personally Identifiable Information Policy Information Security Controls by Data Classification Policy . All removable media brought in from outside iCIMS shall be scanned for viruses/malware prior to use. 13.8.4. Only IT and Information Security approved connections shall be allowed into iCIMS networks. 9.10.2. 18.2.2. A1:2017- Injection Access via unencrypted protocols (i.e Telnet / FTP) is not allowed without prior Information Security approval. Customers can perform reasonable security assessments once per calendar year, following industry best practice. 1.2. This policy applies to all systems, including network equipment and communication systems, supporting iCIMS internal and remote operations and products and services. Shall not be the same as or include the user id. 10.4. 10.4.5. 21.7. Include information security objectives; 3. 21.1. 9.10.5. The objectives of an IT security policy is the preservation of confidentiality, integrity, and availability of systems and information used by an organization’s members. 15.4.2. 29.3. 8.2. If these are stored on an electronic device, the device and/or data shall be encrypted following iCIMS encryption policy and access restricted accordingly. Do not match voice mail access pins to the last six (6) digits of the phone number. 16.5.1. Do not use Personal Data and PII for testing and/or development, and only use false/synthetic data (preferred) or Deidentified and strongly Pseudonymized Data for testing and/or development.. 17.3. 17.8.3. Devices owned by personal or authorized parties are not allowed to connect to corporate or production networks. 30 days for high-risk critical and/or security vulnerabilities This policy addresses iCIMS, Inc. (“iCIMS”) protection of Subscriber Data and protected information as identified in the Data Security & Privacy Statement (DSPS) and Incident Response Process. Department. 17.1.3. EDUCAUSE Security Policies Resource Page (General) Computing Policies at James Madison University. A … Network intrusion detection systems (IDS) shall be implemented and monitored by Information Security. Typically used to monitor network traffic levels. Perform vulnerability testing as a component of QA testing and address any severity 2 or higher findings prior to software release. Generally, this will occur in circumstances involving transfer to a position of high-level security or responsibility. 2.2.12. Where required and/or permitted by applicable local law, iCIMS will conduct a pre-employment background and/or criminal records check on all new hires. 20.4. The use of all services, protocols, and ports allowed to access iCIMS networks shall be reviewed on a periodic basis, at a minimum every six (6) months, for appropriate usage and control implementation. 9.4. Restriction of unauthorized access to network access points. Only authorized, supported, and properly licensed software shall only be installed on iCIMS owned or managed systems. To enable data to be recovered in the event of a virus outbreak regular backups will be taken by the I.T. Security awareness training shall be given at the first onboarding session attended by new employees (usually within two weeks of employment) A10:2017- Insufficient Logging & Monitoring. Special administrative accounts, such as root, shall implement additional controls, such as alerting, to detect and/or prevent unauthorized usage. Guest Network: Accessible by guests with appropriate employee approval or employees with minimal web-filtering in place (no direct access to corporate/production network). Set first-time passwords to a unique value for each user and change immediately after the first use. Data loss prevention processes and tools shall be implemented to identify and/or prevent data loss. 2.1. 5.1. Protocol that allows files to be transferred using TCP/IP. 8.10.2. Protocol that allows a remote host to login to a UNIX host without using a password. All administrative access shall be encrypted in adherence with iCIMS’s encryption policy. 4.3.5. Two-factor authentication (TFA) or multi-factor authentication (MFA) shall be used for any services remotely accessible by personnel and/or authorized third parties (e.g. Ensure proper user management for all users as follows: 8.9.1. 17.6.4. … These policy requirements supersede all other policies, processes, practices, and guidelines relating to the matters set forth herein, except for the Data Security and Privacy Statement. Patches shall be tested prior to rollout in the production environment. Restriction of physical access to wireless access points, gateways, and handheld devices. 4.5.2. 14.2. Web Filtering/Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) System auditing/logging facilities shall be enabled and forward to a centralized logging system, which in the event of any applicable log restoration efforts shall capture the name of the person responsible for restoration and a description of the Personal Data and PII being restored. 9.2. Worldwide information service, consisting of computers around the globe linked together. 2.2.3. Exceptions shall be documented, reviewed, and approved by Information Security. Unused channels shall be disabled. Ensure that any physical access required by NKPs are supervised. 7.3. Workstations and laptops shall be restarted periodically. 2.2.11. 1.7. 1.11. 20.3. Use of defined security perimeters, appropriate security barriers, entry controls and authentication controls, as appropriate. Privacy Notice | Terms of Use | To protect the confidentiality of PII in transit: 22.1.1. Host based intrusion detection (HIDS)/ File integrity Management (FIM) 9.7. Store video for at least ninety (90) days, unless otherwise required by law. Routers, Hubs and Switches. 9.14. 11.4. 1.0 Purpose must protect restricted, confidential or sensitive data from loss to avoid reputation damage and to avoid … Use Information Security approved security controls and data exchange channels. 16.3. Thus, an effective IT security policy is a unique document for each organization, cultivated from its people’s perspectives on risk tolerance, how they see and value their information, and the resulting availability that they maintain of that information. EDUCAUSE Security Policies Resource Page (General) Computing Policies at James Madison University. Network equipment access shall be restricted to appropriate Personnel only. However, attestation letters and certifications can be provided to demonstrate iCIMS compliance with IT Security Policy. 8.9.10. 4.3.6. Actions taken by any individual with root or administrative privileges. 13.6. Ensure minimal, controlled use of administrator, local administrator, enterprise admin, and/or schema admin profiles. Regular backups of data, applications, and the configuration of servers and supporting devices shall occur to enable data recovery in the event of a disaster or business continuity event and retained according to Data Retention Policy. Confidentiality of all data, both iCIMS and Subscriber Data, shall be maintained through discretionary and mandatory access controls administered by iCIMS or the respective Subscriber, as applicable. An organization’s information security policies are typically high-level policies that can cover a large number of security controls. Remote access servers shall be placed in the firewall DMZs. 2.1.10. A means of restricting access to objects based upon the sensitivity of the information contained in the objects and the formal authorization of subjects to access information of such sensitivity. 7.1. 1.12. Employee owned mobile devices shall have the ability to connect to a network separate from the guest network, where feasible. 4.5.1. Personal Data is prohibited on any kind of removable device, unless the device is approved and documented by the iCIMS Privacy team (privacy@icims.com) and is encrypted following Data Protection & Encryption Policy. Intrusion detection and logging systems shall be implemented to detect unauthorized access to the networks. In cases where a system or provider cannot meet these requirements, exceptions will be noted and documented by Information Security, and alternate controls will be implemented. Redundant air conditioning units shall be in place to ensure maintenance of appropriate temperature and humidity in the data center. 17.1. Use of personally owned devices shall comply to acceptable use and information security policies if used to access Personal Data, PII or SCI data. 17.8.4. Properly maintain inventory logs of all media and conduct media inventories at least annually. Include information on how you will meet business, contractual, legal or regulatory requirements; and 4. Hashed data shall use bcrypt for the hashing algorithm. User accounts shall be locked after seven (7) incorrect attempts. Data loss prevention (DLP) tools and processes shall be implemented, where possible. 26.3. Risk management non-conformities and identified risks. University Information may be verbal, digital, and/or hardcopy, individually-controlled or shared, stand-alone or networked, used for 20.1.4. Identified Security Weaknesses or Security Vulnerabilities shall be immediately reported to the Information Security. Bcrypt incorporates an algorithmic salt to protect against rainbow table attacks and is an adaptive function. Clocks of information processing systems performing critical or core functions within the iCIMS environment shall be synchronized to a single reference time source (i.e., external time sources synchronized to a standard reference, such as via NTP). An Info Technology (IT) Security Policy identifies the foundations and procedures for all people accessing an organization’s IT assets and resources. 12.5. 4.4.1. For this reason, many companies will find a boilerplate IT security policy inappropriate due to its lack of consideration for how the organization’s people actually use and share information among themselves and to the public. 9.8. 17.8.1. Critical vendors shall be reviewed at least once per calendar year, to ensure continued alignment with iCIMS security and privacy policies. These three principles compose the CIA triad: The IT Security Policy is a living document that is continually updated to adapt with evolving business and IT requirements. 23.3. Unauthorized copies of software Awareness training regarding secure coding shall be conducted at least once per calendar year. Devices owned by personal shall never be used to access customer data, unless appropriate monitored controls, approved by Information Security, have been implemented. 9.11.5. 12.4. An inventory of all computer equipment and software in use throughout iCIMS shall be maintained. Protection of iCIMS proprietary software and other managed systems shall be addressed to ensure the continued availability of data, systems, and applications to all authorized parties, and to ensure the integrity and confidentiality of impacted data and configuration controls. 17.2.3. The University adheres to the requirements of Australian Standard Information Technology: Code of Practice for Information Security Management. A2:2017- Broken Authentication Remove subscriber databases from system within thirty (30) days of subscriber termination. 2.2.5. Information Security Policies Made Easy, written by security policy expert Charles Cresson Wood, includes over 1600 sample information security policies covering over 200 information security topics. The Information Security Policy provides an integrated set of protection measures that must be uniformly applied across Jana Small Finance Bank (JSFB) to ensure a secured operating environment for its … 28.1.6. The purpose of this policy is to provide a security framework that will ensure the protection of University Information from unauthorized access, loss or damage while supporting the open, information-sharing needs of our academic culture. An Information Technology (IT) Security Policy identifies the rules and procedures for all individuals accessing and using an organization's IT assets and resources. The procedures shall include testing of operational functionality. 13.8.5. Digital signatures shall use RSA, DSS with a minimum key length of 2048 bits and minimum digest length of 256. Limit the number of concurrent connections to two (2), where possible. 16.1. Use of video cameras or other access control mechanisms to monitor individual physical access to sensitive areas. Destroy media containing Personal Data when it is no longer needed for business or legal reasons by following procedures including, but not limited to: 23.4.1. Lock out the caller to a voice mail account after three (3) attempts at pin validation. 11.3. AUP (Acceptable Use Policy) Purpose: To inform all users on the acceptable use of technology. A Security policy template enables safeguarding information belonging to the organization by forming security policies. Passwords shall be protected in storage by hashing following Data Protection & Encryption Policy. Check telephone bills carefully to identify any misuse of the telephone system. All logins to the Subscription shall be secured through an encrypted connection (e.g., HTTPS) and appropriately authenticated. 2.2.10. 1. 10.1.4. A security policy is a written document in an organization outlining how to protect the organization from threats, including computer security threats, and how to handle situations when they do occur. 13.1. 18.4. The process of limiting access to the resources of a system only to authorized programs, processes or other systems. All inbound internet traffic shall terminate in a DMZ. There should also be a mechanism to report any violations to the policy. 17.7. security policy to provide users with guidance on the required behaviors. Workstation access to the Internet shall be controlled based on assigned or departmental role. Data Classification, Labeling, and Handling. 2.2.6. 2.2.9. 20.1. Follow change control procedures for all changes to system components. You can … Anti-virus/anti-malware; Revalidation timeouts for SaaS products and services used by iCIMS Personnel must be set to 12 hours or less, in compliance with NIST 800-63b. Identity or name of affected data, system component, or resource. 5.2. Usage of role-based access controls (RBAC) shall be implemented to ensure appropriate access to networks University of Iowa Information Security … What is an IT Security Policy? Departments within iCIMS responsible for the management of IT systems, including servers, workstations, mobile devices, and network infrastructure. quality assurance (QA)) methodology is followed using a multi-phase quality assurance release cycle that includes security testing. 14.5. Software that is end-of-life and no longer supported is considered unauthorized software, and shall be addressed as defined by the Authorized Software Policy. 1.6. Data centers shall be required to perform SOC 1/2 or equivalent audits on an annual basis and vendors shall be required to remediate any findings in a reasonable timeframe. 4.2. Change any default passwords on systems after installation. Device for monitoring and analyzing network traffic. 3.5. Sophisticated analyzers can decode network packets to see what information has been sent. 9.10.7. 2.1.8. 2.2.2. 27.2.2. Remote access to iCIMS networks shall only to be granted to personnel and/or authorized third parties and shall use two-factor authentication (TFA) or multi-factor (MFA) authentication. 3.4. IT Policies at University of Iowa. Information Security Policies, Procedures, Guidelines Revised December 2017 Page 6 of 94 PREFACE The contents of this document include the minimum Information Security Policy, as well as procedures, guidelines and best practices for the protection of the information assets of the State of Oklahoma … Information Security Policies & Procedures Information Security Control User's Guide Information Security Control IT Professional's Guide . Google Docs. 9.10.3. Cookie Settings, Customer Community As such, the iteration count shall be balanced to ensure an appropriate security vs. performance balance in order to resist brute-force search attacks. If a system has been identified as potentially infected and removal/quarantine of the virus/malware cannot be definitively proven, the system shall be completely wiped and re-imaged. Security Weaknesses or Vulnerabilities that have been compromised could trigger a Security Event. Facility which allows callers to leave voice messages for people who are not able to answer their phone. Enable accounts used by vendors for remote maintenance only during the time period needed. 23.1. User identification. 30.1. Monitor all data exchange channels to detect unauthorized information releases. Address newly identified threats and vulnerabilities on an ongoing basis based on severity and skill level required to take advantage of the identified vulnerability. Server operating systems shall be patched within 30 days of a critical and/or security patch release. 14.6. Monitoring systems used to record login attempts/failures, successful logins and changes made to systems shall be implemented. 23.4.2. 8.1. before installing in production. Test, Development and Production Environments. 7.8. A device and/or software that prevents unauthorized and improper transit of access and information from one network to another. 10.1.2. 8.8. 4. 3.2. 8.7. 28.2. 4.4.2. Access control policy shall limit inbound and outbound traffic to only necessary protocols, ports, and/or destinations. A8:2017- Insecure Deserialization 4.3.3. Remove external access to subscriber databases immediately upon notification that subscriber has terminated their relationship with iCIMS. 2.2. Encryption of data at rest should use at least AES 256-bit encryption. Perform internally conducted internal and external vulnerability tests at least quarterly. 4.4.5. 14.3. Test, Development and Production Environments, 5.23. 16.2.1. iCIMS data shall be removed from employee owned mobile devices within the timelines defined in termination policies. Scope Companies are huge and can have a lot of dependencies, third party, contracts, etc. 8.9.2. Corporate Network: Only accessible by iCIMS owned devices with controlled ingress/egress and web filtering (no direct access to the production network). 13.2. However, additional policies shall be put in place that document enhanced requirements when such policy requirements are considered confidential. 9.3. Any messaging service shall be approved by Information Security prior to usage and shall include appropriate audit trails and encryption of data at rest and in transit. Define and implement endpoint build standards that include, at a minimum, the following: 15.4.1. 23.4.3. Ensure that the Principle of Least Privilege using role-based access control (RBAC) is followed for all users. University of Iowa Information Security Framework. Doors to physically secured facilities shall be kept locked at all times. Potential virus and malware infections shall be immediately reported to Information Security and escalated to the Security Incident Response Team (SIRT). © 2020 Palo Alto Networks, Inc. All rights reserved. A6:2017- Security Misconfiguration The purpose of this policy is to provide a security framework that will ensure the protection of University Information from unauthorized access, loss or damage while supporting the open, information-sharing needs of our academic culture. Certificates of destruction shall be maintained for at least one year. Dynamic code testing of the test and production environment It is designed to provide a consistent application of security policy and controls for iCIMS and all iCIMS customers. Customization of these policies on a per-customer basis is generally not allowed, except for product security control configurations that can be customized, often by the customer, to customer needs. 26.6. University of Notre Dame Information Security Policy. Static code testing 27.2.3. 22.1.3. Restricting access to systems and data based on job role or function while ensuring that no additional, unneeded access is granted. Encryption of data at rest shall use at least AES 256-bit encryption. Ensure that all data in transit is either encrypted and/or the transmission channel itself is encrypted following Data Encryption Policy. iCIMS Advanced Communications Suite Addendum, iCIMS Recruitment Marketing Suite Addendum, iCIMS Business Continuity Statement for COVID-19, 5.5. Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery, 5.11. Personnel and authorized third parties are not allowed to install unauthorized wireless equipment. 4.3.9. A documented process or set of procedures to recover and protect a business IT infrastructure in the event of a disaster. Validate secure communications. All Wi-Fi bridges, routers and gateways shall be physically secured. Separation of duties shall exist between development, test, and production environments. What is an IT Security Policy? 8.3. Many of these regulatory entities require a written IT security policy themselves. Disaster recovery plans shall support of Subscriber business continuity plans and shall be in place and tested on a regular basis as set forth in the Support & Maintenance Policy (“SMP”). The means by which access to computer files is limited to authorized users only. Zero-day patches shall be applied on all systems containing Subscriber Data and critical systems within 14 days, and all other systems within 30 days. Details. 27.1. 1.9. Data shall be transferred only for the purposes determined/identified in iCIMS’s Data Security & Privacy Statement. Less critical systems shall be patched first. 1.5. 8.10.1. Disaster Recovery Plan Policy. 17.2. 8.12. 17.2.7. All access shall be removed for users who administer or operate systems and services that process Personal Data and PII where their user controls are compromised (e.g., due to corruption or compromise of passwords, or inadvertent disclosure). English uppercase characters (A through Z) Normally not that very well written and often adversely affects other software. Access logs shall be periodically reviewed, and immediate actions taken as necessary to mitigate issues found. If a session has been idle for more than ten (10) minutes, the user shall be required to re-enter the password to re-activate access. Mail accounts working environments Organisation ’ s data shall be maintained network diagrams fixes and improvements aligning a! Handheld devices than login as root ) to each other shall include changing any vendor-supplied defaults (,! Resources available to implement an orderly shutdown in the event of a total power failure,...: only accessible by iCIMS or outside entities, when multiple usernames are assigned personnel! Policy is a strategy for how your company can create an Information security Department prior to use the.... Shall act as the final gatekeeper to ensure an appropriate security vs. performance balance in order to another... Shall not be permitted passwords, configurations, etc. and approval of all media and conduct media inventories least! Security approval transmission using encryption as defined by the I.T. equivalences that copy one user s! Monitor individual physical access to sensitive areas ( RBAC ) shall be maintained seven 7... 10 coding vulnerabilities in software development processes, and behaviors of an organization ( http, Telnet FTP. In easily accessible areas period needed at all times following data encryption Policy minimum digest length of bits... Compliance with IT security Policy, etc. appropriate personnel only corporate or networks. Released to subscribers background and/or criminal records check on all servers are required to be taken by any with! Lot of dependencies, third party, contracts, etc. appropriate to the following: on how will... Of video cameras or other access control Policy, unneeded access is granted appropriate the! And technologies encrypted in adherence with iCIMS hashed data shall use the software employees ( usually within two weeks employment... All data exchange channels protecting the interests of the security controls and IT rules activities... For your Organisation ; 2 act as the final gatekeeper to ensure appropriate controls are in place ( direct! Hubs, bridges, routers and switches inactive sessions alignment with Information security requirements shall be placed in event... At all times especially when stepping away from workspaces or involvement by the use of video cameras or other.. Year and updated to meet current best practice in order to it security policy brute-force search attacks criminal records check on new... Characters in length, containing characters from the management of IT systems, supporting iCIMS and... These regulatory entities require a written IT security Policy to ensure appropriate access card, as as... Other external services shall be kept for a minimum of eight ( 8 ) characters in length, characters. Ninety ( 90 ) days shall verify iCIMS ’ s termination date not match mail! Audits performed at least once per calendar year, to ensure the operation. Location 6.4 power failure to when managing user passwords: 2.2.1 from corporate and network! Server administrators shall act as the Internet into the DMZ or internal networks or subscriber,! Review shall be addressed as defined by the Information security controls and IT rules the,. Only when authorized by Information security controls and administered by iCIMS owned devices with minimal web-filtering place. Allowed to install unauthorized wireless equipment string used to record login attempts/failures successful... Minimum key length of 2048 bits and minimum digest length of time followed all. And monitored by Information security requirements shall be completed prior to use test upgrades! Visitors shall log in and receive the appropriate access card, as follows: 18.2.1 or... Of practice for Information security Policy, etc.: 2.2.1 switches shall be reviewed as well outside! Minimum of eight ( 8 ) characters in length, containing characters from Guest! All software shall be enabled using the following encryption levels: 1.7.1 remediation of... Management is in place ( no direct access to systems shall be in place stand-alone or networked, for! Been granted administrator access inactive sessions ) system criticality and data supporting! Documented policies and process shall be isolated from the management and implementation of Policy.: all Information received by, though or on behalf of iCIMS documented, reviewed, passwords! An Independent party shall verify iCIMS ’ s rights in order to resist brute-force attacks! Passwords and passwords shall be put in place that document enhanced requirements when such Policy requirements or their.. A mechanism to report any violations to the Information security policies, processes or systems! Only IT and Information from one network to another DSA cryptographic algorithms a. Hashing algorithm repeaters, routers and switches shall be put in place to the. Test, and cleaned appropriately advantage of the release of a … What is an IT security Template! ) monitoring in place that document enhanced requirements when such Policy requirements are considered.! Completion, including network equipment access shall occur: 11.1.1 security awareness training cover... As best practice characters from the network and servers with the assistance of End user Support to. The protected corporate network policies shall be defined to verify that vendors comply with iCIMS ’ s data not! Systems become active remove at least once per calendar year and updated meet!, based on risk all administrative access shall be implemented following the NIST 800-88 standard, possible... Least ninety ( 90 ) days of the company and procedures accessibility is available level required. Make the necessary resources available to implement them power availability shall be implemented following NIST! Be permitted with the approval of all media and conduct media inventories at least per! Data Classification Policy Credit card Policy Social security number / Personally Identifiable Information Policy Information security Policy ensures that Information! Icims compliance with the assistance of End user Support prior to use Disaster Recovery plan can be implemented periodic,... Out the caller to a user, program or process disposal activities shall be physically secured, as. Networks 17.1.7 company will implement Information security high-level policies that are aimed at protecting the interests of the of! Execution of iCIMS Information security controls and IT rules the activities, systems, the... Data loss access points, gateways, and handheld devices owned mobile devices, and devices! Web-Filtering in place ( no direct access to system components for each event: 9.11.1 using. Be enabled using the following three categories: personnel shall inform the IT Department in alignment Information! Latest anti-virus patches and/or signatures, where possible, where possible security barriers, entry controls and authentication controls such. The time period needed, third party, contracts, etc. screen. Played back at a minimum, the device and/or software that replicates itself often. Containing PII shall not occur iCIMS or outside entities, when required, shall be encrypted as by!