Pokémon and Five Nights at Freddy´s crossover fanfiction archive with over 22 stories. The Afton Family always had something off about it. Keep in mind, those are MY DESIGNS and MY AU. This is a story from the POV of the fnaf character Elizabeth Afton. What will they do? The children like to play in the woods and they meet some new faces...... Come Little Children - Creepypasta x Reader (FnaF crossover) personality quiz. A 10-Year Old' crush has caused the untimely death of Linkle, when her reincarnated soul, now half Hylian half Gerudo, retrieves an Artefact from the Yiga clan Linkle must do all she can to convince her family and Link she is who she says to save the future of everyone, both in that world and ours. I'm So Sorry (FNAF 4) November 4, 2017 Blythe The Nightguard 1 remember: everything here is not confirmed by scott or confirmed canon to the fnaf lore. -» Creepypasta Which Creepypasta Watches Over You? |My AU| Enjoy#gacha #aftonfamily #gachalife William Afton/Springtrap ON HOLD There... (Gonna be spelling mistakes- bad ones-) Died at the age of 15, Been dead for over 14 years. 2 william afton springtrap purple guy 3 michael afton eggs benedict 4 elizabeth afton circus baby scrap baby ennard 5 crying child other spirit of golden freddy fredbear william afton is the father of the afton family and been confirmed to be the purple guy. One day, the Afton Family adopted a little girl named (Y/N) things started to change. Tim Wright visits the acting lessons of said school, and meets the new guy, Toby Rogers. 04-ago-2019 - Explora el tablero de Ennard gamer "elizabeth afton" en Pinterest. And my AU. Elizabeth Afton, the daughter? The first was 'Bryan Quits'. Are you Michael Afton, the nightguard? One word comes to mind; DISASTER! Elizabeth Afton/Circus Baby Soon after, he becomes intertwined with both the Pines family and the supernatural properties of the town. Afton Family vs Originals * Gacha life * Singing Battle * - Watch movies online watch series online. … Tim shows Toby the wonderful world of being drunk and not giving a damn about bullies. Welp idk it’s 2am I’m not sleepy .-. Chris Afton Ben drowned. HERE WE GO AGAIN Y'ALL!!!!!! and of course the afton family. Come in to read stories and fanfics that span multiple fandoms in the Pokémon and Five Nights at Freddy´s universe. We all heard of creepypastas right? By problematic_nik Ongoing - Updated Dec 01, 2017 Embed Story Share via Email Read ... Bendy meets Mickey and Oswald. ✔️ William Afton - better known as his main alias 'Purple Guy' - was the CEO of Afton Robotics, the designer of the Funtime Animatronics, and the serial killer who murdered numerous children, who went on to become the animatronic ghosts. From Fredbear's Family Diner, To Circus Baby's Pizza World, to Freddy Fazbear's Pizzaria, the work of William Afton and Henry Emily captivated the hearts of children and adults. A Collaboration with and input from SquidbaggerOfWoomyAndNgyesness. Jeff the Killer William have a wife called Clara(some people and fans say that’s her name but let’s say mrs.afton for now) and 3-4 kids why 4? Ennard... sooo this is alittle lemon so yeah btw your both 11 and the art on the top is not mine . (9) 31 responses 13 by Kitten_Snowflakes. Slowly you both got good friends and he trusts you more and more. There you meet a guy named Michael Afton. 24 responses 5 by southparkestellaismywife420. LikeToBeHappyCuzWhyNot is an avid fanfiction reader and an active particpant in the world of fandom. Jul 12, 2020 - Explore Nightmarionnie's board "Michael afton", followed by 305 people on Pinterest. Cutting That is all i know and learned about them(T-T) william was the father of the afton family and most known as the purple guy that got controled by a glitch called glitch trap, he killed 6 kids Charlie/Charlotte, Cassidy, Suzie(Susie), Gabriel, Fritz, Jeremy. i know that Chris afton isn't Shadow Freddy(maybe) but in my AU it is just like that ok? Cast: Basically a 90s au with all the boys attending the same film/acting school. Requests status; In this story, see what will happen with the pastas, who will they meet? Are you William Afton, the murder? See more ideas about michael x, afton, anime fnaf. It's Creepypasta x reader which is you. The Aftons move into a new house near the woods after the missing children’s incident. Jessi Afton is different from the rest of the Afton family. But his life changes when he ge... this is the story of izuku afton He loves yo... Like the title says, you can now ask AND Dare your favorite Aftons! Homicidal Liu The creepypasta who are included in this book (at the moment) idk what I'm doing but here you guys go I'm a terrible writer but whatever. lots of s... (the art does not belong to me) The Aftons move into a new house near the woods after the missing children’s incident. Before reading credits to all the creators that made the art~ now here's a story!!! Welcome To My Forever Changing FNaF AU, That I Have Now Created A Proper Storyline For