The Female Protagonist. He explores the differences in positions of the two woman in the play, as well as the different ways that love is presented. Most characters in the novel meet an undeserved fate. As they wait for Desdemona to arrive, Othello says that Brabantio used to invite him to his house to hear his life story, with all its dramatic tales of travel, battle, and valor. In this play, Desdemona is an example of perfect womanhood. For all the claims of military straightforwardness of some other characters, Desdemona is the most direct and honest speaker in the play. As such, she is part of the upper class of Venetian society. Desdemona is the daughter of Brabantio, a man of some reputation in Venice. Desdemona (/ ˌ d ɛ z d ə ˈ m oʊ n ə /) is a character in William Shakespeare's play Othello (c. 1601–1604). Her speeches are not as lengthy as those of the men, but with Desdemona, every word counts. Othello is among the most tragic of Shakespeare’s dramas and so are its characters including the heroine Desdemona and her lover Othello, ‘The Moor’. Alone with Iago, Roderigo, now in despair of winning Desdemona’s love, threatens suicide, but Iago persuades him instead to sell his lands for ready cash and to pursue Desdemona to Cyprus. Desdemona is a lady of spirit and intelligence. This essay will analyze her. As well, Shakespeare introduces the question whether Desdemona’s death was inevitable. Shakespeare's Desdemona is a Venetian beauty who enrages and disappoints her father, a Venetian senator, when she elopes with Othello, a Moorish man several years her senior. The female protagonist in the tragic play “Othello”, Desdemona is truly one rare character who astonishes the readers as much with her outer beauty as with her inner grace. Othello “(aside) Look, how he laughs already!”(1V.1.106-109) Iago told Othello that he would discuss Desdemona with Cassio, and that he would talk about the affair. Othello gives Iago the duty of conveying Desdemona to Cyprus. When her husband is deployed to Cyprus in the service of the Republic of Venice, Desdemona accompanies him. Desdemona in Othello In William Shakespeare’s tragic drama Othello, the wife of the protagonist is Desdemona. Implication without direct statement. Othello and Desdemona’s relationship is doomed from the very beginning because of the setting of Venice. Characterisation Desdemona. A CHARACTER ANALYSIS OF DESDEMONA. The unanswered question. Withholding information. They send for her. Othello is one of the most important plays in English Literature. What technique is Iago using, which has already been seen to raise Othello's rage? Character Analysis of Desdemona in Othello. Desdemona occupies contradictory positions in Othello; she is both 'half the wooer' (I.3.176) (an active female who makes her own choices – to marry Othello and to defend Cassio) and the passive prey or victim. Of all the deaths that happen in Othello, Desdemona’s is the most tragic and undeserved. She is a lovely, intelligent, wholesome and pious person. Shakespeare presents the death of Desdemona, Emilia and Othello in a number of ways. Act 3 scene 3: 'Honest, my lord?' Othello's need for Desdemona is presented. In Act I of Othello, the first talk of Desdemona and Othello as a couple comes from Iago as he makes crude remarks about their relationship, insults Othello and suggests that Desdemona … Venice was traditionally a patriarchal society clearly dominated by men and therefore saw Desdemona’s decision to marry a black man as an act of rebellion, not only against her father but the norms of society. Othello admits that he married Desdemona.But he denies using any magic to win her love, and says that Desdemona will support his story. As we know that it is a domestic tragedy. Desdemona, of a Venetian origin, is the daughter of Brabantio (a senator) who elopes to marry a Moorish Army General, Othello. The duke orders Othello immediately to Cyprus and grants Desdemona her wish to join him there. These stories, Othello says, won Desdemona's love.